"Disconnect, we did this before.  Let's try a military first contact.  Do they have a navy?" asked Trent.
    "Yes, they do," OM replied.
    "How about a something out of the way.  Who is their highest-ranking officer at sea?" Trent asked.
    "I believe it is Aombit Iro.  He is on a vessel with an abundance of landing space.  The vessel is several hundred miles from the nearest land mass," OM stated.
    "Try and open a communications link with him," Trent asked.
    "She has a portable device in her pocket, and it is buzzing," said OM.
    "Iro," she said.
    "Hello, my name is Trent.  I would like to make contact," Trent said.
    "Who are you, and how did you get this number?" Iro asked in an annoyed tone.
    "As I stated, my name is Trent.  I scanned your device for the number, and I am ten thousand miles directly above you.  If you look up, I will produce a bright blue light.  OM, block all outside communications just in case this does not go well.  There is no sense in starting a panic.  Ship, bright blue thrusters please," said Trent.
    "How are you doing that, and what do you want?" Iro asked.
    "I am from a neighboring system which is now slightly connected to yours.  I thought this first contact should be with a military officer," Trent said.
    "First contact?  Do not call this number again," Iro stated in a very stern voice as she checked caller ID.  She turned to her communications officer and said, "This phone is compromised.  Check this out see if you can find out who just called me," she said as she shook her head in frustration.
    "OM can you focus an audible transmission near her without damaging anything?" Trent asked.
    "At this distance it would be of poor quality," said OM.
    "Me again.  This is not a prank.  I am from another planet in another system.  I will land, with your permission, on the flat part of your vessel." Trent stated.
    "Ok, do it," she said looking around for the source of the voice.
    "Ship, decouple from the cargo ship.  We will land as we have been given permission.  Captain Iro, am landing in five seconds," Trent transmitted.
    "That's Admiral Iro," Admiral Iro said looking around once again for the source of the transmission.
    Ship gradually descended to the deck.  The entire crew stood behind the closest protection, and those with weapons drew them.
    "Ship, keep shielding at thirty feet, and give it a sheen," Ordered Trent as he opened the he opened the hatch and stepped on to the vessel.
    Trent and Ship were immediately surrounded by armed personnel. 
    "You are Trent?" being called from an upper deck.
    "Yes, I am.  You must be Admiral," Trent said with a quarter bow.
    The Admiral made her way to the deck.
    "This is some kind of force field.  We will not harm you," she said holding out her hand.
    "You never know how beings will react to something new and potentially dangerous," Trent replied.
    "Are you dangerous Trent?" the Admiral asked.
    "No.  I am here to help," Trent said.
    "Would you accompany me to the officer's hall?" Admiral Iro.
    "Thank you," Trent answered.
    They made their way through the vessel to a well-fortified room.
    "Please have seat.  Would you like something to drink?" the Admiral asked.
    "No thank you," replied Trent.
    "Tell me something about where you come from," asked the Admiral.
    Trent gave the Admiral a brief description of the Ree and the alliance and the Great Corridor.  He did not say anything about himself feeling it might make her uneasy.
    "When will others arrive?" the Admiral asked.
    "Several hundred thousand to a million years or so," Trent stated.
    "That is quite a long time.  How is it you have crossed this vastness?" Admiral Iro asked.
    "My transport is a prototype.  There will be no others for several thousand years.  Even then there would be only small transports similar to mine," stated Trent.  He then explained the gravitirium process.
    "Can you prove you are from this other formation?" she asked.
    "I can down load my activities from leaving Loma Dena to this point, or as much as you have storage for.  Plus, I will provide you the processes for making many vaccines and other medicines.  You might have to adapt them to your chemistry, but that should not be that difficult.  Plus a few energy production methods," Trent offered.
    "How much storage would you need to do that?" asked the Admiral.
    "How much storage do they have?" Trent thought to OM.
    "Very little.  I suggest using what they have for technical info," OM thought back.
    "My instrumentation indicates you have very little storage capacity.  So, I will use as much as you will allow for technical material," Trent stated.
    "You can detect things like that?" asked the Admiral.
    "Based on the technology associated with vessels at this stage of development," Trent replied.
    "Lieutenant, see how much storage we can spare," she commanded.
    The lieutenant saluted and proceeded and ordered.
    "Would you agree to meet with our heads of government now?" the Admiral asked.
    "Of course.  I do not know if my presence will be of help or hindrance, but I believe knowledge of what is coming is better than a sudden surprise.  We could go to them in my ship if you like.  It would make quite an entrance," Trent answered.
    "I will make the arrangements.  In the meantime, would you like a tour of my ship?" The Admiral asked.
    "Perhaps I could go on deck for a question-and-answer session," said Trent then he thought, "OM allow open communications."
    "Competed," OM responded.
    "Lieutenant, see to it," the Admiral ordered.
    Once on deck Trent found everyone on board had questions.
    "Your question," Trent said pointing to a sailor with a multiple decoration.
    "How do we know if you are here as a friend or an enemy?" the sailor asked.
    "I do not know how to assure you I am here as a friend.  If you think of a solution please speak out.  And your question sir," Trent said pointing to another sailor.
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