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    "We should make a complete scan.  I do not want to cause undue anxiety," Trent said.
    "The space port had many engineering faults.  It could not be maintained, lost orbit capability and hit a city called Jeea.  Jeea was a part of a country called Brocus, not involved with the space port project.  Brocus retaliated against Wynon, who built the space port, with non-nuclear weapons.  Wynon retaliated and after a twenty-two-year war there were few technological capabilities left.  They all agreed on the agrarian way of life.  Now, after two hundred years, they are all doing well.  There is nearly no crime, life expectancy is one hundred forty plus years and overall education is at a high level," OM stated.
    "Where should we land?" Trent asked.
    "There seems to be no landing protocol.  I suppose you just pick a spot," OM replied.
    Trent parked near the terminal.  At the doorway it was obvious the terminal was run down.  The electric doors did not work and were open.
    Trent walked towards a smaller building where he could see beings working.  Those who were working on a transport just outside of the building noticed Trent approaching and walked inside.
    Rather than creating a disturbance Trent went back to terminal.
    "Friendly," Trent thought.
    "Or cautious.  Perhaps they are afraid of something," OM thought back.
    "What do the log in these transport reveal?" Trent asked.
    "None of them are presently in operation," OM said.
    "Do they have fuel?" Trent asked.
    "I detect very low levels of combustible fuels, and no nuclear fuels," OM replied.
    "Apparently business is a little slow," Trent thought as he entered.
    Only a few businesses were open, and there was reception desk at the other end by the street exit. "Excuse me, could you direct me to a currency exchange or a company that will buy gold?" Trent asked.
    The lady behind the desk seemed surprised.
    "You're the first from off worlder that has come through here in years.  Where are you from?" she asked.
    "Loma Dena.  It is that way," Trent replied pointing to the left.
    "Ah.  Well, the only one I know of is on the other side of Cochna, but that's quit a way.  There's a city shuttle station about a block strait out the door, I'm sure one of those guys can help you.  That's one nice looking ship you got there, welcome to Lonon," she said.
    "Thank you," Trent replied, as he stepped through the doorway.
    Trent finally made an exchange for local currency after taking the shuttle around Cochan for two hours or so.  The upside was the driver pointing out the more interesting locations.
    "Finally, your lucky.  Where to now." the driver said as Trent got back into the shuttle.
    "That restaurant with the tower," said Trent.
    "Excellent choice sir," the driver replied.
    Trent was met at the door by a tall thin man wearing a black suit and tie.
    "I would like a table on the top floor please," asked Trent.
    As Trent gazed at the beach, ocean, and sunset he reminisced about Minn Beach, Cree, the Fotes, Hiret and the rest. Inevitably his thoughts focused on Ventan Siel.
    "Is everything alright sir?" the waitress asked.
    "Yes.  Fine," Trent then finished the meal.
     Trent thought just how tasty the meal was, the textures, aromas, the visual characteristics.  He thought of pirates and General Hemm.  He wondered if there are as many bad aspects to the universe as there are good ones.  He theorized the possibility of there being a balance. 
    "Will there be anything else sir?" the waitress asked.
    "Could you summon a shuttle for me?" Trent asked.
    The same shuttle pilot pulled up to the curb.
    "Well, were to now?" the pilot asked?
    "I would like to visit a working farm," Trent replied.
    "Farms in all directions," the pilot stated.
    "One with a diversity of crops and animals," Trent answered.
    "The Meltee place is something like that.  In fact, almost every farm is like that," the pilot said.
    They arrived at the Meltee farm, and were met with several animals making loud noises.
    "That will be all for today," Trent said to the pilot as he walked towards a house that had seen better days.
    A women met Trent as he stood at the steps leading to the porch.
    "What do you want?" the woman asked.
    "My name is Trent.  I am interested in experiencing life on a farm.  I would like to offer my help in exchange for that experience," Trent stated.
    "Yaa mean work for free?" the woman asked.
    " Yes. I will work for free," Trent replied.
    "Hum.  Ya wanna help someone for the experience try Mrs. Canosa.  She lost her husband about a year ago.  She could use the help," the woman said.
    Following the directions, Trent walked to the farm of Mrs. Canosa.  Trent could see a woman in a partially plowed field working on large machine.
    "Hello there," Trent said as he approached her.
    She stopped working on the machine and stared at Trent with a piercing silent gaze.
    Trent explained his offer.
    "I don't need no help.  Good day to you sir," Mrs. Canosa said in a sharp voice.
    "You might.  That machine you are working on for instance.  It cannot be fixed by employing the method you are using.  It is broken internally," Trent stated.
    "How ya know that?" she asked.
    "As I explained, I am not from this planet, and my technology is extensive.  The bearings worn to the point of being ineffective.  That engine requires many parts be replaced," Trent stated.
    "You got x-ray vision or somethin?" she asked.
    "Sort of.  Monitors are constantly emitting partials and energy waves that pass though nearly all matter.  My equipment registers the reactions between the matter in question and the particle and energy waves to provide a detailed view and analysis," Trent explained.
    "Right.  So, you can fix this thing?" she asked.
    "Yes, I could.  However, it is very old and inefficient. I would prefer to replace it for you," Trent offered.