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   "I famished.  Any good restaurants on Heptom?" Pace asked.
   "I am sure we can find one.  Give OM control of your transport so he can dock it in the 
cargo ship.  We will take Ship to the surface." Trent stated.
   After securing her transport Pace disconnected from the gel device and slowly made her way to the floor of the cargo ship.  Trent held out his hand and helped her balance. 
   "I feel like the day after a really good party," Pace announced.
   "There seems to be no residue of the gel in her body," OM stated.
   Trent stood silent with pinched lips.
   "I'm fine.  Really.  Now about some food.  About a ton of it," said Pace a note of determination.
   "Okay.  That's the same as standard stasis.  Let's find you some supper," Trent said as motioned toward Ship.
   Five minutes later they landed behind a patch of trees.
   "That is Celton.  Probably the most civilized city on Heptom," Trent said as they looked down the hill at a city about two miles away.
   "That's a long walk," Pace stated.
   "No problem.  What is the best route to Celton?" Trent asked as he scooped her up.
   "You will need to zig zag and make several stops," OM stated.
   Thirty minutes later they were a few blocks from the main street of Celton.
   "I feel much better now.  Can we go back and get my stomach?" Pace asked.
   Trent set her down, held out his arm and they made their way down the sidewalk.
   "I smell food," Pace said while quickening her step.
   "They have made significant progress in one hundred and sixty years," Trent stated.
   "There! That's where that exquisite aromas coming from," Pace said pulling Trent by the arm.
   They walked in and sat down.  Pace had the shakes bad enough that a woman sitting several seats away noticed with some concern.
   "Hi, drinks or menus?" the waitress asked.
   "I starved.  Menu please, and one of those," Pace said pointing to a greenish drink being consumed with great delight by a man wearing a strange hat.
   "Make that two please," Trent said, then thought to OM, "Is she in danger?"
   "No.  Not as in about to parish anyway," OM replied.
   "That waitress speaks universal rather well," said Pace.
   "When I helped them set up their process, I made universal the templet," Trent replied.
    "Here ya go.  It's got a real kick, so drink it slowly," the waitress said noticing Paces shaking.
   "Thank you," Pace said and took a sip.  She then said, "Wow," in a tiny squeak of a voice as she inhaled.
   Pace spent the next hour eating while Trent gave her a historical background of Heptom.
   "When can we go after the war ship?" Pace asked.
   "All right, we will get right on it, as soon as your at your best.  Take a day or two to get your bearings.  Then we take a close up look at it," Trent said.
   "I could sleep forever.  Where's the nearest hotel?" Pace asked the waitress.
   "Next door.  Say, where ya from?" the waitress asked.
   "Bornn.  About three hundred miles due east," Trent replied.
   "Well, come on back if you're here for a while," said the waitress.
   Trent left Pace in her room then went to check out Heptoms progress.
    "OM, what does the monitor have to report?" thought Trent.
   "General, development has been good, it had to terminate seventeen hundred and three criminals and electronic communications is two, may be three, years away," reported OM.
    "Let me know when Pace awakens," ordered Trent.
   Trent spent the next twelve hours traveling around the planet checking on the progress of projects he had helped to start.  With most there were few problems.  With a few however, he had to make personal adjustments.
   "Welcome to Delmont sir.  How can I help you?" a lady behind a counter said.
   "I was just wondering what you do here?" Trent asked.
   "We mine gold, iron, copper and we manufacture a variety of electronic devices.  Here is our brochure," the lady said handing Trent a single sheet of paper.
   Trent looked at it then asked, "No electric motors, generators or synthetic crystals?" Trent asked.
   "No sir.  Just what's in the brochure," she replied.
   "Who has control of this company now?" thought Trent.
   "Lilla Gamble," OM replied.
   "Lilla Gamble can be found where?" Trent asked.
   "Beach house on the east coast," OM replied.
   An hour later Trent was at her door.  An hour and five minutes later Delmont was making radio parts.
   "How many others are diverting from the designated criteria for their assignments?" Trent asked.
   "Six, and Pace is awake," reported OM.
   "Good morning," said Trent over Paces personal communicators.
   "Morning.  Where are you?" asked Pace.
   "About four thousand miles to the west.  I will be back in few minutes," Trent replied.
   "I will be in the restaurant next door," said Trent.
   Pace walked out of the Hotel and noticed a small shop selling jewelry across the street.
   "Hello, how are you today?" Pace asked the jeweler.
   "I'm good.  And yourself?" she asked.
   "Better than yesterday.  What are these?" asked Pace looking a pair of earrings set with blue crystals.
   "Those are crystals from a back country mine.  Don't know what to call em.  They glow in the dark a little bit," she explained.
   "I'll take them," said Pace as she put them on.
   Pace was half way through one of those green drinks and some kind of meat and vegetable dish when Trent arrived.
   "Nice earrings," said Trent as he sat down. 
  "The earrings Pace is wearing are mildly radioactive," OM stated.
   "OM says your earring are mildly radioactive.  What is that?  It looks delicious," said Trent.
   "What?  How mildly radioactive," asked Pace.
   "You will probably live, but without ears," Trent said with a look.
   Pace removed the earrings.
   "Funny.  I'll need to tell the shop across the street." stated Pace with a frown, adding, "How are your projects doing?" Pace asked.