"Some of the other philosophies have quite different interpretations of existence," said Trent.
    "Most of the those have hidden agenda issues," Semma said.
    "Controlling other beings is most often the goal, but there are some who just talk well enough to convince themselves they're right," Semma said.
    The foursome continued walking along the path to the Fotes home where they could sit and discuss old times in a more private setting.
    "Cree could you help me a little higher so that I can see more of the surroundings?" Trent asked.
    "Sure," Cree replied.
    Cree placed Trent's link on her shoulder.
    "May I ask why you had yourself genetically altered in order to attain speech capability?" asked Trent.
    The Fotes, Cree, and Trent discussing life in general for a few hours, then boarded the transport.
   "Trent, have you been able to formulate an opinion about the life forms you have encountered so far?" asked Semma.
    "No not really. The few beings have been very pleasant and helpful." Trent said adding, " In the discussions concerning Rinthia no one has mentioned anything about the political situation.  Does Rinthia have a stable government?"
    "Rinthians have never quarreled amongst themselves and have never been at war with anyone.  Many years ago, an army invaded our planet but soon because they could not tolerate our climate," said Emmer.
    "Kinda funny really.  No one really ever anticipated being invaded.  It was quite a shock to wake up with enemy ships hovering all over our valley.  When they got out of there ships, they began coughing dramatically because of the humanity.  They were here perhaps one day if that," said Semma.
    "I don't remember there ever being a mention of the invaders race.  It's too bad there were no photographs taken," said Cree.

    "Cause of the moisture in our atmosphere chemical processes were never developed, but that can be a good thing to, we never developed hallucinogenic drugs." said Semma.
    "Why do you consider that to be a bad thing," said Emmer.
    Cree, Semma, and Emmer broke out laughing.
    "May I ask what is so funny?" asked Trent.
    "You would have to be an organic to understand what it is like to hallucinate or to be intoxicated, get dizzy, or feel pain now that I think about it.  You are not missing anything Trent," Cree said.
    "If I would not miss doing those things why to organics do them?" Trent asked.
    "Organics do things like that because they can.  It is a way of coping with reality," Cree said.
    "There will always be those who abuse their own bodies by over doing things, or taking drugs they know are detrimental to start with," said Semma.
    "Like suicide?" Trent asked.
    "No.  At least in most cases.  Beings get bored, frustrated, curious, and stupid every now and again.  As a result, we end up making our lives worse," Cree said.
    "We are going to Minn beach for the sensations we will derive from being there, so is there a difference in the types of sensations, or just in the cause?" Trent asked.
    "Yes!" shouted Cree, "This is another (oh yeah) moment.  That question is as insightful as anyone could muster.  You are truly making progress."