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   "We're on our way back," Pace stated.
   "There may be a problem, I have detected one thousand and twenty-six transports falling to the surface.  They are nuclear powered and pose an extreme contamination threat," OM thought.
   Trent embraced Pace and made a quick ascent to the cargo ship.
   "This is a disaster," Pace exclaimed as she watched a few of the transports plummet to the ground.
   "A catastrophe to be sure.  How did this happen?" Trent asked OM.
   "Unknown.  The robots and transports must have had a link I could not detect.  When I shut the robots down, I put the transports on autopilot and directed them to land," OM stated.
   "How bad will the contamination be?" asked Pace.
   "We will know in a few minutes," OM replied.
   Each transport blew two clouds of into the atmosphere, one radioactive from the destruction of their engines and the other from the radioactive dirt and dust.
   "Radiation levels are climbing dramatically.  I estimate that the winds will carry it pole to pole in two days," thought OM.
   "What are the Negens chances?" asked Pace.
   "They will all die slowly and painfully over the next month or two," stated OM.
   "OM, render their nervus systems inactive.  There is no reason for them to suffer more than they have," Trent ordered.
   A few moments later OM replied, "Nervus systems are now inactive."
Pace and Trent stood motionless staring at the fires erupting below.
   "Now I know how you feel," Pace stated with a sigh.
   "OM, enlighten us with a breakdown of the info we retrieved," Trent said in a soft crackling voice as he turned from the portal.
   "Negen was not the name of the indigenous beings, but rather the name of the predominate manufacturing company on this planet which was called Luvous.  Entertainment Galactic had their amusement equipment made here because of the cheap labor and lax environmental laws.  There were several weapon systems produced here as well for the same reasons.  Beam Technology is located in a solar system five and half light years from here and supplied the gravitirium.  There was an interstellar war and the orders were reduced.  By that time the Negen company was fully automated, and the machines simply maintained inventory, work schedules and life support systems.  At some point the machines began producing products which where a blend of entertainment equipment and weaponry," stated OM.
   "How many of those weapons did they produce?" asked Pace.
   "Three.  They were deployed in the directions of Heptom, Ritta and Candon," answered OM.
   "Let's terminate the other two weapons then head for to Beam Technology.  Pace, if your up to it, gooey stuff yourself.  Ship, as soon as Pace is ready take directions from OM and lets get to it," ordered OM.
   Pace stood at the viewing portal for a moment longer, then consigned herself to the gel.
   "Here is something interesting, Entertainment Galactic went to another manufacturing company because they were losing too much merchandise through war encounters and debris collisions coming and going to Lugous," OM thought.
   "Do you have an estimate as to time of arrival?" asked Trent.
   "Two weeks without surprises," OM replied.
   "I will be in stasis," Trent declared settling into his chair.
   Two weeks later OM had Ship slow to a stop.
   "Trent!" OM thought.
   "Yes," Trent thought back.
   "We are near a planet called Lindrous," replied OM.
Trent eased from his chair and walked to the control consoles.
   "Why did we stop so far away?" asked Trent.
   "We will be within sensor range if we move forward.  There is a grid of sensors spaced one tenth lightyear apart starting at a planet one lightyear directly ahead," OM stated.
   "Are there present or remnants of hostel activities?" asked Trent.
   "None," replied OM.
   "How sophisticated are the sensors?" Trent thought.
   "Good enough to detect a probe.  There are few transport trails less than one hundred years old.  There are no transmissions emanating from the sensor field, so I believe they reflect or absorb them," thought OM.
   "Detecting gravitirium?" Trent thought.
   "None.  Although based on the limited shapes provided to Negen they may not employ gravitirium into the sensor designs," replied OM.
   "No reason to instigate trouble, so let's just follow the sensor field until we locate activity.  Ship, stay beyond detection and take direction from OM.  OM, I am going back into stasis," Trent thought.
   "Acknowledged," Ship returned.
   Two weeks later OM woke Trent.
   "What do we have?" thought Trent.
   "There is a highly traveled rout ahead.  There are three craft passing every minute.  They vary in size from single passenger to heavy cargo freighters.  There is a definite gravitirium signature, but we are too far away to tell if all or which of the ships have such components.  They are using two languages, one is something close to universal, and one is close to Wemma.  There are no weapons that I can detect from this distance," OM stated.
   "What do they look like?  Can we blend in?" asked Trent.
   "On monitor as we speak.  This transmission is originating from a vessel heading directly to us," OM stated.
   "Greetings.  I am Trent.  To who am I speaking?" Trent asked.
   "I Igrom Lu.  You need help?" asked Igrom Lu.
   "No.  We are fine.  Where are you from?" asked Trent.
   "I am from Vunna.  Where be you from?" Igrom asked.
   "We are from Loma Dena.  We are explorers.  Would you like to come aboard our ship?" asked Trent.
   "Yes, I would like to speak to you in face.  I not ever meet being from other place before.  Can I bring my life partner with me?" asked Igrom Lu.
   "Of course, you may bring you partner.  You can dock in bay three.  What environmental requirement to you have?" OM inquired.
   "We will dawn suits so you need not be in discomfort Replied Igrom Lu.
   "As you wish," said Trent as he opened dock bay three.
   Soon after entering the main chamber of the cargo ship, it was determined Igrom Lu could survive on the same atmosphere as Pace.