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    "You would do that?" Mrs. Canosa
    "I am offering to help you.  I need no compensation.  I seek only a new experience.  A change of pace.  A fresh prospective," Trent replied.
    "Yeah.  Yeah, I got that.  Still, why me?" Mrs. Canosa asked.
    "You were referred to me by the first person I made to same offer to," Trent replied.
    "Look around.  The whole place needs a makeover.  Bannon died trying to fix it.  I'm ready to run away any moment.  I really can't see a way to make it work," Canosa stated.
    "Depends on your expectations.  This looks like a nice place to live," Trent answered.
    "I still owe over a hundred thousand amens.  My husband knew little about property values," said Mrs. Canosa.
    "Why not sell it then buy something that would work better for you?" asked Trent.
    "No one would buy for what I still owe," Mrs. Camosa stated.
    "I will buy it for enough to allow you to make another purchase, if you will let me experience the life style of this agrarian society," Trent offered.
    "It's a lot of hard work.  You feel up to it?" Mrs. Camosa asked.
    Trent grabbed the hitch on the back of the broken machine and lifted as if it were made of paper.
    "I seek the experience.  The cost is not an issue," Trent replied.
    "Ok.  You have a deal, and call me Laurna," Laurna said holding out her hand.
    They shook hands, and three days later Laurna was the proud owner of a property a hundred times the value of her old one.
    "I can't believe this is real," Laurna said looking over the fields from the porch of her new home.
    "I am glad you find this property to your liking.  We should start on obtaining the livestock you were taking about," said Trent.
    "Tomorrow will be soon enough.  Perhaps we could get some groceries.  You must be hungry.  In fact, I haven't seen you eat a thing," Laurna stated.
    "I do not require food.  Although I can eat if I wish," Trent said.
    "You are amazing.  How many beings are the like you out there?" Laurna asked.
    "I am the only one," Trent replied.
    "Is there any else I should know about you?" Laurna asked.
    "No.  Shall we obtain those groceries," suggested Trent.
    "I thought I seen a market just outside of the town on the way here," Laurna said as they waved to her transport.
    "Stop there," Trent said pointing to transport sales business.
    "You do need a transport.  Long ways from nowhere out here," Laurna said.
    "OM, which of these transports is the best," Trent thought.
    "The blue one at the end of the first row," OM stated.
    "Can I help you find fined something," the sales being said.
    "No.  We will take that one," Trent said.
    "Tremendous choice.  That is our best modal.  Let me tell you about some of the special feature," the sales being replied.
    After going over the fineries, the sales being asked about which payment plan they qualified for.  Trent paid for the transport in full.
    Trent looked at Laurna and said, "I did not want to risk not making it back."
    "Funny.  Your funny.  Thank you," Laurna said.
    When they began eating the meal Laurna had prepared Trent said, "There is no need to hold back.  You need only to state what you would like, and I will provide.  Like livestock and the machinery."
    "I just feel that you have done so much.  I can hardly believe all this is real," Laurna said.
    "The cost is nothing to me.  I could supply a cube of gold a thousand times the size of that storage structure.  Tomorrow we will get the equipment and livestock.  Plus, I will drill a well by those trees," Trent said, pointing to small grove of trees at the end of a white fence running alongside the first crop field.
    "Why there?" Laurna asked.
    "That is where the water is," Trent said with a smile.
    Laurna gave herself a playful slap on the cheek.
    "Can you tell if the is gold of fuel on this property?" Laurna asked is some enthusiasm.
    "There are no mineral deposits on this property worth thinking about.  The well is the next best asset on the property.  It will provide many time the water you ever need," Trent stated.
    "Nest best.  What is the best?" asked Laurna.
    "The dirt.  It is very rich in nutrients," Trent said.
    Laurna began to cry in an almost hysterical fashion.
    Trent stood up than bent over and put his arm around her.
    "What is wrong?" Trent said in a surprised voice.
    "Oh, nothing and everything.  I only wish Bannon could be here.  He tried so hard," Laurna sobbed.
    "You should get some sleep.  I will check property and make a list of things that are in need of repair," said Trent.
    Trent began the night fixing what he could.
    "OM, let's find someplace on this planet where we can get a few supplies," Trent thought.
    "Ship was going have to move anyway.  These salvage beings are getting a bit to friendly," OM thought back.
    A few minutes later Trent was on the other side of Lonon.  A few hours later Trent had hired a consultant and bought twenty large types of machinery, enough fencing to do the property several times, several herds of livestock and had transported them to Laurnas new property. Plus, he had most of the fencing up by the time Laurna awakened.
    Laurna could hear the sounds of animals coming from the yard just outside the front door and when she opened the door, she nearly fainted,  "Trent!" she yelled!  "Where are you? Trent!"
    In a flash Trent was there, "Yes.  You called?"
    "Wow.  How did you, where did you get all this stuff?" Laurna asked.
    "Remember, I do not need sleep," Trent answered.
    "I remember," Laurna said looking all around.
    "If there is anything you do not like or want, I kept the receipts," Trent stated.