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    "Seems like a lot of reinforcement just to haul a small transport," said one of the engineers.
    "It was hard to come by.  I would not like to lose or damage it," Trent replied.
    "Ah.  Well, this will hold even if the rest of the ship rips apart.  Here are the x-rays of the welds and stress tests," the entendre said handing Trent a folder.
    "Ship, set a course for Laberen.  I would like to see if circumstances have changed.  May be one of Ventans associates will be there.  OM, concentrate scans on Laberen.  With our new analysis capabilities, we might find something new," Trent ordered.
    Two days later Trent was completing a new scan of Ventans home planet and the planets he had gone to for surgery.
    "Your mental essence is saying the last intel on Ventan was from a transport company on Concia two years ago.  If you line it out, he has made a loop back towards Laberen," OM stated.
    "Find that transport and we just might obtain an up-to-date DNA sample," Trent said.
    "Analyzing," OM replied.
    "Is his company still functional?" Trent asked.
    "Yes, it is.  The same vice president, Dennlo Pipper, remains in charge.  His residence is listed as Fairmount Point.  That is Ventans mansion where he killed Cree and the others. There are now twenty enterprises listed as properties of Fairmount Enterprises," OM stated.
    "Map them out.  Let's see if they match his last know rout," Trent said.
    "Covering Laberen, Ossenta and Ambrit only one matches his rout.  It is an arms refurbishing facility called Fairmount Arms Repair on Ossenta.  There are several addresses listed for outlets.  In their advertising it is stated that they pick up and deliver anywhere any time.  Ossenta has no flight path record keeping, but receipts state a delivery on the same day he arrived.  That delivery was to Laberen for a company called Protection Inc. which is registered to Kiram C. Lemm. There is a being by that name listed by the military as one of Ventans security guards. Their electronic storage consists of utility billings," OM stated.
    "Check communications records.  Perhaps he used Protection Inc. as a relay point.  Check for new designations and increased activity," said Trent.
    "There are nine possibilities, but only one communicated with Locher Pharmaceuticals.  Locher Pharmaceuticals supplies chemicals for post operative DNA sequencing stabilizing supplements.
Deliveries from Locher Pharmaceuticals were made to Shore Line Resort, the Presidential Suite on sixty-three occasions," OM stated.
    "I will take a commercial transport to Shore Line Resort.  Ship, take me to Ossenta, then park well out of detection range.  OM, keep scanning while I do onsite reconnaissance," Trent said.
    Trent took a commercial transport from Ossenta to Laberen. Then a shuttle to Shore Line Resort.
    "I would like the best room you have for three days." Trent said to being at the front desk.
    "The Statesman is available.  The rate is twelve hundred aies a day," the man behind the desk replied.
    "Okay.  My employer will arrive tomorrow," Trent said as he paid.
    "My I ask who your employer might be?" the man asked.
    "She is in the entertainment business.  She would like privacy," Trent replied.
    The man nodded in assurance.
    "The Presidential Suite is at the other end of the hall." OM thought.
    "Assuming his new DNA has stabilized, would his RNA have changed?" Trent thought.
    "If his RNA has changed, he will not be anything like his original self.  Speaking of RNA changes, if you change yours the results are unknown.  However, changing his RNA is far beyond his access.  There are four beings in the Presidential Suite," OM thought.
    Trent went to Statesman Suite.  He walked round the rooms then out into the hallway.  He stood looking out the window at the ocean.
    "One of the occupants is watching you though the security screen of the Presidential Suite," OM thought.
    Trent walked over to the elevator without looking in the direction of the Presidential Suite.
    "One of the occupants is calling the front desk and inquiring about your identity," OM thought.
    "Not suspicious.  Beings who can afford a place like that would naturally like their security.  Can you scan for species?" Trent asked.
    "One could not be Ventan.  The others fit within reasonable parameters," OM thought.
    "Of cause," Trent thought.
    "There is a laser transmitter sending encrypted data to a ship in orbit.  That ship is sending the data to several enterprises known to belong to Ventan," OM thought.
    "What can we scan for that will single out Ventan?" Trent thought.
    "Perhaps there is some residual chemical signatures from the DNA stabilizing medicine.  It has been a long time sense his last dose so he will need to be in the open to conduct an effective scan," OM thought. 
    "Give one of the three possibilities a mild intestinal irritation.  If it leaves for the doctor by itself, it's not Ventan.  We only need to do it twice," Trent thought.
    A few minutes later one of the three left holding his stomach.
    "Is one of them wearing a lot of expensive jewelry or seems to be receiving attention from the others?" Trent asked.
    "There is one sitting on a couch that has not moved much.  It has been communicating with a hand set most of the time I have been observing him, but it has not apparent adornments of any kind," OM thought.
    "It might not be him.  But I will bet if it is not Ventan he knows where he is.  Tomorrow, he receives the intestinal distress.  No sense in raising suspicion.  Have you broken the transmission code?" Trent thought.
    "No.  Certain words and phrases have predetermined meanings," OM thought.
    The next day Trent sat on the beach with his eyes closed listening to the waves.  At midday it was time verify if Ventan was the being in the Presidential Suite.
    "OM, begin the intestinal distress on our suspect," Trent thought.
    A few minutes later one of the other beings in the room called the front desk and requested a doctor.