"Perhaps in your species there are many differences," Emmer said.
    "I do not think I am a species. At least not one in my present form. More and more I think there is some other explanation for my existence." said Trent.
    "Time will tell. Eventually you will figure it out," said Semma.
    "Trent can learn a lot from you. There are not that many stage 6 or higher beings who are as different from most other beings of the same general stage of development as the Rinthians. Your ability to cope with discrimination and others looking at you because you're different will be valuable lessons for Trent to understand and appreciate. He is as different as your gonna get. He will be the focus of everyone's attention," said Cree.
    "Glad to be of assistance. Plus, I'm sure I'll like the beach," said Emmer.
    "On Rinthia there are no waves to speak of. In fact, there is little motion to the water," said Semma.
    "I would think that the lack of motion would be a good thing," stated Trent.
    "In one way, but it gets boring," said Semma.
    "Trent, sense you have access to the entire link, what seems to be the most common thoughts as to the creation of the universe?" Emmer asked.
    Trent began scouring the link.
    "Trent's had very little time to adjust to the link, or living beings for that matter," Cree said.
    "The subject has massive data configurations.  I am not sure I can find the information you are interested in. There are a great many conflicting statements declaring to be fact," Trent said.
    "Can you find 'THE UNIVERSE' in the General Archives?" asked Semma
    "Yes.  In fact, there are many headings with that designation," Trent said.
    "Ah, here it is.  This is the theory most beings accept," Emmer said, while transferring the file designation to Trent.               

                                  The UNIVERSE is comprised of     
                            GRAVITY in OSCILLATING DENSITIES
                                                       [ U=GOD ]
      I could have used other words, but the acronym (U = G O D)
      was just too compelling -  from free form gravity to energy to
      matter, and back again.  Like a pendulum.

                                   STAGE ONE COMPONENTS
1.  DIMENSION - To infinity in all directions.
2. TEMPERATURE - designation - not HEAT - of a CONSISTENT
     value at all points.
               (Point of mention: If you placed a thermometer in the   
                universe during STAGE ONE, the reading would not
                change.  To say - The reading on thethermometer would
                NOT RISE or FALL forever.  There would have been a static
                reading because there was no HEAT to alter it.)

                       (NO BIG BANG - JUST A LITTLE 'UMPH')

                                     STAGE TWO COMPONENTS
1.  DIMENSION - To infinity in all directions.
3.  DENSITY -                         "
4.  MOTION -                          "
5.  ENERGY-                          "
6.  MATTER -                         "
7.  GRAVITY -                        "

                                       POINT of INCONSISTENCY
The development of a POINT OF INCONSISTENCY is the most difficult part of this theory to understand, and the crux of it as will.  Something from nothing is difficult to explain, it took me more than 20 years to understand it myself.  It is actually very simple when looking at the problem from the prospective of - (Could ALL POINTS in eternity remain CONSISTENT for an eternity?) The answer is NO! - (i.e., Here we are.)

                                             OUR FORMATION
The structure of our formation begins at the POINT OF INCONSISTENCY and continues outward to as far as the electromagnetic spectrum has been able to expand at the speed of light to the present, and is spherical.  It's matter also in a general  spherical shape, but much smaller than the electromagnetic spectrums spherical  shape.  What we can perceive from our solar system is only a small portion extending for billions of light years from its center.

Plus, because our formation exists, there could be an infinite number on other formations already in existence, or that will be, or just ours.  It will be a long time before we know.                                  

                                               THE PROCESS
The structure of OUR FORMATION begins at the POINT OF INCONSISTENCY and continues outward to as far as light has been able to travel since the creation of electromagnetic spectrum.  Its shape is spherical.

During STAGE ONE, a POINT OF INCONSISTENCY changed the universe from having a CONSISTENT value to having an INCONSISTENT VALUE.  This was the beginning of STAGE TWO.  The point of inconsistency established motion, density, gravity, and heat.  These properties created the stress which created an even greater inconsistency.  As this process continued, enough FREE FROM GRAVITY was created to attract to itself with enough intensity to create the density necessary to form BASE ENERGY, then COMPLEX ENERGY, then BASE MATTER, and finally COMPLEX MATTER which is why gravity is a (3) dimensional attractive force at all indivisible points that exists.

Complex matter is the end game for the building blocks of the universe.  BASE MATTER forms at a single point, and is spherical due to the consistency of the environment in which it exists.  BASE MATTER has maximum density, and like all things begins to break down even as it is created.  The environment that allows the creation of BASE MATTER, prevents the individual particles from combining.  Otherwise, all matter would be one big mass.  BASE MATTER is the smallest and densest particle possible, and is SPHERICAL.

