"I see," said Trent.
    "You should keep this to yourself," Dr. Mollaty suggested.
    "Why?" asked Trent.
    "There are a lot of beings out there who would give a lot for this technology.  Imagine what some crazy could do with this.  I'm not worried about anyone trying to duplicate you, but one of these could be devastating even if there were was no gravitirium involved.  Speaking of which, with this new development I can make significant improvements to this design.  In the morning briefing every development group had significant improvement objectives on your body.  Your going to be one very impressive being," stated Dr. Mollaty.
    "You refer to me as a being.  I have not thought of myself as a being before," Trent said.
    "Oh, how did you think of yourself?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "I guess sort of like an entity, or something along those lines," replied Trent.
    "Last time the subject came up there were several hundred Trent based religions.  Beings are always looking for some kind of deity entity," Dr. Mollaty said.
    "I have noticed that.  Reality is not enough," Trent replied.
    "No, it is not.  Then when it jumps up and hits them in the face, they are surprised," Dr. Mollaty snickered.
    While Trent and Dr. Mollaty were talking, the alliance military had received intelligence that Mr. Wai Oue from the plant Ruta had been recruiting beings as mercenaries on Euranot.
    "Excuse me Doctor, but the military is trying to contact me," Trent said as he shifted his essence to the military communication center.
    "Yes sir, I am here," Trent notified the communications liaison officer.
    "Lieutenant Oscorra has asked to speak with you.  I will notify her of your arrival. Ordinarily I would say please have a seat, but I guess I should say please feel free to hang around?" the officer said.
    "That would be as correct as anything I suppose.  It has never come up before," Trent replied.

    A moment later lieutenant Oscorra walked into the room and looked around.
    "Hello Trent.  How should I talk to you?" asked the lieutenant.
    "I can only converse through a device equipped with audio transmission capability.  Link devices work well," Trent answered.
    The Lieutenant walked over to a link set, bent over to speak closely into the microphone port, "We were wondering if you could infiltrate an information storage unit on Prolue.  It's a planet in solar system half a light year from here."
    "Of course.  When would you like to start?  And it is not necessary to speak so near the microphone," Trent replied.
    "As I understand it, we put you in a link device and then transport it to the destination," stated the Lieutenant.
    "Correct." Trent answered through the link device.
    The lieutenant carried the device to a transport and left for Prolue.
    "What type of information am I to locate?" asked Trent.
    "Anything pertaining to Great Corridor military personal, equipment, tactics, speeches, and present locations.  You are aware that many of the defeated military organizations from the Great Corridor wars have relocated on alliance worlds," said the Lieutenant.
    "Yes.  I have heard that," Trent said.
    "We know some elements are planning to take over the alliance itself." the lieutenant stated.
    "Is that possible?" asked Trent.
    "Not even close, but they could do a lot of damage trying," the Lieutenant said with a sigh.  
    "Why are some beings so agresive?" Trent asked the Lieutenant.

    "I read somewhere that love and belief are fixed associations developed through the imprinting process.  You know, like why babies of one species will bond to the first organism they come into contact with even if it is another species.  Beings develop the same fixed associations with religions, sports teams, governments, and causes of every kind.  All it takes is trigger of some sort like a speach, smell, visual effect etcetera," the Lieutenant explained.
    "I am aware of those aspects of fixation.  I am more curious as why beings can be so easily swayed into participating in acts that are blatantly wrong," Trent said.
    "Imprinting is essential for survival.  So, I don't think that will change any time soon.  Beings are certainly not perfect.  Any of us can go nut's, and we all die of one thing or the other," Lieutenant Oscorra said.
    "I wonder if I will die, or go nuts," said Trent.
    "Hang on to that happy thought," the Lieutenant stated.
    "That is a good phrase," said Trent.
    "Coming up on Prolue.  How close do you need to be to do what you do?" asked the Lieutenant.
    "As close to power lines as possible, or the building itself if it is self-powered," Trent said.
    "There is a lot of debris around this place, I guess they don't have a sweeping technique.  Although it does prevent most unwanted visitors," The Lieutenant said with a nervous voice as she gazed out of the portal watching thousands of pieces of old satellites zip by.
    "Sensors are showing an intensity of debris greater than the protective abilities of this craft at this velocity," Trent said to alert the Lieutenant.
    "Can't be helped.  We need the detection protection," said the Lieutenant.
    "You must leave this debris field now," Trent warned.
    The noise from debris impacts was growing louder and more frequent.
    "I do believe your right," the Lieutenant said in an excited voice as she rushed toward the control panel.
    There was a intense shock wave that spun the craft in a leftward spiral.  Emergency sirens and lights came on.
    "Sargent!  What's our status?" the Lieutenant shouted into the communications consol.

    "We are going to enter the planet's atmosphere in fifteen seconds," the Sargent responded.
    "Auto control is responding, but the planets monitors are sure to pick us up," the Lieutenant said with authority, adding, "Prepare to re-enter the debris field maybe they'll think we are just a piece of debris."
    "Lieutenant, I see no chatter relating to us," said the communications officer.
    "Our present situation seems familiar.  Very familiar," Trent announced.
    "Another large piece of debris.  We can't avoid it," said the Sargent