"Why is your survival dependent on conflict?  It seems to be a direct contradiction," Trent said.
    "In the evolutionary process, conflict and stress is what causes an organism to change.  The old adage, adapt or die, comes into play," said Rye.
    "In the link's data bases it mentions natural selection," stated Trent
    "Natural selection causes the most stress and conflict of all.  Trying to mate with the biggest and strongest, or the prettiest, or the smartest is a constant challenge," said MB.
    "Unless you're my brother.  You should meet his wife.  She is almost as mean and nasty as my X," said Rye.
    "I thought the Ree where beyond making mistakes.  Having an unsuccessful marriage suggests lack of wisdom, or worse," said Cree with a sneer.
    "Well, there ya have it.  What can I say.  Perfection would mean that everything you did would be predictable, and that would mean you would become so comfortable with your existence that you would atrophy physically and mentally.  Then your species would die out.  It's the constant need to be using our minds and bodies that keeps us moving up the evolutionary latter," Cree said.
    "Is there a limit to evolutionary advancement?" Trent asked.
    "You maybe it.  Perhaps your species evolved beyond the requirement of a physical body.  Now here you have to use an artificial one.  Sort full circle.  Then again, maybe not.  There are many possibilities.  What can an imagination come up with?" Cree said.
    "There are few absolutes," Hiret squeezed in.
    "Imagine how boring life would be if you had all the answers," Rye added.
    "Back to the original topic, if the reality of anything is questionable, ask.  After a while you'll get the hang of it," said Hiret.
    "When will you arrive on Leemia?" asked Rye.
    "In a few day's I guess.  I want to stop on Rinthia, and visit Semma and Emerr Fote.  They're about as unlike us physically as you can get, and they're cerebral enough to be considered equals.  Trent will like meeting them, and get some prospective on the diversity of organics.  There are a few others on the way there that Trent should meet for comparison purposes." said Cree.
    "If they know where Trent is, they'll show up in prodigious numbers.  The folklore forming around him is becoming more eschew and intense by the minute." Hiret said.
    "When will you leave?" asked MB.
    "Back to the original topic, if the reality of anything is questionable, ask.  After a while you'll get the hang of it." said Hiret.
    "When will you arrive on Leemia?" asked Rye.
    "How many will accept me as just another being?" asked Trent.
    "Most.  But there will always be a few unable to correctly interpret your existence.  And there are others looking for beings to exploit.  There are trillions of beings out there, and each of them has an agenda.  It's a learning experience," said Cree.
    "If not the Bensee, who do we visit first?" Trent asked.
    "Well the Tellma fear absolutely everything.  The Onha think they should be the only species to exist.  The Iom Ua want to own the universe and rent it out to everyone else.  First however we meet Semma and Emmer Fote on Rinthia. You will like them, I'm sure," said Cree.
    Cree, Hiret, MB, Rye, Mrs. Dennen and a few others said their good byes and good lucks as Cree boarded a transport with Trent's link comm.  A few moments later they were on their way.