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     "Technology to improve your health and sciences," Trent answered.
    "What of weapons?" the King asked.
    "No weapon technology.  That would most likely lead to your demise.  The more advanced the weapons, the greater the threat, the greater the possibility of planetary devastation.  With improved health and knowledge, you should find no need or want for conflict.  With all of the kingdoms working together, every being on your planet could have a good life," Trent stated.
    "All of the kingdoms will not work together.  Each of us have our own interests.  And alliances are fleeting at best," said the King.
    "Granted I am offering you something untried and new to you, but from my prospective a planet at your stage of development is rare and it is worth trying to help you avoid a litany on conflicts.  You seem to be adaptable and resilient and should do well," Trent replied.
    "I only know the beings of Klemet.  You have apparently encountered many cultures, therefore you have some practical experience in such matters.  I will accept you offer to the Kingdom of Nors.  Would you show me your space ship?" the King asked.
    "Of course," Trent answered.
    Trent gave the King a ride around the planet.  Then Trent repeated the same scenario with each of the other kingdoms.
    "A few thousand years from now we will check on their progress.  What's the most interesting phenomenon out there at the moment?" Trent thought to OM.
    "First, I would like to state that the Kingdom of Sonteea seemed to be the most unlikable beings as a national entity we have met.  And there is a slightly more advanced set of transmissions coming from somewhere around two hundred light years directly above us," OM thought.
    "Ship to the afore mentioned transmissions," Trent ordered.
    "Underway," Ship replied.
    "I agree that the Sonteea are less then pleasant, and perhaps a bit uncultured, but they do have heart.  Perhaps their personalities will be altered for the better as they advance and charge leadership," Trent said to OM.
    "Perhaps," OM responded.
    "There is a planet with reading similar to Sairree coming up on the right," OM stated.
    "Well, that is interesting. Ship, divert to whatever that planet is called," Trent ordered.
    "Underway," Ship answered.
    As Trent drew closer OM was able to get better readings.
    "Seems this planet is in the transition from large dinosaur to a mammal and bird dominance," stated OM.
    "Terrific.  Ship I will take manual control now," Trent ordered.
    "Complying," Ship returned.
    Trent flew down and slowly moved alongside a herd of small dinosaurs following a river flowing through an open grassland.  On the other side of the river was a medium sized carnivore keeping pace with the herd.  Behind the carnivore were several small mammals who were obviously scavengers waiting for the predator to make a kill.
    "Which way to the nearest ocean?" Trent asked OM.
    "Three hundred and six miles five degrees to the right." OM answered.
    Trent flew to the shore line.  There he found a large shell-back digging a hole with its hind flippers.  There were eight scavengers waiting patiently.  Trent landed and walked toward the shell backed animal who he could now see was laying eggs.
    "Hi there," Trent said to scavengers as he approached them.
    One of the scavengers stood and walked toward Trent.  Its teeth were barred, it's hair bristled and it was growling.  Trent kept walking, and the animal lunged forward.  Trent's shield slowly stopped the creature's advance.  The scavenger tried several times to penetrate Trent's shielding then it just began to bark.  The others by that time had joined their comrade.
    "Can you put them to sleep?" Trent thought to OM.
    The animals fell to the sand in a deep sleep.  Then Trent went to the side of shell back laying the eggs.
    "I will protect your next generation," Trent said the shell back. 
    Trent sat in the sand until the shell-back had made it's way to the water.  Trent then waded into the ocean himself and walked until he was fifty or so feet from the surface.
    He found himself surrounded by myriad of brightly colored fish and corals.  A large fish swam by with the shell-back in its mouth.
    "Sorry!" Trent thought. 
    After exploring the reef Trent went back Ship.  There he found two dinosaurs eating the sleeping mammal scavengers.
    "Oh well," Trent said out loud.
    Trent spent the next two days exploring the flora and fauna and found one segment of shoreline quite interesting.  There was no activity.  For hundreds of miles the golden sands were covered with creatures of every sort, but not this half mile stretch.  There was a slight inward curve, two hundred feet of sand and then the usual dense jungle.  At the water's edge there were no crustaceans, birds or signs of activity.  In fact, there was no sign of activity at either end of this particular stretch of beach.
   "OM, are there life signs in the jungle next to the beach?" Trent asked.
    "Two small mammals.  But I am assuming you are interested in predators.  There are two large dinosaurs and forty four smaller mammalian creatures that fit the physical parameters of a predator profile on the right side of that stretch of beach and one large dinosaur and twenty one small mammals on the other," OM stated. 
    Trent landed just around the bend and out of sight, then walked along the shore line.
    "The afore stated creatures are moving closer to the tree line as you approach," OM announced.
    Trent turned and entered the water.  He walked just under the surface until he was at the midpoint of the undisturbed beach, then left the water and sat in the sand midway from the water and tree line.
    "None of the predators are moving toward you," OM thought.
    "I am guessing they ambush their pray as they walk along the shore.  This specific stretch must be a neutral zone," Trent thought as he laid back staring at the sun.