The attendants were preparing for the evening meal by first creating a bed of glowing embers about a foot deep, three feet a crossed, and ten feet long.  It took two hours or so to build the bed of hot embers and about two hours to cook the food.
    "Whatever they are cooking smells so good I'm ready to eat my arm," said Emmer with a wanting expression on his face.
    "I think they are preparing a fish called Leopoon," Cree stated. Then she asked one of the attendants.
    "Oh yes.  Vary most good fish.  You will also enjoy some Jibbers.  It is prime time of year for Jibbers.  In a few weeks, Tavlots will be in season.  Now they will make you sing. Vary most
Good," said the attendant.
    "You're going to fall in love with Tavlots.  They must have the best taste in the universe. I've thought of them every day sense my first taste.  When you have Res slov to drink with it you'll believe in fairy tales," Cree said with one eyebrow raised and a blank stare.
    "Try one of these," suggested an attendant holding a tray with tall thin glasses full of ice and some kind of extremely fizzy red liquid and a slice of yellow fruit.
    "What do you call these?" asked Semma.
    "These are Ulas.  They will make smile for a week," The attendant said.
    "These are fantastic.  How have I survived this long without this stuff," Emmer said.
    "Agreed," Semma added.
    "Trent, the first thing you should do when you get your body, is try one of these," Emmer said.
     "I shall keep that in mind.  Cree, would you move me to the middle of the beach so I can better see the sun set?" From here the trees block much of the sky," Trent asked.
"Why sure," Cree replied.
    Cree and an attendant moved the table as requested.
    The sky was just turning from blue to a greenish tone, and the horizon was brilliant yellow.  Leaves of the trees along the shore line where gently waving in the newly forming sunset breeze as if slow dancing with the gentlest of waves advancing then retreating on the submissive sands as they changed from goldish to a more yellow white color.
    Cree walked into the sea until the water met her knees. She stood watching the sun set with her auburn hair, white scarf and dress transforming into glowing light at the edges.
    Trent's soliloquy on those few moments would remain with him forever.  He knew that he would never have the ability to enjoy the fragrance laden air moving around him, or the flurry of emotions that would have been unleashed by seeing such a beauty as Cree enhancing a sun set in paradise.
    The enchantment of the moment was broken with the sound of loud slap and Emmer making a squeaking noise.
    Cree turned her head and looked at Semma and Emerr.  She quickly glanced around and realized that Semma slapped Emmer for gazing, and that apparently all the attendants and security personnel had been enchanted as well.  She waded back on to the beach with a gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes.