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   "The special effects are very good.  Is there a channel staring the Waklon?" asked Pace.
   "This one is probably a drama," OM speculated.
   "Not all that different.  Find something with audio," asked Pace.
   "Too far out, and our velocity is too great.  We will slow down in around a half an hour," replied OM.
   "Search for something with wildlife," requested Pace.
   "If they know we have the ability to travel faster than we were and let us know they know, than it would seem they have some type of hyper light speed transmission abilities after all," thought Trent.
   "There were no such transmissions I could detect.  They most likely have sensors at Heptom.  Here is a channel with wildlife," stated OM.
   "They look like animals most everywhere.  The plants look the same as well.  Which one is the Waklon?" asked Pace.
   "This one is a political channel," thought OM.
   "Large ears, small eyes and kinda see through skin.  I understand why they keep to themselves.  Seeing beings' innards is unsettling, again, still," Pace Thought back.
   "There is a diplomatic transport hailing us," OM stated.
   "This is Trent.  You are welcome to board?" Trent asked.
   "That will not be necessary, but thank you.  I am Luik Apell.   Actually, we thought you might appreciate our executive docking and shuttle service.  Please follow," Mr. Apell stated.
   "Thank you, we will accept your offer.  We have gold for currency exchange, will that be sufficient?" asked Trent.
   "You are to be our quests.  You will not need currency," replied Mr. Apell.
   "Most gracious of you," Trent said.
   "You would accommodate us in a like manner, I'm sure.  First, we shall go the hall of representation.  There are many who would like to meet you Mr. Trent and your wife Mrs. Pace Trent, and help you on your journey to Hoyla," stated Mr. Apell.
   "I'm not sure we deserve such acknowledgment, and why Hoyla?" asked Trent
   "We have monitors from here to Heptom and beyond.  We are aware of your quest to locate the beings who make an essential material of the warships.  We would like to be your friends and friends of your civilization.  Therefore we will help you if we can," replied Mr. Apell.
   "I'm not Mrs. Pace Trent.  I am Pace Cree.  Trent and I are just longtime friends," Pace injected.
   "And I am just Trent," said Trent.
   "My apologies.  Our information seems lacking.  Coming up on docking station 1, if you have auto docking capability the frequency is 100-a," said Mr. Apell.
   "We do," replied Trent.
   After docking and making their way to the surface, where they were escorted to a huge building made of a green marble like material.
   "As we enter the main chamber a herald will announce you.  Then an escort will guide you to the front arena where the President will address you.  After the formal introduction and a few pleasantries, the escort will take you to one of the reception chambers where formalities are dropped, and everyone can be themselves," Mr. Apell explained.
   They entered the center doorway and continued down a hall lined with busts of apparently famous beings.  At the end of the hall were two massive doors adorned with designs made of several colors of gold.
   "Ventans doors were more impressive," Pace thought.
   "Always large fancy doors," Trend thought back.
   After the ritualized proceedings were over, they met in the President in the reception chamber for the usual exchanges of mundane historical and some none lethal technical information.  The President was discouraged to find the distances between his planet and Loma Dena were so great that commerce interchange would take thousands of years.  He did however order we be assisted in our quest to Hoyla and that we be given a guided tour of Waklon.
   "Perhaps on our way back we will have time to relax.  For now, we must concentrate on stopping the war machines," Trent said.
   "Of course.  In the mean time I will enjoy reading about your culture.  Barter, provide Trent and Pace with all the data we have on the Hoyla.  May your journey be successful," said the President, and the meeting came to an end.
   "These are the coordinates to Hoyla.  We find them to be serious in personality and squeamish in taste.  At least that is the consensus from our limited interaction, and I have a hard time believing the Hoyla are capable this producing this gravitirium substance if it is so difficult to manufacture.  They just don't give the impression of possessing extreme intelligence," stated Mr. Apell.
   "If they did not develop the technology themselves, they may have purchased it," Pace suggested.
   "Perhaps they are subcontracting.  One way to find out.  Thank you for your hospitality, and intel.  We will stop by if we come back this way," Trent added he and Pace entered Ship.
   Mr. Apell and a small audience of onlookers waved goodbye.
   "OM, the distance to Hoyla please," thought Trent.
   "Four-point one light years.  However, that space is reasonably clean so travel time should be short," replied OM. 
   "I liked Mr. Apell.  He seemed sensible." thought Pace.
   "You found him attractive.  We could go back there even if it is out of the way," Trent said with a smile.
   "I didn't find him attractive.  At least not in a personal way.  Stop smiling," Pace said as she slugged Trent on the arm.
   "Hard not to smile, and into the gel with you.  OM, give ship coordinates to Hoyla, and a time frame please," Trent thought.
   "Around one to four weeks is the most precise I can be, and there is a solar system on the way.  Should we make a stop," OM stated.
   "I suppose a quick study may be in our interest.  What does the background say," Thought Trent.
   "Not much.  There are no easily habitable planets," said OM.
   "Still, let's have look.  If the Hoyla are using it we can see what their actual capabilities are.  Wake me," Trent returned.