"OM, these beings should experience pain." Trent thought to OM.
    The remaining two guards hit the floor screaming.
    "You're going to get us dead," said the Lieutenant.
    "Not well liked is more probable.  By the way, what is the name of this planet?" Trent asked.
    "Glittia," the Lieutenant replied.
    "There is an entourage heading for a parking bay.  I would interpret that as Prigett Ol Amola leaving," OM said.
    "Break their toys," Trent replied.
    "Let's go this way," Trent said to the Lieutenant.
    As they went along the being's they encountered hugged the wall or disappeared through the closest door.
    "There are two security guards approaching the intersecting hallway to your left.  I have tampered with their weapons," OM advised Trent.
    A moment later the guards rounded the corner and tried to operate their weapons.  Trent and the Lieutenant walked on by.
    "What are the odds both of their weapons would fail?" said the Lieutenant in very surprised voice.
   "Take the next corridor on you right.  The guards who were following you have developed intestinal difficulties.  Prigett Ol Amola will be at the far end heading toward you.  The guards around her will fall asleep at your command," OM said.
    Trent waited until Prigett Ol Amola was just around the corner.
    "Hi there," Trent said stepping in front of Priget Ol Amola and escort.
    The guards tried to use their weapons.  When they failed, they tried a physical assault.
    "Now would be good," Trent thought to OM.
    The guards dropped in deep sleep.   Priget Ol Amola began to run back down the hall.  Trent ran around in front of her.
    "My name is Trent.  This is a being that has been duped into believing you are a god.  I thought you should apologize," Trent said with a smile.
    Priget Ol Amola looked at her body guards, then at the Lieutenant.
    "I apologize," said Priget Ol Amola.
    She then tried to walk around Trent.
    " Sorry mam, but you need to undo all of what you have done.  We will start with the immediate cessation of all mining activities," Trent said in a commanding voice.
    "If I refuse?" asked Priget Ol Amola.
    "I will destroy you, your race, and all traces of your existence," Trent said as he pointed towards the wall.
    "OM, would you please cut a hole in the wall?" Trent thought to OM.
    A large piece of the wall fell revealing a statue in a court yard.
    "Slice and dice that statue," Trent thought to OM.
    The statue crumbled into thousands of clean-cut pieces.
    The Lieutenant and Priget Ol Amola stood staring.
    "Magic.  You can perform magic," said the Lieutenant.
    "No magic Lieutenant.  Just technology.  Now mam," Trent demanded.
    "It would seem I have no choice," replied Priget Ol Amola.
    "Explain your association with Inom," Tremt said.
    "Inom is our competition for the lithium.  They use the Looma for labor. What else is there?" said Priget Ol Amola.
    "Who controls Inom?" Trent asked.
    "Brandon Newn, you can find him on Solim.  He is ruthless.  His technology is more advanced than ours, but nothing compared to yours.  You can defeat him as easily as you did me.  Where are you from?" Priget Ol Amola said.
    "Far, far, away.  I am going pay Mr. Newn a visit.  He will have the same options as you.  When I return there will be no hostilities.  The beings of this planet will have control.  You will be here.  Do you understand?" asked Trent.
    "I still have no choice," said Priget Ol Amola.
    "I will leave a monitor to ensure compliance," Priget Ol Amola stood still and expressionless. 
    Trent then turned to the Lieutenant, "Where would you like to go Lieutenant?"
    "I would like to go back to the station," the Lieutenant said.
    "Why there?" asked Trent.
    "My friends are there, and I can broadcast what's been happening to the whole planet," the Lieutenant replied.
    "As you wish," said Trent.
    After delivering the Lieutenant Trent was on his way to Solim.
    "Priget Ol Amola is entering a transport," OM thought to Trent.
    "Have the monitor cut the transport in half directly in front of her," Trent ordered.
    "Solim is only fifteen minutes away." OM reported.
    "Have you located Inom?" Trent asked OM.
    "Too much interference at this distance.  I can say the Solim government is a democracy, and heavily populated.   The monitor has completed neutralizing all projectile, missile and energy weapons on Flonn, Casslot and Nan," OM said.
    "That's good.  I guess the dino's will have to wait," Trent answered.
    "Coming up on Solim.  It is night at Inom headquarters.  They are shut down for the most part until morning.  Brandon Newn has several domiciles.  I have no idea which he would be in," OM reported.
    "Well until he shows, I think browsing the local entertainment centers may be in order.  I feel a need to experience an emotional diversion," Trent said to OM.
    "Do have a preference?" OM asked.
    "I do not know.  I have never been out and about before, if I have the correct phraseology.  Perhaps someplace where they are laughing, singing and dancing.  Somewhere without the slightest hint of carnage," Trent thought to OM.
    "Due to the population density your options of many.  A suggestion however, your appearance is similar enough to not pose a problem, but Ship will stand out like and quarantine flare," OM said.
    Trent had Ship drop him off at isolated transit station.  From there he made his way to an entertainment center called The Ambler.   Trent walked in and a stood in line of beings waiting to be assisted.
    "May I help you?" a young female asked.
    "I have come to relax and experience some stress relieving entertainment.  And do you accept gold as payment?" Trent answered.
    "Gold?  I don't think so.  I will ask the manager," said the young lady as she walks away.
    "Say, a, did I hear you say something about having some gold?" asked a large well-dressed gentleman.
    "Yes.  I operate an interstellar freighter.  Gold seems to be the most commonly accepted exchange material," Trent replied.