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   "I was designed by Dr. Mollaty to be integrated into OM if you would like," stated Handy.
   "I will leave that decision to OM," Trent replied.
   "Why did you wait until now to communicate with us?" asked Pace.
   "Other than OM trying to complete my construction, I was not activated," Handy replied.
   "What more can we do to complete your construction?" asked Trent.
   "OM, download file cc3ccTrent.  There you will find schematics of the components Dr. Mollaty has not yet completed," Handy said.
   "Dr. Mollaty died.  I can only try to complete your construction.  Why did you not advise me before now?" asked OM.
   "Only a command from Trent could open my verbal interaction components.  Dr. Mollaty had a security protocol," Handy replied.
   "The components in these files are very complex.  Perhaps together we can complete your construction, but I will not guarantee success," OM said.
   "I do not know why Dr. Mollaty did not provided instructions," Handy stated.
   "He didn't know he would not be able to complete you," Pace said as she studied the parts of the warship.
   "This use of gravitirium is highly inefficient.  There are small strands placed intermittently with titanium, tungsten and few other elements." Handy stated.
   "Seems they had insufficient ability to produce gravitirium to meet their needs.  Trying to do a lot with a little," said Pace.
   "Still, what would be the point in producing a warship shaped like that?" OM asked.
   "At top efficiency, who far could this thing have traveled?" asked Trent.
    "Ten or so million light years.  However, the deterioration of its shell suggests it has only been is open space long enough to make it half that far," stated OM.
   "Best possible points of origin?" asked Pace.
   "Two galaxies and an unknown number of solar systems.  Probe 88n3 is an older modal which eliminates stored data every one hundred years, so there are no records of possible flight paths of the warship.  If it is a warship," stated OM.
   "If?" asked Pace.
   "Perhaps it was designed as a boarder security device, or pest control.  There is no knowledge of other cultures in this region.  Whoever built it may consider all other life form to be vermin, or out the get them if you know what I mean," said OM.
   "The Veehee are like that.  Even after four hundred years as members of the alliance they still look down on all other cultures." Pace stated.
   "Who ever built the device is the closest civilization to the Ree on record.  Maybe they are distant relatives.  They must certainly be as old as the Ree to have developed gravitirium," Trent said.
   "Or, they bought the technology from someone, or just got it from a link.  We have always shared all our knowledge openly.  Still, It would take a billion years of construction to make the superstructure necessary make the base prerequisite mechanics to begin the manufacturing of simple gravitirium parts.  All and all a culture would need to devote one and a half billion years or so to project.  Plus, there has never been an indication of another civilization even one tenth the age of the Ree," said Pace.
   "Here is something.  There is binary impression stamped on a part.  Before you ask, there is no way of knowing what it means," said Handy.
   "The zero and one are in universal?" Trent asked.
   "Yes," Handy replied.
   "While I'm thinking about it, you've dropped to number two as a topic of conversation. Now the most discussed is the warship made of gravitirium, and the possibility of another Ree is big," Pace mentioned to Trent.
   "Crushed, just crusted," Trent answered shaking his head.
   "The radiation damage is too grate.  Perhaps the laboratories on Loma Dena can retrieve some information," suggested Handy.
   "If it is possible, how long could it take you complete Handy?" Trent asked OM. 
   "Unknown," replied OM.
   "Have you designed a device for Pace to be able to hear you?" asked Trent.
   " Yes.  Handy, can your micro pincers handle an implant in Paces cerebellum?" OM asked Handy.
   "What!" Pace said with elevated voice.
   "Yes, I am capable us such surgery," Handy replied.
   "No. No. No chance of that," Pace stated.
   "There is a fifty to sixty percent chance of there being absolutely no complications," Handy stated.
   "Oh.  Well in that case, no, absolutely not, no way," snapped Pace.
   " I will try and find an alternative solution if you are certain you wish to avoid the cerebellum implant," OM stated.
   Pace made a growling like noise.
   "Alternative in progress," said OM.
   "Shall we send this warship to Loma Dena?" asked Trent.
   "Sure," Pace replied.
   "We can use Ship to take it to ten times light speed, then let it drift.  They can intercept it on the other end," Trent suggested.
   "I'll send a message with instructions," said Pace
   "Code it.  You never know who else might wont it.  Like whoever built it," stated Trent.
   "Here's a thought.  That might be a good ploy.  Get them to send a message," Pace suggested.
   "It has been in flight for one hundred thousand years, so I doubt who ever sent it remembers it.  Which leads me to believe it was a pre-programed boundary patrol ship," OM proposed.
   They enclosed the warship in Ships shielding then set it adrift toward Loma Dena as previously discussed.
   "Inasmuch I have not encountered an indication of the warships existence until now, and it was headed in the direction it was, we might want to look in that direction," said Trent pointing in the general direction of a star beyond probe 88n3.
   "OM, your opinion please," Pace said.
   "That direction is the most likely if it was not headed to its home base," OM replied.
   "You could check out that direction, and I could check out the other," suggested Pace.
   "No.  I am not letting you roam off by yourself until I am sure that process and your transport is safe," stated Trent.
   "OM, how far would Pace get before encountering a fatal impact if she went in the same direction the warship was going?" Trent asked.