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    "They will spot me and we will need to retreat just like at the Lazy Wind," Trent said.
   "Have you interacted with yourself sense you've been back?" Pace asked.
   "Yes.  I update with myself on a regular basis.  The part of me in the Great Corridor is far denser than I am here, but here I am gaining in density.  In the meantime, I spend a lot time talking and thinking to my other self.  We have some very interesting discussions especially when I disagree with myself," Trent said with smile.
   "I never thought of you as being more than one entity.  Must be interesting having so many perspectives.  On that subject, Grid #3 hasn't detected your essence for five hundred years or so," Pace replied.
   "I should search for my beginning," suggested Trent.
   "Before you takeoff there's the item Dr. Mollaty left for you," Pace stated.
   They went to a storage room where Dr. Mollatys technical belongings were stored.
   "We felt that most of this stuff had something to do with you, so we kept it till you got back.  This was tagged for you," Pace said, standing in front of what looked like a gold hat rack with a nine inch ball balanced on a six inch thick pipe about five feet long with a dinner plate base.
   "Just what I needed.  Is there a manual?" asked Trent.
   "No instructions," replied Pace.
   "OM, what do you make of this gizmo?" Trent thought.
   "It has an interface designed specifically to us.  If you will stand back, I will attempt to activate it," OM stated.
   Trent made a motion to Pace to move back.
   "What," Pace said.
   "OM is going to try and activate it," replied Trent.
   "Dr. Mollaty called it a multi-functional utility.  Initiating," OM thought.
   It spun around than stopped.  Four quad jointed arms unfurled.  Two had pincer type tips that focused down to be visually imperceptible.  One had multiple grasping hand like structures.  The fourth had a plain one-inch multifaceted tip.  Those arms closed and four more unfurled from the bottom.  Each of those arms had ten finger like ends.  It began walking around on two of them then stopped.  The ball on top separated into two sections, then into four and finally the top half folded back like a lid and several dozen very small moving parts popped up, spun and extended in all directions.
   "I am impressed.  What does it do, exactly." Trent asked out loud adding, "Answer so Pace can hear."
   "It can perform surgery at a molecular level.  It can hover or walk, and direct energy at many levels," OM stated
   "Handy.  I want one," Pace stated.
   "There is only a basic memory capability, mostly because it is designed for interface.  It can store enough energy to, at Loma Dena gravity intensity, hover for a few hours or walk for a few hundred miles on a level field, but it can use energy relay instantly.  The energy beam, as a tool or weapon, must be a relay.  It has personal shielding capability like Ships, only it requires energy relay as well," stated OM.
   "There's this thing," Pace added, holding a heavy disk about four inches thick.
   "It scans as an unfinished energy collection and conversion device.  I assume it fits on the dish base," stated OM.
   "Can you complete it?" Trent asked.
   "Unknown," replied OM.
   "I think you should name this new device." Trent said looking at Pace.
   "How about Handy.  It seems like it could be quite handy to have around," stated Pace.
   "Handy it is," Trent declared.
   They took the device to Ship, then made the rest of the scheduled meetings.
   "Somehow, I feel as though I should be doing more.  Helping in some way," Trent said to Pace as he walked toward Ship.
   "Following you through the universe is doing a lot.  You can't imagine how many beings watch the transmissions.  You're a real celebrity.  Beings from all over the place live vicariously through your activities.  They can't travel or do any of the things you can, but they wish they could.  Especially me.  Maybe by the time you get back this way I'll be able to travel with you for a while.  Speaking of which when are you leaving?" Pace asked.
   "Now is good," Trent said looking at several beings headed toward himself and Pace.
   "Well, be well.  I'll be watching," Pace stated as she gave Trent a good by hug.
   Trent entered Ship and was on his way.
   "Ship let's collect the cargo vessel and head out to find my point of origin.  OM, select the best prediction made as to my path to point of origin," Trent commanded.
   "Done.  Would have a lot easier if there were still reception of your mental essence," OM stated.
   "There should be concentrated patches of my mental essence here and there.  Like a tail of foot prints," Trent suggested.
   "Of course.  Probes extent over seven hundred billion light years in the general direction we should travel, so we should be able to make good time," OM stated.
   "Wake me when something of interest shows up," thought Trent.
   It was three hundred years and three days before something of interest came along.
   "Trent.  Time to wake up," OM announced.
   "What we got?" Trent replied with one eye open.
   "Part of your mental essence is concentrated around this planet," stated OM.
   Ship was parked in orbit around a large frozen planet in a small solar system.
   "Ship, drop forward shielding and take a path around this planet so we can collect some of my mental essence.  Be prepared to initiate shielding if necessary," Trent thought to Ship.
   "Complying," Ship answered.
   Ship flew around the planet several times.
   "I am not sensing a significant increase in my mental essence," Trent thought to OM.
   "The increase in small, but it is an increase.  I am not sure it was dense enough to maintain memory," OM stated.
   "Ship, on we go.  OM, wake when necessary," Trent thought.