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   "My name is Trent.  Your friends are now at our training camp.  I promised them I would pay you a visit and provide a health checkup," said Trent.  He then thought, "Ship, take a position above us and out of sight. "
   "What kind of health checkup?" asked on the Hoyla.
   "There were two Celder amongst your ranks.  I assume there are more here.  So, if you would line up, I will ask you to open your mouths to check for extra teeth," replied Trent.
   Six Celder in the group made a run for the woods, and three others still in the buildings ran in the opposite direction.
   "Ship, if you would sterilize the perimeter, please," thought Trent.
The Hoyla stood wide eyed and opened mouthed, then had the usual questions.
   "I will dispatch one of our ranks to guide you through a more secure set up.  Until then let on one into your group without checking them for extra teeth," stated Trent.
   Over the next three days Trent went to the next two villages on Pace's list of those who offered volunteers and picked up another hundred whiling to fight. 
   "Trent, Pace is asking for you!" stated Handy.
   Moments later Trent was there.
   "You look much improved," said Trent.
   "Thank you.  I knew you would save me.  More food Handy.  More food," Pace said in a faint voice.
   "I was in the neighborhood," Trent replied.
   "Got to get'em all," said Pace as she fell asleep.
   "The state of sleep is much better than unconscious," thought Handy.
   "The burns are looking a lot better.  How about the bones?" Trent thought.
   "The bone and muscle tissues are healing fine, but I do not know about the cartilage or brain," Handy thought back.

   "When are you going to return to Nollous?" asked Handy.   
   "Not until Pace can accompany me.  I do not want to leave her along again," thought Trent, thinking back on how Cree died, which he did a lot.
   "She might think your being overly protective," thought OM.
   "Yes, she might," returned Trent.
   "OM, time to pay a visit to the next group on the list," thought Trent.
   "Ready," OM replied.
   Four days later Pace sat up.
   "Trent, save a few for me," Pace thought.
   "We are loading eleven more recruits, be there in five minutes," returned Trent.
   "You look a little rough around the edges," Trent said with a smile.
   "I feel a little rough around the edges.  So, bring me up to date," Pace asked.
   Trent gave her an update including the intel gathered from the Celder ship.
   "Oh, one thing, when my shielding failed a Celder bit me.  He shook his head and spit out the blood.  He said something and another rubbed his finger over the wound and tasted it.  He spit it out.  I think it has something to do with the alteration for the gelling process.  They kept asking questions while they did things to me," Pace said in a weakening voice, as she slipped back into the state of sleep with clenched fists and tears running down her cheeks. 
   "I believe her progress is very good.  At this rate, she will be back to normal in a week or so," stated Handy.
   "Normal.  I wonder what that is.  I prefer to think she will be herself," thought Trent.
   "Trent, there are some questions about the weapons from Nollous," OM said.
   "I will be right there," answered Trent.
   "Ya said these things won't work if a Celder gets it, but what if one of us gets killed and another needs to use it?" asked a Hoyla.

   "If one of you fall in battle another must collect all gear.  First communications then weapons.  If you are unable to take the gear with you, destroy it," ordered Trent.
   "What happens if a Celder gets the communication sets?" another Hoyla asked.
   "Each weapon and communications device has a explosive charge that can be detonated remotely.  However, please keep in mind that replacements are thousands of light years away.  Soon we well have sensors that will be capable of distinguishing Celder from Hoyla, and hopefully at a distance.  In a week we will go on the first mission using these weapons, so the Celder from all around Hoyla will soon be aware of them and devising schemes to acquire them.  Therefore, it will be important pay attention to daily briefs.  I will return in a day or so with additional intel," said Trent as he turned toward Ship.
   "Destination?" asked OM.
   "We have not found the nuclear fuel for the ships or electric production facilities.  Let's have a look under water," thought Trent.
   They then began cruising the bottoms of the Hoyla oceans.
   "The quantity of life in these waters is impressive," thought Trent
   "These waters have not been fished for three hundred years, except for the little done around the shore lines by the Hoyla.  There have not been signs of fish at any of the Celder sites.  In fact, there has not been a Celder site near water.  Perhaps they are hydrophobic," thought OM.
   A day later they found the nuclear material.
   "That is an impressive quantity of fuel," Trent thought looking at fuel rods, fuel packs, and injectors spread over miles of sea bed.
   "I wonder if there are more dump sites like this one," OM thought.
   "It will be a long time before the Hoyla can use these materials, but at least we know where they are.  We will need radiation detectors from Nollous so no one eats contaminated sea food." Trent thought.
   "It will take a long time to restore this area," said OM.
   "First things first.  Remove the Celder.  Back to the island if you would Ship," Trent thought.
   "Under way," Ship answered.
   "There is a settlement under attack two hundred and five miles to the east," OM announced.
   "Change of course Ship," thought Trent.
   "Changing course," replied Ship.
   "Looks like we are too late.  Taking manual control," said Trent.
Trent landed just outside the settlements gate.