There were several weeks of committees forming committees, but finally there was a panel chosen to head the production of Trent's body.  The ramifications of this project where just know being recognized.  Being able to build an indestructible body that could house a being's mental essence, amazing.
    Now the conversations were shifting to what individuals would do if they could live forever.
    What about those who could not get a new body in time. Is there a line that should not be crossed?  Should criminals, serving life sentences are placed in eternal bodies?  Should those with incurable mental illnesses get one?  How about those with damaged brains?  Who's first in line and who's last?
    Morality.  Whose morality should influence the project?  What if someone gets one of these bodies and commits a crime, or goes somewhere and declares itself to be a god to beings unaware of what it really is?  What if someone got buried in an accident and nobody knew about?  There are a lot of questions.
    Hiret walked from the council chambers into the marbled hallway.
    "They decided to go ahead with Trent's body, and after that we'll see.  Maybe making such things will never be a practical," said Hiret.
    "The teams are ready to go.  I'll pass the ward.  Who's going to be in charge?" asked MB.
    "It's up to me to pick our leader, and that's going to make me real popular," said Hiret.
    "Got any ideas?" asked Trent.
    "Several, but they or anyone else is going to want to have billions of beings asking questions, scrutinizing everything they do, and begging for favors," Hiret said.
    At the grid, the flock of ships was growing enormous.  There were from every nation in the alliance, and they all wanted to speak with Trent.
    "You're popular!  They all want to talk with you, and I'm sure they want you to pick a body like theirs," MB said.
    "I have been comparing bodies from various source on the grid and there seems to be many variations.  What kind should I have?" Trent asked.
    " Lots of time to contemplate that.  It will take quite a while to make your body.  That should be qualified with what kind of body can we make.  Although if I had my choice of bodies, I'd pick a cross between a Malra and a Prallian.  Maybe with a little Clumata thrown in," said MB.
    "I'd rather be Nubolian.  They're the best looking by far," Rye added.
    "Yes, they are.  They're also intellectually challenged," said MB.
    " I could live with that," Rye quipped.
    "Leave vanity out of your decision making, and stick with practicality.  Pick a body that is capable of as many tasks as possible.  Although it should be something other than ugly," MB said.
    Hiret came storming up through the door.
    "Did someone call a crazy convention?  Where did they all come from?  It's getting scary out there," Hiret said trying to catch his breath.
    "It's getting dangerous, that for sure," MB said.
    "Ya know, we don't have to put all of Trent in a link station.  We could be communicating with him anywhere, through any device," said Rye.
    Hiret, MB, Mrs. Dennen, and Rye stopped and smiled at each other.
    At the back of the design room was a large optical display showing an organic cell on one side and what would be the gravitirium equivalent on the other.
    Next to that display was one showing the smallest and most complicated designs made of gravitirium. 
    "Were going to need major break thoughts," stated Rye as he studied the displays.
    "In the meantime, I've asked Dira Cree to be Trent's personal assistant until his body is completed," Hiret said.
    "What are her qualifications?" asked Rye.
    "Doctorates in psychology, sociology, and she worked her way through school working with those who suffer from xenophobia," Hiret said.