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    "Is that your transport?" Laurna asked.
    "It is," Trent said.
    "Oh my.  So much.  Where to start?" Laurna questioned holding her hands to her face.
    "Let's take an aerial view," Trent suggested.
    "You mean go up there?" Laurna asked while pointed up.
    "Yes," Trent replied as he turned and walked toward Ship.
    "Sure, is a nice-looking transport," said Laurna.
    "Thank you!" Ship exclaimed.
    Laurna pulled back with a quick inhale.
    "You are the first being Ship has talked to," Trent said as the door opened.
    "Its name is Ship?" Laurna asked.
    "Yes.  Ready?  Here we go," said Trent.
    Ship gradually rose to five hundred feet then slowly turned so Laurna could get a good view of the property.
    "This is wonderful. I should have brought my image capture hand set.  It's bigger than I thought.  Can we go over by the pond?" Laurna asked.
    "Ship, photograph as we proceed," Trent ordered.
    "I wish it was bigger.  Like a lake," Laurna said.
    "Ship, displace the earth around the pond until it is four hundred yards in diameter," Trent ordered.
    Laurna could feel a vibration and hear a humming sound.
    "How deep would you like this lake to be?" Ship asked.
    "Oh, how about a hundred feet at the center with a gradual slop up to five feet in depth fifty yards from the shore.  That should provide sufficient biodiversity," said Trent.
    "I will move the displaced dirt to the center of the property and bring in a bit more.  Then you can have a house that will allow you to oversee the whole project," said Trent.
    "Could we go into space?" Laurna asked.
    "Ship, slowly rise above the karman line," Trent asked.
    "Wow.  What a view.  It's amazing," Laurna gasped.
    "How about a short trip to your moon?" Trent asked.
    "Oh yes.  Can we?" asked Laurna.
   The trip took three hours do to Laurnas fragile physical structure.  Ternt had Ship land on Laurnas moon and has Ship extend his shielding so Laurna could walk on its surface.
    "Your shielding makes it feel kinda like everything is coated with plastic or something," Laurna said as she tried to pick up rock.  Laurna abruptly stood up saying, "That's a strange sensation.  I can put my hand around it but I can't pick it up."
    "The shielding forms around everything down to sub-atomic particles, which prevents anything from penetrating it," Trent replied.
    When they returned to the planet Trent took Laurna to the places she thought she would never get to see in person.  Then they spent the next two days mapping out the fencing, irrigation, where to place the required buildings and hired local contractors to complete the work.  Plus, Trent and Ship had built a mound of dirt towering seventy feet with a long gradual incline on one side for easy access to Laurna's soon to be new house.
    "I can't decide which type of house should go up there," Laurna said looking over a link site of house designs.
    "Only you know what will be most comfortable.  The fencing is complete.  We should complete the live stock acquisitions," Trent suggested.
    "Good.  Tools Farms has the best apers, and Lindows has the best simons.  The others we should get nest spring," Laurna stated.
    When the simons were delivered Trent became especially fond of the one with different colored ears, one was brown the other white.
    "Found yourself friend did ya?" Laurna asked.
    Trent was holding a young simon in his arms and stroking its neck.
    "Friend?  No.  I am just seeing how much sauce it would take to make it taste good," Trent said as he walked toward the herd of simons.
    "Right," Laurna replied.
    Trent spent his time nurturing the crops and livestock while waiting for the completion of the new cargo ship.
   "I'm amazed that someone as strong as you can be so gentle," Laurna said, watching Trent gather aper eggs.
    "I have developed a taste for aper eggs.  And as everyone knows, a ruffed up aper lays scrambled eggs.  I hate scrambled eggs," Trent said with a smile.
    "How much longer will you be here?" Laurna asked in a solemn voice.
    "They said the work would take thirty days.  It has been thirty-seven days.  So, I would imagine I will be hearing from them any time," Trent replied.
    "Will you come back?" Laurna asked.
    "Perhaps someday.  There is much to do.  If not, you can be assured I will think of this time often," Trent answered.
    Two weeks later the message came.
    "Laurna, I have something to show you," Trent called out.
    Laurn walked across the yard to where Trent was standing.
    "Its time isn't it," Laurna said.
    "Yes.  I am leaving you a monitor for protection.  It will also keep me updated on your progress.  And you will have this for financial security," Trent said lifting up one side of one of three large rocks.
    Under the rock was a box full of gold.
    "That's a lot of gold," Laurna said with wide eyes.
    "If nothing else you can cash it in and live like a queen on the beach.  There is equal amounts under those two as well.  If you leave it here it will be safe.  The monitor will prevent anyone from walking off with it.  It will also answer most any questions you might have.  Just ask your link station to connect to (monitor Launran)," Trent said pointing to the other two rocks.
    "You have been so good to me.  You will be in my prayers forever," Laurna said clasping her hands close to her heart.
Trent wanted to say something about praying, but let it go.
    "Be well Laurna," Trent said as he waved while Ship rose out of sight.
    "Do you feel better?" OM asked.
    "I feel less tense.  I feel as though the universe has a nice side.  Yes, I feel better," Trent thought back.
    "Ship, take us to ACRAFT Inc on Litus," ordered Trent.
    After a short hand shaking session, Trent made an inspection of the new cargo ship.