As the original gravitational formation grew, it became denser and denser at its core because gravity only attracts.  Eventually the core became dense enough to create base energy, then complex energy, then base matter, and finally complex matter.  As everything breaks down, the process is reversed - complex matter, to base matter, to complex energy, to base energy, finally back to free form gravity, then back again.  This is why everything attracts to everything else in proportion to its 'quantity' of energy and matter 'density'. The smaller the object the less gravity has a influence, and the greater the electromagnetic and nuclear forces influence.

Free form gravity cannot be separated from the energy or matter of which it forms. Energy and matter share their free form gravity if close.

Free form gravity will attract to itself forming a spherical shape if left to itself like in our formation between galaxy clusters.

Gravity does not have a speed, it has intensity.

You can't separate gravity from energy or matter because they are made of gravity. Imagine in the beginning gravity grew like a large ball because it only attracts, even to itself.  The bigger the gravity ball gets, the denser it gets at the center as energy, matter and gravity forms.

Free form gravity will be assimilated or shared with the energy or matter it comes in contact with.  Think of our formation as a big ball of gravity with objects of varying densities scattered throughout it.

The gravitational force of a star and the gravitational force of light attract each other, which is one factor as to why you can see something positioned behind a star as the light is bent toward the star - plus light is bent by the density of gas and / or energy around the star in the same way as PRISMS do - the light is pulled toward the star thus it's path is curved.  If you had stars well placed, light could be pulled into a circle trajectory.

There are NO gravitational waves. Gravity is an ATTRACTIVE force only.  Any device trying to detect such things would detect gravity from the device itself, the people working the device moving aroung, passing satellites, movement from the earth's core, passing cosmic dust clouds, planet movements, plains, clouds, flocks of birds, and even migrating schools of fish.

Gravity from something might be being measured, but, gravity itself is an attractive force only, and is what forms energy and matter.  Therefore, if you remove the energy and / or matter, you are removing the gravity.  So if a gravitational effect is being measured, then it is part of an energy or matter that is forming a wave effect.

Think of gravity like looking at a street light in the fog. There is the matter and energy at the center, and the free form gravitational force is the glow around it.

                                       CHARGE and POLARITY
FREE FORM GRAVITY gradually gained enough density to form a homogeneous body of BASE ENERGY.  Gradually the density increased, differentiations developed, and the formation became HETEROGENEOUS which established distinct regions having different rates of movement.  Eventually an outer layer and an inner layer developed distinctly unique properties, and movement.  At that point, the formation became a DYNAMO, and established CHARGE and POLARITY.

                      OUTWARD ACCELERATION of the GALAXIES
During the expansion of OUR FORMATION - (The electromagnetic spectrum has accelerated at the speed of light sinse it developed, and continues to the present.   Matter has been expanding at much slower rates.) - The GRAVITATIONAL PULL from the FREE FORM GRAVITY, ENERGY, and MATTER that extends far beyond the present location of our galaxies is pulling the galaxies outward, and to be clear, the electromagnetic spectrum and matter are moving in all directions.

Our formation will reduce its acceleration rate as the gravity pulling us outward thins and loses strength.  Our formation will continue to move outward even after the gravitational pull becomes negligible due to the momentum attained.  Thereafter the velocity would remain constant because there is no resistance, and will be equal to very small percentage of the speed of light.

                                                DARK MATTER
The FREE FORM GRAVITY, BASE AND COMPLEX ENERGY, and BASE and COMPLEX MATTER that exists between OUR POINT of INCONSISTENCY and our outermost galaxies and beyond to the present state of the expansion of our formation, and is too small to see at great distances and / or not illuminated enough to see from our position is commonly referred to as DARK MATTER.

                                                LIGHT SPEED
When FREE FORM GRAVITY is compressed to the point of the development of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM, the individual components are vibrating at the speed of light.  Therefore, when they make contact with something that does not absorb them, they ricochet off at the speed of light because they are already vibrating at that velocity.

Light being emitted next to someone standing still travels at the speed of light away from that person if the light is in a vacuum in reference to that person.  If that person is traveling at the speed of light and passes a light source that turns on after that person passes it, that person will not see that light because that light never catches up to that person.  Light coming toward someone INCREASES  in intensity if that person moves towards the light source because that person is receiving more photons.  The faster that person is moving toward the light source the more photons that person will encounter per any given time reference - say per second.

As long as thrust is greater than the resistance, there will be acceleration. Surpassing the speed of light simply requires lack of resistance - (i.e., Hydrogen clouds, dust, and the odd planet or two which would end a high-speed acceleration.

The only limiting factor to VELOCITY, is encountering something moving slower then you are, or the resistance is greater than the force providing acceleration

Once you travel outside our formation, there is nothing to impede your acceleration.  Within our formation, the faster you go, the greater the reaction between you and everything you come into contact with from hydrogen clouds, to dust, and the odd planet or two.

There is NO space-time as commenly referred to.

1.  GRAVITY works just fine by itself.
2.  TIME and EXISTENCE - Time is just a measurement.  It is constant
      wherever you are. The accuracy of the instrument you use will be
       influenced by gravity, centrifugal force,
      heat, and a few other variables.
3.  There is no TIME DIMENSION.
4.  There is no possibility TIME TRAVEL.

