"Is there a protocol for talking to the Fotes?" asked Trent.
    "The Fotes are amphibians with intellects equal to most phase 6 beings.  They are not Royalty, wealthy, famous artists, or prone to violence.  They are teachers at the University of Rinthia.  They like soft music, mathematics, and their food live.  Remember their amphibians.  Their nutritional requirements are evolutionarily designed around live food.  Mostly fish.  Worms and a few other types of critters are required in small amounts for specific nutrient content.  Every being regardless of size, shape, or intellect have to obtain their energy form someplace.  The exceptions are some of the very simple life forms which live on radiation, sulfur compounds, and now that I'm thinking about it, there's a bug out there eaten just about everything but my depts," Cree said.
    "Which species is considered the most advance?" asked Trent.
    "We are, I guess.  The Ree have been at stage 8, developmentally speaking, longer than any other species so far encountered that we know of.  Who knows about other species in other regions of the universe.  Take you for example.  Are you stage 9?  Maybe your life form is higher than that.  Hard to say until we meet one.  Trying to catalogue you is impossible until we know more about all your parts.  That's assuming there are parts if you know what I mean.  In fact, just thinking of the possibilities is enough to give anyone a headache," Cree said.
    "If the Ree are the most advanced mentally, are they also the most advanced physically?" asked Trent.
    "There is a gelatinous gooey like organism which covers more than 500,000 square miles on Duleen," Cree replied.
    "Its size moves it up the ladder?" Trent asked.
    "No, not at all.  This one though has many lungs, livers, brain segments, and every type of locomotion known.  It does not however have a particularly high IQ.  It is cataloged as a stage 3 organism," Cree said.
    "There is a transport to our left which intends to intercept us.  It is a law enforcement transport.  Transmissions indicate they only want to verify our transport identification number to see if it has been stolen," Trent said.
    "I forgot you're intertwined with everything around us.  However, do not ever let the police find out you know what they are up to.  They would try to have you terminated, or at the least confine you in some fashion to prevent you from being able to interfere with their activities.  Worst case scenario, they would force you to do their bidding," Cree warned.
    "I understand. They like to be in control.  It's the nature of the beings who seek those positions. They verified your registration.  They are going away," said Trent.
    "They have a necessary function, they just over do the control of other beings lives thing.  They want to control every moment of everyone else's existence, while they get to live free.  Plus, they get a kick out of trashing the lives of as many other beings as possible.  Just opposite of what their supposed to be like," Cree said.
    "I could scramble their life histories in such a way as to make them the ones whose lives are trashed," Offered Trent.
    "Keep that thought.  Someday that may be just the ticket.  Get it?  Ticket. The police give out tickets," Cree said.
    "There is a Rinthian satellite transmitting information on us to Rinthia.  It's not as sophisticated as the other satellites we have encountered," Trent said.
    The Rinthian environment does not support sophisticated appliances.  It's a very humid place being 85 per cent swamp.  The Rinthians did not invent much in the way of tools and certainly no electronics because they could not maintain fire.  No fire, no melting metal.  You can see where I'm going with this.  What the Rinthians did do, is develop mathematics without the benefit of paper and pencil let along computers.  They also memorized their entire lineage by telling stories and rhymes.
    The jest of the story is that this practice led to the Rinthians developing very good memories.  After they used genetics to gain vocal capabilities their mental abilities put them at the top of everyone's hiring list," Cree said.
    Trent and Cree where at that time entering orbit and receiving landing instructions.  The Fotes where waiting in the terminal.
    Cree walked into the terminal carrying Trent's link monitor.  She and the Fotes exchanged greetings like the old friends they were.