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   "This is my partner Senna," stated Mr. Lu.
   Pace and Trent gave her a bow.
   "We much the same.  You short on oxygen.  How distant have you come?" Igrom Lu asked.
   "Thousands of light years, but if you do not mind, we have an immediate problem. My associate requires nourishment.  Is there a supply depot near here?" Trent asked Mr. Lu.
   "There close supply on Lummet.  About one tenth light year away.  There.  Follow other transports that way," Mr. Lu pointed at a star.  Then he asked someone to bring some of their rations to Pace.
   Pace stood at the table munching on the brown chips acquired on Heptom.
   "Pull up some images of Loma Dena," thought Trent.  He then said to Mr. Lu, "This is our home planet Loma Dena."
   Mr. Lu said, "Looks like the planets in our region of place."
   A crew member from Mr. Lu's transport walked toward Pace and handed her several packets, then offered several to Trent who declined the offer saying he was not hungry.
   "This stuff is great.  What is it?" Pace asked.
   "I not know.  They will not tell us.  For the best they say," Mr. Lu said turning his head so Pace could not see him smile.
   Pace did not pause her consumption of the whatever it was.
   "How you speak our words?" Mrs. Lu asked.
   This led to the usual hour of exchanges and pleasantries.
   "What we seek is the source of this thing we call a warship," Trent said motioning to the monitor.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lu moved closer to the screen.
   "Warship?  Looks not like warship," said Mr. Lu.
   Pace gave Mr. Lu a brief rundown on the warship.
   "I not see myself, but hear of large toys made somewhere in the Neevous system.  The system where you can supply at Lummet," said Mr. Lu.
   "Who is the most advanced civilization in this region?" Pace asked.
   "That be the Waklon.  They not have much interaction.  Go past Neevous system to the Ulalt system.  The beacon at 893.3 transmits the position of debris and meteorites," Mrs. Lu stated.
   "Thank you for seeing us on your ship, need to resume our journey.  Have a successful journey of your own," said Mrs. Lu and they boarded their transport with a smile and a wave.
   "Don't wake me until we're parked in front of the supply depot," Pace said climbing into the transport for stasis.
   "OM, what are we heading into?" Trent thought.
   "Based on the files from the Lu's transport and the preliminary scans is the Waklon do not invite company, nor do they reach out to others.  Something of a closed society as Mrs. Lu inferred, and there is no reference to gravitirium or substances of similar nature." said OM.
   "Ship, When Pace is secure, to the supply depot on Lummet," thought Trent.
   Two hours later they were at Lummet.
   "That wasn't so bad, I'm not even hungry," Pace said climbing out of her transport.
   "There are several advanced transports, so we can take ship to the surface.  Pace, take a handful of gems along with some gold.  There is no way of knowing what we will need for currency.  OM, can you detect hostile activity?" asked Trent.
   "There are no hostile abilities which could be directed at us that we could not endure.  There are thousands of currency exchange services and supply depots," OM stated.
   "Direct Ship to the most suitable landing position," Trent commanded.
   "Wow, I'm falling!" Pack said as she fell forward.
   Trent caught her.
   "New here I see," said a woman ridding an electric scooter.
   "Yes, does this happen to everyone?" asked Trent who obvious not affected.
   "It's the high oxygen level.  You'll be fine," said the woman as she left.
   "OM, please check atmospheric conditions every time we enter a new environment.  Which way to the currency exchange?" Trent thought.
   "There is one across the street.  After you make an exchange the closest supply depot is back on this side one-half block to the right," OM stated.
   At the supply depot Trent asked OM to scan for compatibility.
   "There is nothing here which would harm Pace.  However, nutritionally speaking, you will need to ask me on each item you think looks appetizing," thought OM.
   It took three hours for Pace to stock the cargo ship.
   "You are still smiling," mentioned Trent.
   "Still oxygen drunk.  It's like floating in a laugh.  Find out anything about Waklon?" Pace replied.
   "Nothing new.  However, as a point of interest, there has not been a war between any of the civilizations in this interstellar communit,y.  Very peaceful beings," Trent commented.
   "Well we're stocked and ready to go," said Pace.
   "Then we are on our way," Trent replied.
   "There are many monitors between us and Waklon.  They apparently do not like surprise guests.  No indication of gravitirium as of yet," thought OM.
   "Continue at one tenth light speed.  No sense in sparking unwarranted concern," Trent thought.
   "There transmissions are primarily navigational in nature and in clear universal.  There are no warnings.  There are no hyper light speed transmissions, and none seem to be encrypted.  There has just now been a transmission stating our presents," stated OM.
   "Announce our intentions," ordered Trent.
   "It will be several months before they receive out transmission," OM replied.
   "I will be in stasis," thought Trent as he settled into his chair.
   "Trent.  There is a response to our message," OM said.
   "How long has it been?" asked Trent.
   "Three months and four days," OM replied.
   "How is Pace?" asked Trent.
   "She is fine,"  The Waklon's message states their sensors indicate we are capable of higher velocities and may approach initiating same, if we so desire.
   "That is a good indicator.  How long until we are at Waklon?" asked Trent.
   "One hour or less," OM answered.
   "Wake Pace, and request landing instructions.  Can you display video transmissions of any kind?" thought Trent.
   "This is an entertainment transmission.  I believe this is some kind of science fiction show," OM presumed.