"As it happens, I would be interested in your gold, if it comes from another planet that is," the well-dressed gentleman said.
    "This came from a nebula 400 or so light years from here," Trent replied as he held out his had with four small wafers of gold.
    "Marvelous.  Simply marvelous.  How much of this gold do you have?" the same man asked.
    "This is it.  Nought enough?" Trent queried.
    "Well not exactly," the man replied as he walked away.
    A moment later the young lady returned with the manager, he looked at the gold then told Trent to order whatever he liked all night.
    "Thank you," Trent said.
    The young lady led Trent to a table close to the stage.  Throughout the night Trent was inundated with young ladies seeking his company, and men seeking his monetary contributions.  At closing time Trent felt as though he had found a new dimension.  When he arrived at the transit port to meet Ship, he reduced that which he had eaten and drank into plasma and dissipated it into the surrounding atmosphere.
    "Refreshing," Trent thought to OM.
    "That would be the good news.  The bad news is three beings followed you," OM stated.
    "Do that intestinal distress thing again," Trent ordered.
    "Done," OM replied.
    "How much longer until Inom opens?" Trent asked.
    "One hour and three minutes," stated OM.
    "Well then let's analyze the local architecture." Trent said as he began walking.
    "There are newer structures five sections to the left," OM said.
    "I seem to be drawn toward these older designs.  They have more character.   More workmanship.  More care and effort went into making them," Trent replied.
    A couple turned the corner and said, "Nice night,"
    "Yes, it is a nice night," Trent answered, watching them continue down the walk.
    Trent continued walking well into daylight.
    "Brandon Newn has arrived at his office," OM said.
    "Time to solve the problem on Glittia," said Trent.
    Ship delivered Trent to the mezzanine of Brandon Newns office.  There was no room for Ship to land, so Trent had made a ten-foot jump.  Mr. Newn and two secretaries seen Trent make the jump.
    "Call security!" Mr. Newn ordered.
    One of the secretaries grabbed a communications device.
    "Block communications," Trent thought to OM.
    "Who are you?  What do you want?" Mr. Newn shouted.
    "You will stop your activities on Glittia.  You and Prigett Ol Amola will pay reciprocity to Glittians for their labors and the lithium you have taken.  I have left a prob on Glittia to ensure compliance.  Anyone interfering with this directive will parish," Trent demanded.
    "Is that all?" Mr. Newn said, then laughed.
    "Slice and dice that statue in the corner," ordered Trent to OM.
    Mr. Newn stopped laughing.
    "How did you do that?" Mr. Newn asked.
    "I have not lament dicing you.  Now contact Prigett Ol Amola and begin your restitution.  I will return check on your progress.  And do not underestimate my monitor.  It is capable of frying your solar system in an instant," Trent stated.
    Trent then walked back on the mezzanine and jumped up to Ship.
    "Mr. Newn is examining two pieces of that stature," OM said.
    "Can you slice them from here?" Trent asked OM.
    "I can try," OM replied.  A moment later OM added, "Oops."
    Trent smiled, but said nothing.
    "Direction?" OM asked.
    "Let's give them a week.  In the meantime, let's find some other grief.  Should not take more than five seconds.  There is an unexplored crystal cavern forty-five minutes to the left.  A methane ocean planet two hours to the right,"  Trent interrupted.
    "let's try that.  Sounds interesting," OM finished with, "And a super nova in progress two days straight ahead."
    "Super nova it is," Trent decided.
    "There is a rather large commit in a trajectory that will cause it to impact with a planet that has an advanced industrial society," OM said.
    "Let's give it a nudge.  Where is the closest star?" Trent asked.
    "To out rear about three minutes," OM replied.
    "Okay, saved a planet.  Having a good day," Trent thought to OM.
    "I believe this is a close as we should get," OM stated.
    They came to a stop a light year from the nova.
    "Magnificent.  I had not thought of the color intensity before," Trent said.
    "This nova will fry the solar systems on the out fringe of the galaxy to the left, and will eventually destroy several hundred inhabited planets," OM said.
    "How long do they have?" Trent asked.
    "Unknown.  Depends on how violent this nova becomes," OM replied.
    "How can we solve this dilemma?" Trent asked.
    "There is no good solution.  Whatever we were to do would cause as much if not more disastrous outcomes," said OM.
    "Throughout the universe this scenario is playing out.  If one thing does not get you, another will," Trent said in worn voice.
    "There is a transport of some sort entering our field of reception," OM said.
    "Tourists?" Trent asked.
    "I cannot scan from here, but they will be destroyed during the next expansion.  Which will be within the next five to seven hours," OM said.
    "I guess we should enlighten them," Trent replied.
Ship set a course to the transport.
    "Hello!  My name is Trent.  Are you receiving me?" Trent asked.
    "Receiving.  How can we be of service?" a voice replied.
    "You are in inevitable danger.  You will not survive the next expansion," Trent answered.
    "Thanks for the prognostication, but we know what we are doing," the voice replied.
    "There are several more transports approaching from other directions," OM announced, then added "None of these transports have the capability to outrun the expansion."
    "Over ride their intercoms, and offer to evacuate anyone wanting to be rescued," Trent ordered.
    OM did as asked.  However, the only reply was unpleasant.
    "Can you cause a temporary shutdown of the propulsion systems?" Trent asked OM.
    "Yes," OM said.
    "We will tow them out of harm's way.  They will thank us later," Trent answered.