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"Is she alive?" asked Trent.
   "Unknown.   Her vitals could be too weak to register," OM replied.
   In a few seconds Trent terminated the Celder around Pace.  She was tied to a crude stretcher, naked, badly beaten, and burned.  There was also a collar which was obviously meant to be a lethal device.
   "Scan please," thought Trent.
   "Slide your hand under the front of the collar, hold the wire against the collar, and you can then sever it at any point," OM stated.
   Trent removed the collar, scooped her up, and in a flash had taken her to the cargo ship.
   "I can only sense very small blood movement," Thought Trent.
   "There are vary faint life signs.  Her Ree repair systems are working.  She will live.  Repair time approximately fifty hours.  She should be conscious in approximately forty hours.  External temperature should be ninety-eight degrees.  A liquid broth composition is on the monitor.  Her arm, leg, and finger bones must be set.  There is not much you can do about her ribs.  Handy can make a worm air suspension mattress to prevent contact with external materials.  Lighting should be dim.  Sound should be her favorite music plaid at low levels in two-hour intervals.  Her favorite perfume is Velvet Amber, which I am now constructing a sufficient quantity.  While the music is playing you should talk to her, perhaps currant updates and old times," OM stated.
   Trent and Handy complied with the directions stated by OM.
   "Pain.  What about her pain?" Trent thought.
   "Her Ree system will prevent the recognition of pain.  The psychological impact from this degree of torture has implications I am not capable of commenting on," said OM.
   "I will be outside training the Hoyla on the new weapons.  If it will not interfere with Pace, build some more monitors," Trent ordered.
   Trent gave the Hoyla a update on Pace, then began showing them how to use the new ordinance.  The Hoyla were mentally ready to fight, but were too physically diminished.  Besides, the most important activity at the moment was replenishing their numbers.  After a few minutes Trent told them rest for a few days, then they would go on a recruiting drive.
   "Trent, there is a being swimming toward the island," OM alerted.
   "I will provide a greeting," answered Trent.
   Trent stood on the shore watching the approach. 
   "Far enough.  Who are you, and what do you want?" asked Trent.
   "I'm Libbet Larason.  I came to volunteer because of what the Celder did to Pace.  There are many waiting in the woods nest to the outlet," said Libbet.   
   "Why did you make such a tough swim this time of night?" asked Trent.   
   "I couldn't wait, and I didn't think it was so far," Libbet replied, stile trying to catch his breath.  
   "OM, scan the area Mr. Larason mentioned," thought Trent. 
   "There are a large number of beings as he stated," OM answered.  
   Trent guided Mr. Larason to the center fire and introduced his those still awake.
   "I will contact your friends," Trent said as he boarded Ship.   
   There were a hundred and four Hoyla gathered around large fire.  Trent landed, introduced himself, and told them he would be back with a cargo ship to take them to the island.
   "Those Hoyla are hostages.  I will hover the cargo ship just over their heads and lift them up one at a time.  That way I should be able to safely separate them from the Celder.  While I am extracting the Hoyla you sterilize surrounding area," Trent said to OM.     
   "Mr. Larason, it seems that many of your group are Celder.  So, to make a long story short, they are holding you family hostage.  I will try and rescue them," Trent turned and entered the cargo ship. 
   Mr. Larason broke into inconsolable crying.
   "I will pull them through the small port near the aft compartments so we do not bother Pace," thought Trent.
   An hour later Trent returned with hostages, and no Celder.
   Mr. Larason ran to the cargo ship.
   "Welcome to the island where we train.  Mrs. Larason you husband awaits," said Trent.
   The Larason's were obviously glad to reunite, and most of the other Hoyla were asking questions all at once.
   "There are sleeping matts in the building behind you, there is food in the building on the other side of the main fire pit.  I will be back tomorrow to answer all your questions and come up with a way facilitate your needs," Trent said as he climbed into Ship.
   The wives of the Hoyla fighters rushed in to aid the hostages.
   One of the Hoyla fighters ran up to Trent before he could close the hatch," How did you know they were hostages?"
   "No unarmed individual or group would build a fire that big knowing it would attract the Celder," Trent replied.
   Trent went back analyze the camp site.
   "There are twenty-nine dead Celder, two dead Hoyla, and another twenty-one beings moving in and around the site," stated OM.
   "Sterilize, and then we will patrol for an hour or two.  Handy, what was that?" thought Trent.
   "Just a healing twitch.  As she heals there will be a lot of twitching," Handy thought.
   "There is a being high in a tree.  I am not sure it is a Celder," thought OM.
   "Ship, let us take a closer look," Trent thought.
   Ship moved to within ten feet.
   "It appears to be a young female.  Therefore, not a Celder," stated OM.
   Trent opened the hatch and ship moved next to the tree so the girl could climb in.
   "Hi.  My name is Trent we moved everyone but you to the island.  Come on in.  I will take you to your family and friends," said Trent.
   The girl was too afraid to talk let alone let go of the tree.  Trent raised himself with his shielding and removed the branches posing obstruction.
   "Okay, hold my hand and I will lift you into Ship.  Ship is the name I gave to Ship.  I do not have much of an imagination," Trent said in a calm voice.
   The girl put her arms around Trent's neck and would not let go. 
   "Okay, we will just float over to the island," Trent said slowly. 
   Trent used his shielding to carry them to the island.  Her parents thought the Celder had her and were so overcome with emotion they both passed out.