"My Comm indicates Trent's around 100 feet that away," said Cree pointing.
    Hiret and Cree ran to the front of a hut.  There was Trent sitting on a rock near what seamed to be a communal fire pit.
    "Trent!  We thought you would be long gone by now," said Hiret.
    "Why?" Trent replied.
    "You're in the latest Link on the market," Hirest said.
    "I asked one of the locals to take to the festival here at the Imma pit," Trent said.
    "Oh.  That's a relief.  What did you learn about our shaggy hosts?" Cree asked.
    "They are of average intelligence, and they have no real economic future," said Trent.
The same man who guided us to the huts we had slept in ambled toward us.
    "You need trail finder.  Come.  I show you one.  You sleep good?" he asked.
    "Yes, it was great.  Is there anywhere to get something to eat?" asked Cree.
    "There," he pointed, "There is trail finder." he pointed in a different direction.
     "We should eat first.  Then we can talk to the trail finder," said Emerr.
    The man dusted himself as he waved good-by.
    The crew stood in silence while pondering the cuisine presented in the establishment.  The only establishment offering food for sale.
    "I am not going to eat that, or those, or whatever that is," said Semma.
    "Maybe we can find some fruit out there in the jungle," said MB.
    "Better then chancing an unfortunate encounter with who knows what," said Cree.
    "Agreed," said Emmerr.
    "And here I am without a recorder," said Semma.
    Emerr looked at Semma, then back at the offerings.
    "Looks just like your kitchen," Emerr replied.
    The crew sought out the trail finder, and was soon thrashing through the jungle.
    "I suppose there is a reason we did not take the tail," said MB.
   "Go in circle back to village.  You want Deep Valley.  You want Tall Water.  Many things to see," the trail finder said, with a monotone vice.
    "We did not get anything to eat before we left.  Is there wild fruit or something out here?" asked Emerr.
     "Not till we get to end of trees.  There you will find berries.  The next village will have better supplies, but it is tomorrow," the trail finder raised his hand, and stopped.   He turned with his finger over his lips to indicate silence.
    On the other side of the clearing came a rustling sound.  Suddenly several large men wearing frightful costumes and felling with spires raised over their heads came running directly at the crew.  The trail finder ran back toward his village.
    The gang of natives ran to within a foot or so of the crew then stopped.
    "Hello.  We Erob.  We be your guides to the nest village," said the biggest of the bunch.
    The crew was scared stiff.  It took a moment to gain even a shaky composer.
    "What?" said MB.
    The Erob turned and began running back into the jungle.
    "Anyone else have consciousness issues?" asked Cree.
    "As soon as my heart starts, I'll let you know," Hiret replied.
    The new guides stopped, and with grins from ear to ear, motioned to the crew to follow them.
    "Funny bunch a guy's.  We should sue," said Emmerr.
    "They are better off the tribe we just left," Trent said.
    "What!  You knew about these guys?" asked Semma.
    "Yes.  I thought that if I said anything you would not get the full experience," Trent replied.
    "Do not do that again." demanded Semma.
    "Ok.  Maybe.  We'll see," Trent said with a sneaky under tone.
    "I believe Trent is evolving in the wrong direction," said Hiret.
    "Evolving non the less," stated Trent.
    They walked for an hour or so along a well-traveled trail finally stopping at an overview platform providing a good look at the village.
    "Come.  Food for you.  Stay there tonight.  Maybe two nights," said one of the new guides gesturing to the right.
    They made their way to and through the village until reaching another fire pit. 
    "One cleek please," said the server.
    The crew stood in a line.  Each got a plate full of meat smothered in a souse which made their eyes water.
    "This is great!  What is it called?" Emmerr asked.
    "It is galope.  We raise them.  They taste better then the other creatures around here," the chef proclaimed.
    An hour later they were sitting in the shade of a tree with reddish leaves, and barley able to keep stay awake.
    "If I ate that much at every meal, I be dead in a week," Emmerr said.
    "I also over did it," Cree answered with a sigh.
    "Where did that guy say we should go next?" MB asked.
    "The valley of the Upola," Cree answered.
    "The link states the Upola is a primitive creature with language capabilities," Trent stated.
    "Before going looking for one, what does it eat?" asked Hiert.
    "According to what is written here, the males are nine feet tall and one thousand pounds.  They are omnivores, and mate every three years," said Trent.
    "Well, I hope he is hungrier then in the mood," Emmerr laughed.
    "Might be both.  You could be just the right size," Semma quipped.         
    They got a good laugh out of that.
    "Anyone up for a walk around the village before dark," MB asked.
    "Sure.  There are a lot of really old stone carvings around here," Hiret said holding his stomach.
    "I'll tag along," said Semma.
    The crew spent the last of the daylight marveling at the ancient carvings and present-day handy crafts of the village.