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   "Stop the man's pain, but keep track of him.  If he gets near another animal initiate the intestinal dilemma," ordered Trent.
   "I will.  Now if you look to your right, you will see two gang like men watching you," OM said.
   "Let them be unless they become unfriendly.  What is up a head?" asked Trent.
   "Between you and the next village there are five beings on the road," OM stated.
   "This seems like a repeat," Trent thought as he walked.
   "Planets at stage of development provide pretty much the same scenarios," OM replied.
   Trent raised himself with his shielding and made it to the next village is a few minutes.
   "How many beings seen me?" Trent asked.
   "None.  Those who could have developed a sudden sneezing attack.  They are better now," OM replied.
   "So, what do we have here," Trent thought looking over the village.
   "One gang seems have claimed this village as theirs.  They take whatever they want from villagers whenever they want it.  That includes sex, money and property.  Their primary choice of residence is the hotel two blocks straight ahead.  There are fourteen of them inside and one outside," said OM.
   Trent entered a building with a sign that inferred in served food.
   "You like this or this?" said a lady holding two papers with hand drawn pitchers meant to represent the meals offered.
   "What type of currency do you accept?" Trent asked.
   "Currency?  What that?" she asked.
   "You give me food, I give you something." replied Trent.
   "Oh.  What you got?" she asked.
   "Will this do?" Trent asked as he pulled a gold tab from his pocket.
   "Is that gold?  I not see gold for long time.  Yes, yes that do fine," she exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen area to show the cook.
   "I forgot, which would you like?" she asked from the kitchen.
   "Either.  I am not picky," Trent replied.
   After a short wait she returned with a plate of something that was possibly eatable.
   "Eat up quick before the Rammer's come." she said in a whisper.
   "Rammer's?" asked Trent.
   "Rammer's.  Rammer's take your stuff.  Rammer's hurt.  Rammer's stop life," she said in the same whispering voice.
   "Perhaps I should pay these bad beings a social call," Trent said in a whispering voice.
   "No, no, no.  They hurt you," said the cook.  He added, "you should eat.  Live."
   Trent looked down at the plate and side, "I never pay a social call on a full stomach.  Give it to the next being though the door.  Say it is on me."
   Trent walked out the door and down the sidewalk to the hotel the Rammer's had taken over.
   "Hi there.  My name is Trent," said Trent to a being sitting on the steps.
   "So," He replied.
      "Well, I thought you should get out of this village.  Right now," stated Trent in a firm voice.
   At first he laughed.  Then he stood and approached Trent in a menacing manner.
   "You die!" he shouted as he tried to club Trent over the head with a pipe.
   The pipe bounced of Trent shielding.  He tried again and again with the same results.
   "Come see.  Hear me?  Come see," he yelled to his friends.
   One by one the filed out of the hotel and surrounded Trent.
   "I have been in this exact situation before, and it ends badly for you," said Trent.
   Stepping forward one of the gang said, "I just to say same. "
   They all began to try and hit Trent with their crude weapons.  Soon they were on the ground screaming.  Trent looked up and there in one of the windows stood another member of the gang.  Trent entered the building to confront him.  Halfway up the stairs Trent was met with a fire bomb.
   "You need to join your friends," Trent said as he walked through the fire. 
   Trent pushed him though the wall.  He fell to the street below where his associates were curled in pain.  A few members of the village gathered around the gang members, and began attacking with the weapons they had used on them.
   "History repeats again," Trent thought to OM.
   "Should I terminate the rest of this planets gang members?" OM asked.
   "We have interfered enough," replied Trent.
   "How we thank you!  Please!" said one of the villagers.
   "No thanks required.  Now if you will excuse me, there are other gangs to attend to.  If anyone asks, tell them Trent was here," Trent said waving goodbye.
   "Are there beings working in a positive direction?" Trent thought to OM.
   "Several.  The one with the highest interact is four thousand miles to the west," OM stated.
   "Ship, I need a ride if you would," Trent thought to Ship.
   "Who are we going to visit?" Trent asked.
   "Copa Klin.  She has a small group of like-minded beings who have given many speeches and written a great deal on democratic governments and economies," OM thought.
   A few minutes later Trent was knocking on Copa Klins front door.
   "Help you?" asked a small male of advanced age.
   "I am here to see Copa Klin.  Is she here?" Trent asked.
   "Yes, she is.  Who be you?" he asked.
   "My name is Trent," replied Trent.
   "Wait," the old man said as he shuffled away.
   Soon a slightly younger woman came to the door.
   "Help you?" she asked.
   "I have come to offer my assistance if you would like," Trent answered.
   "What you do?" she returned.
   "I have knowledge of democratic government and social structure, the sciences and fiscal networks for starts," said Trent.
   "We like to hear opinions.  You have opinion on where to build new government?" she asked.        
   "First, we need a map showing where the population centers are, the food production locations, water systems and environmental conditions.  After that we start refining the systems to facilitate as many people as possible," sated Trent.
   "Sounds simple.  No maps.  No counting of living.  No one lead all.  Many gangs, villages and camps," replied Mrs. Klin.
   "I can provide those things.  All of you must have a say and be able to participate in how your planet is governed," Trent insisted.