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    "We find one flaw.  We order a recall.  We schedule a replacement protocol," said Essanit.
    "Where do they produce the fuses?" asked Trent.
    "A facility called Electronics station 1," answered Depet.
    "Depet, find out if they have the necessary quantity of fuses.  Essanit, if they do, arrange for the recall.  I can make the alterations in less than an hour if we can get the fuses to secure location.  If not, we just half to wait.  In any event, we meet back here in two days.  Before I forget, where do I acquire money?" Trent said.
    "Exchanges are deducted from your number," said Essanit.
    "This is a made-up number," Trent replied.
    "How did you get it on you?" asked Depet.
    "I morphed it," said Trent.
    "Morph my number.  I have saved a lot," said Depet.
    "How much damage will you do?" asked Essanit.
    "There will be no damage to structures.  Just the Celder.  Plus, I need to find out where and what the Celders have sent out into the universe," replied Trent.
    "Why?  Are you going to track them down?" asked Depet.
    "If I can.  I and my friends must try," answered Trent.
    Depet and Essanit walked off to accomplish their assignments.  Trent decided to do a little reconnaissance around the Celder fortifications.
    "Hi there.  What do you call those?" asked Trent pointing to small candies on a plate.
    "Them be bossits.  Them my specialty.  Only five soms," the lady behind the counter answered.
    "I will try one," Trent said turning his head to one side so she could see his number.
    "That is a Laba number," the lady said with scowl.
    "I am specially trained to work along-side the Laba," Trent stated.

    The lady punched the number into the system.
    "It worked.  Chose one," she said with suspicious look.
    "This really good.  Thank you.  When come back down I will get some more," Trent said looking up at the space platform.
    Trent thought to himself, "I will not do that again."
    "I hope that doesn't end up being a stone in the gears," Pace thought.
    Trent changed his number to match a Commons who walked by.  Just then two Laba enforcers came walking in his direction looking at every Commons number.  They looked at Trent's number and kept on walking.
    "I hope this does not spark a security alert," thought Trent.
    "If it does Depet and Essanit will know about it," Pace thought.
    Two days later they met as agreed.
    "Before you ask, I was questioned about the charge against my number.  I said I bought the candy, and that I buy items from her every time I pass buy.  Which is the truth, I do.  The lady was just confused.  They checked my purchase record from her, and seen I was telling the truth.  So they just wrote it off to her age and vision.  I am sorry.  It was my fault," said Depet shaking his fingers in relief.
   "No harm done.  I hope that was our only bump in the road," said Trent.
    "They have the fuses," stated Depet.
    "The recall has been initiated," Essanit said.
    "Can you tell me more about the Ulavet?" asked Trent.
    "Nothing.  But I believe there are records from the long past at the Data Center," Essanit said.
    "Where is the Data Center," asked Trent
    "Not far from service tunnel number one.   Looks like no one goes there for long time," replied Essanit.
    "At least sense the Celder took over," said Trent.
    "Did you find anyone looken round?" asked Depet.

    "Those guards stand still for twelve hours, and have been doing so for very long time.  I would guess they would not m do if attacked.  The Laba and the Comons are so afraid of the Celder they are unable protect themselves.  Therefore, I think it would be safe to assume the Celder will not expect an attack, from you and the Comons anyway.  The guards are fodder, and the ground sensors and other security devices are intended for someone else, probably the relatives of the Ulavet," stated Trent.
    Later that night Trent altered the fuses.
    "Five hours and counting.  What activity is there on the space stations?" asked Trent.
    "There has been very little activity other than the arrival of the cargo container.  Do you think your new friends will hold up?" thought Pace.
    "I do.  Pace, remember that your shielding will not hold up against their particle beam weapons.  Stay with the cargo ship.  Ship may half to make real sudden maneuvers, and you would not survive," Trent thought.
    "I will not come in until it's completely safe.  I swear." thought Pace.
    "When we begin the attack, have monitors in place with a priority on tracking Celder, or anything like a Celder, where ever they escape to.  I do not expect to catch all of them in one encounter," Trent thought.
    "I have forty-two ready to go," thought OM.
    "Any idea on how many Comnons and Laba will be in the kill zone?" thought Pace.
    "Other than maintenance, I would think that whoever is left will be the dinner guests," thought Trent.
    "Did you get a count on how many partical weapons there are?" thought Pace.
   "No.  There will be laser weaponry as well.  Doubtful there will be projectile weapons.  Most will require a being to operate, and there probably will not be anyone manning them.  There will be some Celder in areas that will be to deep or otherwise protected from the sterilization.  That means we can count on prolonged interaction," Trent thought.
    "How about monitors equipped to project a verbal message telling the Laba and Commons that we are killing the Celder, and to help," thought Pace.
    "Great idea.  OM, can you do that?" thought Trent.

    "No.  But I can transmit that message over the viewers they watch the vampires on," OM thought.
    "One problem, the Commons look like Celder," thought Pace.
    "Another good point.  I do not see a way around that problem.  Here comes Depet and Essanit," Trent thought.
    "Are you ready for your part?" asked Depet.
    "Absolutely," replied Trent.