"Trent, if one of us felt the emotions of even a few individuals we would turn schizophrenic.  Point being, do not get yourself in a situation where you would in any way feel the emotions of another," Emmerr said.
    " Imagine walking down the street and flipping from hungry to sick to greedy to angry to happy to sad to who knows what.  Every step a new emotion," Semma voice with a tone of ponderousness.
    "Here's a brain breaker, you walk up to a crowd of one hundred," Cree said.
    "Suicidal, homicidal, lusting, and hungry all at once.  There's gotta to be a really good monkey joke in there somewhere," Emarr snickered.
    "Trent, my husband will probably ask you about stock markets and gambling devices, ignore him," Semma said.
    "If my wife doesn't ask you for cooking suggestion, please offer," Emarr said.
    "I cook to match your manners," Semma replied.
    "This is getting good.  You two should have your own program with one of the broad casting companies," Cree chimed in.
    "Listen to that!" Semma urged.
    The sounds coming from the sea had changed from melodic signing to threshing and a strained screaming noise.  It was loud, very loud. 
    "A Lumbalen is being attacked by a pack of Cutters.  Cutters are strictly carnivorous," an attendant said.
    The thrashing and screaming went on for a long time.  Then there was silence.  All eyes were fixated on the black of night embracing the sea.  Little by little, it was possible to hear more friendly and peaceful sounds.  All eyes remained fixed in the direction where the horrific sounds had emerged from the darkness.
    "Even paradise comes with a flip side," Semma said.
    "Trent.  If you get nothing else out of this trip, you learned what is probably the most imported and universal rule to life - it stinks," Emerr said.
    "Unless you're on Minn beach.  Therefore, I think the most important lesson in life is to be on a Minn beach and not in a war zone being blown up," said Cree.
    "Seems to me that if you were on a Minn beach, there would be many others who would also like to be right there with you.  Then this Minn beach would be over crowded and people would become irritated and you would have war.  The answer seems to be to have a Minn beache for everyone," Trent theorized.
    Trent's statement brought a round of applause.
    "Very true.  You're really making progress," Cree said.
    "The problem is there just aren't enough Minn beaches.  There are a lot of weapons however," said Semma.
    "I like this fragrance.  It reminds me of a candy factory," said Emerr.
    "A few minutes ago I caught a hint of Jum Jum root," Cree added.
    "Nothing will ever beat the smell of the souse they put on what ever they call it.  You know, the one they served on the long plates.  Moreover, it tastes more then wonderful," said Emarr.
    "I am going to absorb as much of this place as I can.  The chance of coming here, or anyplace like this, again is remote," said Semma.
    "Have you ever been seen that documentary on Vasentia?  Some day I would like to be there in person," Cree said.
    "Never heard of it," said Emarr.
    "It's the eminence of a planetoid covered in crystals.  Mostly clear quartz and a bluish kind.  The pictures make it look as if each crystal has its own inner light source.  No atmosphere though, so you have to wear vac suits," said Cree.
    "Remember the planet with no land masses.  We went there, and found it was mostly salt," Emarr said.
    "One we must go to is the one with the dinosaurs," said Cree.
    "Dinosaurs?" asked Semma.
    "It's a long haul, but how could any body pass it up.  If its even half what they say it is, it would be about as incredible as anything I've ever heard of," Cree added.
    "Is there a chance we could tag along with you on that part of your trip as well?" asked Semma.
    "I thought you might want to go, so I asked Hiret to see if he could get you entry cards.  He said he would have an answer in a few days," Cree stated.
    "If I remember right, there are several solar systems supplying security for the place," Emarr said.
    "Security is tight.  They know the place would be trashed in no time.  Every collector, hunter, and crazy would in the universe would be there trying to get themselves a dino," said Cree.
    "Any others on the agenda?" asked Emerr.
    "Sure.  Hiret is putting a schedule.  For now, however, let us enjoy Minn," Cree said as she lay back on her blanket and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
    Emerr sat peering into the darkness, and Semma stirred the last of the embers.