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    The Admiral appeared on an upper deck.
    "Our Secretary of Defense thinks I have been drinking, but he will arrange an appointment with our King.  And Major Kemip does have a good question.  How do we know you are who you say you are?" the Admiral asked.
    "We could start with a quick trip to your moon if the Admiral would like?" Trent suggested.
    "I can't leave the ship.  Would you mind taking Commander Elett?" the Admiral asked.
    Trent made a this way motion with his hand, and the Commander advanced toward Ship.
     "We will need a container of some sort to bring back a sample, and a bag just incase the Commander requires one.  Sea lags are not the same as space lags," Trent said.
    They returned an hour later with the Commander hugging the jar of moon dirt, making hooting sounds and grinning from ear to ear.
    "I assume you made it Commander," said the Admiral.
    "Yes, we did.  We did indeed," said the Commander, holding the jar over his head as he made his way to the Admiral through a sea of sailors trying to get a look at the jar's contents.
    "Your scheduled to meet King Amsor immediately.  The Commander can direct you to the proper location.  And I hope we meet again," the Admiral said.
    The Commander couldn't wait to get back into Ship.
    "This is a day I will remember," the Commander said holding his clenched fists tightly to his chest.
    "Direct away Commander," said Trent.
    "Oh, a, that way," the Commander said pointing a bit to the left with one hand and waving to the crew with the other.  He suddenly shouted, "Stop!  Can we take a bottle of moon dirt to the King?" asked the Commander.
    "Sure," Trent agreed.
    "Someone bring me another bottle.  The King should have some moon dirt," he shouted at the crew.
    When they got to the moon Trent scooped up another jar of moon dirt.
    "There you go.  One jar of moon dirt for the King," Trent said to the Commander, then thought to OM, "What is the name of this planet and where is the power?" Trent asked.
    "Klemet.  And there are forty-two other countries.  None of which have democratically elected heads of state.  There are no major conflicts at the moment, and they all have roughly equal military and technical capabilities.  There is no common body of interface," OM replied.
    "What protocols are there when meeting your king?" Trent asked.
    "You, stand at attention, and speak only when replying to a question," said the Commander.
    "Are there tensions between the kingdoms?" Trent asked.
    "Now and then.  But now resources are getting used up.  There will be conflicts.  Mostly from the kingdoms of Quy, and Limm.  They have the highest populations," the Commander replied.
    "That would be the message I will emphasize.  In every war that I am aware of there have been three causes.  One resources, two religion and three politics," Trent stated.
    "There have been many wars.  Nothing serious for a two hundred years or more.  What kind of technology are you going to offer us?" the Commander asked.
    "Nothing that could be used as a weapon.  Medical and science advancements only," Trent said to the Commander.  Then he thought to OM, "As my presence become common knowledge state my intentions to meet with each kingdom individually and provide each with the same technology.  I want them all to know they are being treated equally."
    "Understood," OM thought back.
    "Demont will be coming up a little to the right.  The Kings Court is about fifty miles from there.  What's it like traveling around the universe?" asked the Commander.
    "After a while, all places seem the same.  I meet different beings who could just as easily be next door as to a billion light years away.   Physically they vary, but the fundamentals are basically the same," Trent replied.
    "There!  Down there," the Commander pointed to a large typical castle structure.
    Trent landed next to a row of motorized vehicles.  Some of stunning design.
    "Here comes the greeting party," the Commander stated.
    Several hundred beings were descending on them from several directions.
    "Ship, put up a thirty-foot visible shielding," Trent thought.
    The Kings honor guard made their way through the crowd, and escorted Trent and the Commander to the Kings court.
    "Very impressive," Trent said looking at the high ceilings covered with ornate artistry.
    "The whole castle is like this.  For thousands of years artisans have worked day and night.  Note the uniforms.  All that embroidery is real gold thread," the Commander stated.
    At the end of the hall were two great doors twenty feet high and covered in gold and jewels.  They opened into the Kings court room which was equally lavished.
    "This is by far the most impressive chamber I have seen," Trent said as he gazed around at the opulence penetrating all of the senses.
    There seemed to be a sea of beings trying to get close to Trent, but the honor guards kept them at a distance.
    "Your very popular." a member of the honor guard said as he pushed against the crowd.
    "At the moment anyway," Trent said.
    Then the trumpeters lining the terrace around the ceiling announced the entrance of the King.
    "King Amsor now present!  All bow!" shouted a being dressed like a king himself.
    King Amsor was dressed in white, with no gold, crown or gems.
    "All rise!" shouted the same being after the King had been seated.
    The King motioned for Trent to step forward.
    "I am told your name is Trent, and that you are from another part of the universe.  Is this true?" King Amsor asked.
    "Yes, it is, a Highness," Trent replied.
    "Please tell me about yourself, and why you have come to Heren?" asked the King.
    Trent gave the King a short synopsis.
    "I am also told you wish to provide us with technology which far exceeds our own.  What is the nature of this technology?" the King asked.