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    "Oh Trent," Pace thought.
    "Yes," replied Trent.
    "Remember when one of the first beings you talked to said the Ulavet and the Celder used them for food?" Pace thought.
    "Yes.  And before I ask why, you are going to tell me that statement was correct," Trent thought back.
    "I am.  According to the info OM retrieved, the Ulavet contracted a fatal disease after eating those bio engineered creatures and went into stasis until a cure could be found.  They tasked the Celder with finding beings who could develop a cure," Pace thought.
    "I should add that the other Ulavets are not the same genetically.  They are seventy-two thousand light years away.  These Ulavet left their home planet around one hundred and twenty thousand years ago because of the constant conflict with the other Ulavets," OM added.
    Trent kept gazing at the control panel while Pace and OM enlightened him.
    "So, are these the only Ulavet on this planet?" thought Trent.
    "Yes.  There is one transport parked on the far side of a moon in this system orbiting the seventh planet," OM stated.
    "OM, destroy that transport.  Pace, I will be wandering around outside of the radiation zone," Trent thought.
    Trent looked around and smiled at the Ulavet.  He then tore open the reactor in the next room, pushed down the doors and large portions of the walls.  As he left, he scooped up Handy and smiled once again at the startled Ulavet.
    "Pace, have whoever is up there patrol the radiation zone, and keep warning about the danger," Trent ordered as he noticed Comons milling about the outer perimeter of the fortress.   
    "What about the Ulavets?" Pace asked.
    " Oh, they are working on their tans," replied Trent.
     As Trent walked around the crowds of Comons and Laba he noticed he was being followed by two Comons looking beings who were most likely Celder.
    "OM, how long until you return?" asked Trent.
    "One hour and three minutes," OM answered.
    "Can the monitors track communications from point to point.  I am being followed by a couple of Celder.  If we can trace their transmissions, we can locate a few more.  Maybe all of them," stated Trent.
    "Two of the monitors can do that.  I will direct them to do so.  Do you want immediate action?" OM asked.
    " No.  Let's see how far we can get with the traces.  I would like to enable the Comons and Laba to be able to straighten out this planet on their own, and be on our way to the Ulavet home world.  What is it called?" Trent asked.
    "Ul," OM answered.
    "We know there are at least a thousand Celder scattered around.  We have the map Depet and Essanit made," Pace injected.
    "If they have IQ's over three, they will have vacated those positions when we began the attack on the fortress.  OM, have a monitor on each of those locations just in case, and pin point every transmission," ordered Trent.
    "Understood," OM replied.
    "Pace, lay out a plan to train the Commons and Laba to deal with the remaining Celder and establish a democracy," Trent ordered.
    " Already done, providing the population centers remain the same," Pace replied.
    Trent continued to interact with the Comons and Laba who were at a lose, as to what to do next.
    "I wonder if these beings have ever been happy," Trent thought.
    "Kinda hard to be happy knowing you, your relatives, and friends are going to be eaten alive.  One of the Laba up here said there are a lot of suicides," Pace thought.
    "That would be my preference," Added Trent.
    "Are you still being followed?" Pace asked.
    "Yes.  OM, how far out are you?" asked Trent.
    "Twenty minutes.  The monitors are mapping seven hundred and thirty-four communication interaction locations," reported OM.
    "What else was acquired from the Data Center?" thought Trent as he complemented a Comons woman on her brightly colored clothing.
    "I'm not sure exactly.  Been kinda busy.  There are portions of data corrupted from the radiation that leave some things open to interpretation.  The Comons and Laba were genetically engineered for labor and food.  The entertainment exhibits were provided to give the Comons and Laba something to think about other than being eaten.  Colonizing other systems was a priority, and that's about as far as I've got.  There are millions of stims of info to go through," Pace returned.
    "I have returned.  The Ulavet ship is destroyed as is a small shuttle.  If there are more Ulavet on that moon, they will stay there.  There is no atmosphere to speak of, water, or enough star light to warm it enough to liquify the carbon dioxide pools.  I now have the coordinates of eight hundred and nine communication devices," OM reported.
    "Have the monitors kill everything within five feet of each device," ordered Trent.
    There was the twinge of a particle beam ten feet behind Trent.  He turned around to see three Celder laying in portions.  Trent walked over and retrieved three laser weapons and two communication devices.
    "OM, can you give me a body count?" Trent thought.
    "One thousand one hundred and sixteen.  How many were Celder is yet to be determined.  However, only Celder are known to have communication devices of the particular frequency I designated," OM stated.
   They spent the next two months organizing the Comons and Laba into Celder hunting forces and social engineering groups around the planet they renamed Freema.  Trent left four scanners with the Celder hunters.  They were working well together.  They found six more Celder, were making good progress on the equipment necessary to neutralize the radiation, and were trying integrate the entertainment beings into the social structure.  Although vampires, trolls, and witches posed a real challenge.
    "We are leaving for Ul.  You have all of the basics to build a great society.  We wish you a well and prosperous future." Trent said as he and Pace waved goodbye.
    "I wonder how they will do?" Pace said looking out a portal at Freema.
    "Fine.  They will do Fine.  Ship, to Ul if you would please," said Trent