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     "That was not the encounter I was hoping for," Trent thought to OM.
    "What did you expect?" asked OM.
    "Not sure.  Render one unconscious.  I will explain my intentions once I get close enough," Trent replied.
    OM rendered one of the Mio unconscious.  Trent moves it to the clearing where Ship was parked.
    "Bring it around," Trent thought to OM.
    "Click click!  Click click!  Click click!" the Mio shouted while scooting backward from Trent.
    Trent stood with hands held open.
    "I am here to help you if I can," Trent said while standing vary still.
    "Click click.  Cick click click," the Mio said.
    Trent began pointing to things and naming them in an effort to establish a translation format.  After a while they began simple communications.
    "I would like to help you.  I will not harm you," Trent said while holding out his hand in order to help the Mio to stand.
    "Idod," said the Mio pointing to himself indicating that was his name.
    "You will need to state your intentions with basic premise.  The Mio do not seem to have complex cognitive configuration capabilities," said OM.
    "Perhaps I could offer him something to eat.  What do they like?" asked Trent.
    "Bugs.  Their base diet consists of bugs," replied OM.
    "Right.  Are there any bugs around here?" asked Trent.
    "There are bugs all around, and there are Mio all around," replied OM.
    "Play some of that soft orchestral music.  Maybe they will respond well to that," Trent suggested.

    The Mio did respond positively to the music.  Gradually they emerged from the forest and gather around the Idol," Trent kept his distance. 
    "Do any of you speak universal?" Trent asked in a soft voice.
    "Plic loci.  A Trreennt," one said as he timidly moved a bit closer to Trent.
    Trent went through the pointing out of objects process again.  After two days they had a somewhat basic communication process.   The Mio understood that Trent was there to help.
    "What's the quickest path to a Neffiree city?" Trent thought to OM.
    "To your right and about seventeen miles," OM replied.
    "Ship, let's go there and land just out of sight," Trent told Ship.
    Trent bid his fair wells to the Mio and left for the Neffiree city of Alulam.
    "I do not think I will blend in." Trent said looking at the monitor.
    "Not many species with from the avis genome gallery have advanced to this level.  They have well developed agriculture and mining activities," OM mentioned.
    "Let me guess, all run by enslaving the Mio," Trent answered.
    "Exactly.  The commerce consortium dealing with interplanetary business are controlled by a species from a planet called Blidon.  Most of the records are hand written, so I cannot develop much in the way of background information," OM stated.
    "So, the Neffiree, Blidons and those they do business with depend on the labor through enslavement of the Mio for their trade," Trent surmised.
    "They also use them as a food source," OM added.
    "How could anyone eat something a cute as the Mio?" Trent asked himself.
    Trent made his way down the sidewalk leading to the trade and finance building.
    "They do not seem to be surprised at my presence," Trent commented.
    "Most of the beings they do business with who are from other planets look similar to your present physical appearance," OM replied.
     "I find the Neffiree to be quite pleasant to look at.  I like the sheen and fluorescence of their feathers.  Those beings coming toward me must be some kind of enforcement personnel," Trent thought.
    The group of four walked past Trent, stopped and ordered Trent to stop. 
    Turning around Trent asked them what they wanted.
    "What is your business here?" one of them asked.
    "I am here to free the Mio and any other beings held in slavery," Trent replied.
    The group looked at each other and laughed.
    "You should not make joke like that.  You get hurt bad," another stated.
    The four then walked toward Trent.  One of them pushed an electric weapon against Trent.  Trent did not respond.  The being stepped back and looked the weapon.
    "Oh it works," Trent said as he grabbed the beings hand and pushed the weapon against his associate who screamed in pain then collapsed.
    "OM, stop their hearts," Trent ordered as the other three charged. 
    Trent turned and continued on his way as a gathered around.
    "Several beings have called the authorities," OM said.
    "Seal that building.  I do not want to have to track down the targets," Trent replied.
    "I cannot extent shielding that far or to that great of space.  I can render them unconscious," OM stated.
    "Do that please," Trent replied.
    Several vehicles with sirens blaring headed toward Trent.  They stopped, and a dozen or so beings carrying a variety of weapons approached Trent.
    "Take him down!" one of them shouted.
    The group began attacking Trent.  Trent simply stood there.  After a few seconds they realized they were unable to hurt Trent, and back away.
    "I said take him down!" The being in charge shouted again as he tried his hand at attacking Trent.
    "You are not being nice," Trent said. 
    Trent then grabbed the being by the arm and flung him over the building across the street.  The others back away giving Trent an unfettered path.
    "Stop their hearts, and as you sense others, stop their hearts as well," Trent ordered OM.
    "There are multiple messages being sent warning of your presence," OM said.
    "Ship, disable all of the interplanetary capable transports," Trent ordered.
    Trent made his way to office of the Neffiree in charge of commercial activities.
    "Wake him up," Trent thought to OM.
    After a few minutes the being was capable of talking, " Who are you?" the being asked.
    "Trent.  My name is Trent," Trent answered.
    "I have done nothing to you.  What do you want?" the being asked.
    "You have been victimizing the Mio and others for a long time.  I find your existence untenable," Trent answered.