"Trent! Questions?" asked Pace.
    "No.  If something comes up, I will wake you.  In the meantime, I will monitor the scanners," Trent replied.
    Within a few minutes the crew was in deep stasis. 
    "In a day or two, Trent thought to himself."
     After he slaughtered Cree and the others, Ventan bought a small transport that he used it to meet an associate.  The transport was put on auto pilot and sent on a collision course with debris from a destroyed warship.  The idea was to trick anyone tracing him into thinking he had died in the collision.  At that moment Trent realized he had blended with part of himself remaining from before.
    A day later Trent woke the crew.
    "We need to change course a bit," Trent said to Aukous, as he was the first to awake.
    Trent waited until they were all having their wake up beverage to tell them about merging with part of him that had remained after most of him made it back to Loma Dena.
    "Now that's interesting," said Pace.
    "What have you learned?" asked Orin.
    "I am still gaining concentration. Therefore, recall will be clearer over time.  However, I was able to follow him to a planet called Ninninna.  He made several stops, and had numerous surgeries on the way there.  An employee at one of his operations was born there, and her family had several properties he bought at very high prices.  They have no idea who he is, and the employee, not surprising, has disappeared," said Trent.
    "Is he there now?" asked Doc.
    "I do not know.  Ninninna is seven light years from here," replied Trent.
    "How did you get this far?" asked Pace.
    "I had three opportunities through passing military transports for accelerated transition coupling.  It is fortunate you came this way, because there is not enough of me left around Ninninna to make another effort," Trent said.
    "You gambled!  You gambled we would be back.  That marks another dimension to your advancement.  I for one am impressed," stated Orin.
    "Your returning was the plan.  Wasn't it?" asked Trent.
    "Yeah, but it's been a few years," Aukous said.
    "Time has no relevance to me.  One moment is the same as any other," said Trent.
    "How much knowledge did you gain when you, you, added yourself to yourself.  Why does that sound funny," asked Doc.
    "The uniqueness was the first part of the blending.  Once it happened, it seemed perfectly natural.  The sudden additional knowledge base from both parts of me seems to be seamless.  As if I was always one entity.  I can not think as two different beings once I have bonded with myself.  I hope that answers your question, it is a new phenomenon for me," explained Trent.
    "I think I understand.  I wish I could do it," said Doc.
    "So, tell us more about Ventan," Aurkous said.
    "I do not know how long it will take me to be able to recall addition information," Trent replied.
    "Before I call the military, we should be sure Ventan is still there," Aukous said.
    "Back to stasis I guess," said Hulmara.
    For the next week, Trent gradually gained more of his memories concerning Ventans activities.
    "We have arrived at Ninninna," Trent said to Doc through the com in her stasis chamber.
    Soon the crew was gazing at Ninninna through the portal in the commons room.
    "The military will be here in an hour or so," said Aukous.
    "Ventan has not made an electronic communication in several hours.  I believe he is asleep," Trent said.
    "We should land on the other side on the continent.  If we hang around here, he might get tipped to our presents," Aukous stated.
    With that, they made their way to a hotel landing zone, and to wait for the military.
    "There is more electronic activity at Ventans house at Tall Stones then the other two.  Perhaps he is at that location," Trent suggested.
    "Once they locate him, the military will take all three into evidence," Aukous replied.
    "What does he look like now?" asked Doc and Pace at the same time.
    "You can up load the security scans from the Lenit office complex.  He is using the name Rettma Wodon.  However, when you open the files, he maybe alerted.  I suggest you wait to retrieve his present identification until the military is in position to act," suggested Trent.
    "Did the military give you an idea when they would arrive?" asked Hulmira.
    "Captain Epi said they would hold position until they could cover all possible escape routs, and take the addresses we provided.  She thought about two days," Aukous stated.
    "Two days!  He could be anywhere by then," said Pace.
    "The upside is, we have more time to get an exact location.  So, nobody does anything that might draw suspicion," said Aukous.
    "Trent not enough of you left behind to contact?" asked Orin.
    "No," Trent replied.
    "Maybe one of us could go the Lenit office complex and inquire about employment.  You know, do a little recon," Orin suggested.
    "Impatience is an affliction, not a virtue," Trent said.
    "Trent, have you detected interesting activity?" asked Doc.
    "No.  I think it best I not engage the systems of interest until the very last moment.  I may be detected," Trent replied.
    "He must be somewhat relaxed after this much time.  Especially considering the efforts he has implemented to escape detection," said Hulmara.
    "Well let's blend in.  Just sitting here might seem odd," said Pace.
    "There are a large consumer complex three blocks to the right," Trent offered.
    "Is there a currency exchange there?" asked Pace.
    "Yes.  But all you have is gold.  Someone will certainly think of that as out of the ordinary," said Trent.