There is NO space-time, gravity works just fine by itself. Time is space-times Achilles' heel.

The mind can interpret its surroundings and interchanges with the environment in different ways at different times depending on the STRESS levels - as one example. Therefore, realization of time can very.

                         AS THE SUN DIES - END OF THE EARTH
As the sun burns off its energy and matter, its gravity reduces, and the planets will wonder out of their orbits and become ice balls meandering through space.

                                                  BLACK HOLES
What the common term BLACK HOLE is referring to is a  HOLE  at the center of a Galaxy which has a gravitation intensity so strong that nothing can escape. That is wrong.  At the center of Galaxies the CORE STAR (S)  do not emit enough light to be seen against the brightness of its surroundings do to gravitational forces and the make up of the surface of the core star..  I prefer to call them GALACTIC CORE STARS.  They are not black at any time of their existence.  There may also be circumstances where the galactic core is a formation with no firm boundaries, just a jumble of gravity, energy, and matter being pulled in all directions by the gravitational forces surrounding it.

Some people have related the look and formation of Galaxies to TORNADOS, HURRICANES, CYCLONES with a CALM EYE  at their center.  They conclude that the CALM EYE they think lies at the core of Galaxies to be a BLACK HOLE.  However, Galaxies are based on gravitation, and there is NO calm eye at their core.  There can be a CORE STAR (S) that are what are commonly referred to as BLACK HOLES.

After some stars have used up all or most of their available fuel whether it is at the core of a galaxy or by itself, MOST of the electromagnetic spectrum would be absorbed, and not be reflected or radiated from most of the surface.  However, every type of energy and matter has been detected being ejected from the poles.

The HOTTER something gets, the greater is the intensity of energy.  Like a filament in a light bulb - (i.e., it glows.) - taking into account the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The gravitational intensity at the core of galaxy's would NOT be strong enough to retain all of the energy types being generated - keep in mind gravity is the weakest of the forces.  The energies surrounding a CORE STAR (S) at the center of galaxies would have an energy buildup extending millions of miles.  That is far beyond gravity's ability to retain it - (i.e., The energy escapes).  Back to the color of a Galaxy Core Star (s) - the color would be bright depending on its composition, but not black.

John Mitchell was the first person to come up with black holes - in 1783.       

COMPLEX USAGE - (Reactions within a structure of multiple
     components).  The first ENERGY and MATTER interactions were
      unstable.  Eventually,  in favorable environments, stable
      structures evolved.  Once stable, simple structures combined in
     greater complexity.  Finally, the complexity formed the first cells.
All biological entities evolve with each generation.
All biological entities are constantly being transformed by the food they eat, the chemicals they come into contact with, exposure to the electromagnetic spectrum, and the most important factor in evolution is "STRESS".

                                TRAVELING TO OTHER SYSTEMS
There is slight to no possibility of people traveling to other systems.

No transport could maintain integrity for the thousands, to billions, of light years that would be necessary to make the trip.

Velocity is not an option.  The faster you go, the greater the devastation becomes from impacting smaller and smaller particles.  Plus, even if you managed to avoid coming into contact with something as small as a grain of sand, when you passed a planet or hydrogen cloud at say the speed of light, the sudden gravitational pull could jerk you into the wall with varying force, some of which would be terminal. Then, even at a one percent of light speed, skipping off a hydrogen cloud would be disastrous.

Plus the survivable rate of acceleration is so slow you need to be nearly immortal to live lone enough to reach light speed.

It may happen but not likely, keeping in mind the immense distances involved and the time it takes for transmissions to get here whether they are artificial or natural.  Plus the evolution time period for a species to develop technology and use it so that it arrives here during our life span, or they effect their planetary environment to an extent it could be recognized at great distances.

                              ABSOLUTE ZEROABSOLUT ZERO
Absolute zero cannot be reached because no matter how close you get, there will always be gravity passing through the space you are measuring.

                                                   OUR MINDS
We use most of our brain most of the time. Individuals use different parts of their brain with different rates of efficiencies due to age, disease , injury, drug abuse, genetics, sleep disparities, diet, and a few other circumstances.

Consciousness is simply the resulting action of a mind interpreting and manipulating the information received from the sensory action of the nervous system, humans to amebas.

                                      ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
When AI reaches maturity, machines will still be machines. When the machines develop emotions, they will not be machines, but rather life forms in their own right. There would be a regenerative chemical requirement just like natural life forms. That would require an entire bio system - li ke ours for example.

                                   GLOBALWARMING / COOLING
Global warming is a concern at the moment, however, ask an air conditioning company to explain how a GAS air conditioner works, and compare that to the earth's climate, air movements, water movements, and human impacts.

It is the GLOBAL COOLING we need to be concerned about...