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    "If that were Ventan, I would think he would have asked for a specific doctor," Trent thought.
    "Perhaps he has survived the treatment well enough that he feels no need to be close to a specialist," OM thought back.
    "Still, these beings are acting like average medium income types.  Ventan must be insecure when it comes to his health.  Therefore, I feel this Presidential Suite setup is a ruse.  If this is a ruse, and Ventan is still running his businesses, how does he get directives to those businesses?  If this is the route for that activity, then there is an input method we have not detected.   Room service.  Scan the room service deliveries for communication devices, and stop the discomfort to our friend," Trent thought.
    "One of the covers on the try sitting on the dining table made of lead.  There is nothing remaining on the inside," OM said.
    "That would seem to be a delivery technic.  How often is there a delivery?" Trent asked.
    "There are no records available," thought OM.
    "Let's watch for special deliveries," Trent thought.
    The next morning a delivery of one small box of candy was made from Alm Candies.
    "The box contains a data transfer device," OM thought.
    "Where is the delivery transport now?" asked Trent.
    "At its point of origin, Alm Candies.  Which is next to a hospital on one side and a transport manufacturing company on the other," OM thought.
    "Sounds like a great place for Ventan.  What is inside Alm Candies?" asked Trent.
    "There are fourteen beings.  Any of which could be Ventan.  There is no machinery capable of producing candy.  There are several computer banks, seventy-two projectile and seven energy weapons.   There is a room with one being in it.  It is decorated like a typical office except for the amount of drugs on a shelf behind the desk a being is sitting at.  The majority of those drugs are primarily used for DNA stabilization.  The being behind the desk has detectable quantities of those drugs in its system," OM stated.
    "I believe we have found Ventan.  I am taking a shuttle to the hospital.  I will walk over the Alm Candies from there." said Trent.
    Ten minutes later Trent was standing at the front door of Alm Candies.  Thoughts of what he was going to do to Ventan flooded his mind.  The door was locked so he pushed it in.  The beings inside grabbed their weapons and began firing at Trent.
    "Render Ventan unconscious.  I do not want him going anywhere," Trent ordered, as the projectiles feel from his shielding to the floor, and the energy beams were absorbed.
    Several of the beings realized their weapons were of no use so they tried physical assault.  That proved to be a poor judgement.  Trent through them aside with lethal force.  The others dropped their weapons and raised their hands.  Trent walked past them.  As he did one snatched up his weapon and fired.
    "Stop their hearts," Trent ordered and they fell to the floor.
    Trent walked into the office where the being he suspected of being Ventan Seil lay on the floor.
    "Ship, land at the front door of this building.  OM, contact the military and update them with emphasis on the computer banks at this location.  Advise I will keep this building secure until they can take possession," Trent ordered.
    Within a few moments Ship was at the front door.  Trent threw Ventan into Ship.
    "Ship, go back to the cargo vessel.  OM, keep Ventan unconscious," Trent ordered.
    "There are armed beings coming out of the transport manufacturing company on your present right side," OM thought.
    "There was considerable noise.  Provide them with the good old intestinal distress, and block all local communications," Trent ordered.
    "Several of them have notified the local authorities.  The military can have a transport here in three hours,"  OM stated.
    "Advise them of the approach of the local authorities," said Trent.
    "There are several beings with heavier weapons approaching.  Some are the local authorities," OM announced.
    "I would think there are a lot of beings who would not like these computers falling into the hands of the military.  Ship hover over this building and extend your shielding to protect it.  We should secure the paper records," Trent ordered.
    "OM, provide all beings within a mile with intestinal and visual difficulties and store the info in the computers for the military," said Trent.
    "If the cods are not on paper.  We will not be able to decipher most of these records," OM stated.
     "I am sure Ventan will provide any and all info required," Trent said as he looked around.
    "There are two safes in Ventans office, and the lower level contains a very large quantity of precious metals, gems and currencies from one hundred and fourteen countries," OM said.
    Trent ripped the safes open for the military.
    "One of the beings with a heavy weapon fired it as he doubled up.   He killed three of his companions," OM announced.
    "Good on him," Trent replied.
    "A Captain Donaous is overhead.  He is descending in an armored transport," OM said.
    "Ship, let the Captain land then return the cargo ship and deposit Ventan on the floor in docking bay (A} then return.  OM, notify me if anything heads in the direction of the cargo ship," Trent ordered.
    Trent met Captain Donaous at the front door then showed him the safes and basement.
    "This ends an era.  Ventan was one of the worst beings in our recorded history.  Speaking of which, were is he?" asked the Captain.
    "I am taking him back to Loma Dena.  I will bring him back if the circumstance merit it," Trent said.
    "I can't stop you.  And, I suppose you deserve first crack.  Very well.  Good luck Trent.  We'll take it from here," The Captain gave Trent a solute, then ordered his troops to secure the building.
    "OM, advise Pace we are returning with Ventan.  Ship, plot a course to the next planet that will have food for our guest.  I do not want to create a spectacle," Trent ordered.