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   "Back in touch in a week or so," Pace thought.
   Trent spent that time looking for Bidums, but he found none, just fields of vegetables overseen by automation.
   "Trent, how's it going?" asked Pace.
   "I have not found a single Bidum.  Not many Annumians either," stated Trent.
   "Did any of them question your authenticity?" Pace asked.
   "Not one of them paid attention to me," said Trent.
   "We're at Loamous.  These guys look like Ainins.  They're small, with pointy ears, tails, and they run everywhere they go.  The Annum have electric fences around their compounds.  We're not sure what the interaction is," said Pace.
   "What is a Ainin?" asked Trent.
   "They are mythical creatures that like to break things.  In fact, Bidums look like Neths who are mythical creatures that hide things.  I wonder if there is a connection," replied Pace.
   "There is only one continent left to search for Bidums.  After that, Ship may as well pick me up," Trent stated.
   "We're on our way back," OM thought.
   Trent found only the remnants of Bidum villages.  It looked as though they had been demolished thousands of years ago.
   "So, what's doin on Bidum?" asked Pace.
   "Typical automated agricultural planet.  The Bidums seem to have been eradicated a long time ago," Trent said.
   "Have you found the source of the gravitirium?" replied Trent.
   "Yes.  It is a small facility with rudimentary gravitium capacity.  They are at least a billion years from production equal to the Ree.  They also have a production line for extremely large intergalactic transports.  They also have effective blocking systems to prevent scanning on most areas of interest," OM stated.
   "Which is the next planet to analyze," asked Trent.

   "It is called Aous.  It is sparsely populated, and seems to be in a feudalism system of development.  With the exception of the Annum space port, and what appears to be a very large number of monitors.  We need go get closer for detailed analysis," OM
   "Have a visual?" asked Pace.
   "There are thousands of transmissions emanating from Aous.  Here are four," OM stated showing all four on the front monitor screen.
   "This is real?  No.  Can't be.  Really!" said Pace in a voice of disbelief.
   "A witch ridding a personal flight scoot?" thought Pace.
   "I am not familiar with personal flight scoots," said Trent.
   "There have been a lot of beings produce one version or another, but they always wind up being outlawed due to instability," Pace replied.
   "Looks stable to me," Trent thought.
   "Wait till she lands.  There is a reason for the big pointy hat and broad shoulders.  Probably scolder pads.  I can see how a primitive being would describe it as a broom," said Pace.
   "They are not going to show her land.  The bottom right.  That's a Bidum.  It's pulling the wires out of that breaker box.  This sure looks real," Pace stated.
   "These transmissions are live.  This is not a movie," OM stated.
   "These activities are for the amusement of the Annums," stated OM.
   "I get the feeling the Annums have distributed more than Celders.  Going on the assumption they are responsible for the Celders," said Trent.
   "A wizard with a laser designed to look like a magic wand.  There, a hairy being with predator teeth and claws chasing a young being that looks a lot like our species through a wooded area.  It has caught one.  It is eating it," gasped Pace. 
   "Another form of a Celder?" Trent asked. 
   "I am not capable of an identity register at this distance.  However, the actions seem to be similar.  Would you like more screens.  There are five thousand two hundred and sixty-six individual transmitters?" asked OM.

   "Yes indeed, and make a list of the different types of life forms like witches, vampires, gremlins, and other romanticized mythical creatures," replied Trent.
   "Yeah, wouldn't it be interesting if these guys have been transplanting mythical creatures thought the formations," said Pace.
   "Remember the dragon warship?  Perhaps there is a connection.   Plus, the stories about the Bolts and Keeps.  With every civilization inventing their own myths it seem implausible that the Annum could be responsible for all of them, but perhaps a few could have Annum influence," Trent said.
   "If they made this planet a source of entertainment, why not other planets like Hoyla," Pace suggested.
   "There were no transmitters," OM stated.
   "They could have been destroyed during the war," returned Pace.
   "There are four million nine thousand nineteen stories of mythical creatures which could have been initiated by the presents of a Celder," stated OM.
   "Hoyla may have been the first full scale invasion," thought Pace.
   "Or one of the first.  The question is how could they do it.  What are the capabilities of those large intergalactic ships?" asked Trent.
   "They are only capable of around two thirds light speed, and they have no shielding.  So, they would have to send a large number of them to any given target planet for a chance of even one to make it.  Even then it would take trillions of centuries to cover even one formation.  Then you have the problem of keeping the specimen oucapability.  Although, if they do have that capability, it could be hidden behind some of the shielded areas," stated OM.
   " Look!  That could be a Celder," Pace exclaimed pointing the one of the screens on the monitor.
   "There is a few more.  It is not showing their teeth, and that one is only biting his neck," Trent thought.
   Trent and Pace exclaimed, "vampire," at the same time.
   "The parameters of these creatures are more than likely universal, and the Annum thought of them on their own, then bioengineered them," said OM.
   "At least we found he source of the gravitirium," said Pace. 
   "Let's have look a what they are shielding," Trent thought.
   "We will need good ID, clothing, and currency," said Pace.
   "We will not.  I will however.  You could not be mistaken for Annum," Trent said determinate voice.
   "The vampires and their victim looked like me.  I could be your prisoner or something," Pace returned.