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   "This will be a good practical exercise.  We will need more recruits though.  On to the next mining site please," Trent thought.
   "Pace had a list offers by those who wish to fight," OM thought.
   "Ship, back to the island," ordered Trent.
   Trent walked over to Paces side.
   "Tell me her pain center is still suppressed," said Trent staring at the movement under Pace's skin.
   "Her pain center shows minimal acknowledgment," Handy replied.
   "The first volunteers on this list are four hundred miles to the north.   OM, direct ship please," Trent ordered.
   They flew over a small village which had been burned to the ground.
   "I can detect two life signs in the building at the end of the block," thought OM.
   "Ship, I will walk from here," Trent thought.
   Trent could see two beings peaking through a window shade as he made his way past the chard remains of the town.
   "Hello!  Anyone here?  Hello!" Trent yelled so those watching would not think of him as a Celder.
   "The two beings are leaving the building, and running away," thought OM.
   Trent moved to a position in front of them.
   "Hi.  I am not Celder," Trent said to mother and daughter.
   They were under nourished, vary afraid, and said nothing.
   "Ship, come to this location," Trent said.
   A few seconds later Ship had parked next to Trent.
   "I would like to know what happened here, but I believe we should take you to safety first.  Handy, please bring the cargo ship and a couple of female Hoyla to this location, we have two passengers who need some assistance," Trent thought.
   Later, after they had eaten and slept, Trent was told that a that a month ago a lot of Celder burned the village and killed the adults who resisted.  Then they rounded up the children and herded them off into the darkness. 
   OM had already located where they had been taken.
   "Inferred time lapse pin point them in a cave with only one entrance," OM stated.
   "I need twenty females to handle some children after a rescue." Trent announced.
   When they got there Trent ordered Ship to sterilize the perimeter as he entered the cave.
   "Handy, take the cargo ship back to the island.  Ship, seal the entrance," Trent said as left the cave.
   Trent sat watching the dust clouds rise from the collapsing cave.
   "OM, who is next on the list?" asked Trent.
   "The volunteers from a community call Sweet Valley," OM replied.
   At Sweet Valley Trent acquired twenty one volunteers, and at the next seven sites there were another hundred.
   "Trent!  Pace maybe regaining consciousness!" Handy announced.
   In moments Trent was standing by her side.
   "Critical functions are regaining functionality, and her repair mechanisms are reducing activity," Handy stated.
   "That is reduced activity?" Trent said looking at activity under Paces skin.
   "Significantly reduced," Handy replied.
   "If I woke up to that I would be terrified back into unconsciousness," Trent thought.
   "She will be aware of what her regeneration and repair mechanisms are doing as she regains consciousness," Handy answered.
   "Still.  Mmph," replied Trent.
   Pace tried to make a sound, and Trent bent over her to hear.
   "Fooood.  Real Fooood," Pace whispered.
   "She has lapsed back into unconsciousness.  What did she say?" Handy thought.
   "She wants real food.  I guess the broth is insufficient.  I will be right back," said Trent.
   A few minutes later Trent returned with an ample supply of medium rare red meat, fowl, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
   "This is exactly what she wants," Trent said placing the delicacies on the table.
   "I will prepare them for the feeding tube," Handy replied.
   After receiving her favorite foods, scans showed remarkable improvement.
   "Trent, there are thirty beings in the woods nest to the shore on the mainland," said OM.
   "Ship, land a hundred yards to the west.  I will walk to their location," Trent said as he headed for the shore line.
   "Three of them have advanced to the shore line and are staring toward the island," OM stated.
   Trent had walked around behind them.   One turned, seen him, and yelled Celer! They scattered in all directions.
   "That went well," thought Trent who just stood there figuring they would know that a Celder would have chased them.
   One by one they returned.   Finally, a few of them called for the others to return.
   "We have come to fight the Celder.  Do you know a way to contact Mr. Trent or Mrs. Pace?" one of them asked.
   "I am Trent.  No Mr., and Pace is just Pace, no Mrs.  We welcome you.  Handy, thirty more recruits when you have the time.  There will be a cargo ship here in bit to shuttle you to the island.  Once you arrive, you will be given a physical as you debark, assigned quarters, and provided food," said Trent.
   As they were boarding two changed their minds.
   "We have decided not to join," said one, then turned to leave.
   Trent moved to position in front of them.
   "Open your mouths,"  demanded Trent.
   They looked and each other then tried to make a run for it.  Trent followed them into the woods, and returned a moment later.
   "See you on the island," said Trent.
   The Hoyla began talking amongst themselves, in disbelief, and were vary intent that Trent not think they knew. 
   Trent put their minds at rest saying, "This sort of thing happens all the time."  
   They then flew into a panic knowing they had left their families to the Celder. 
   "Where are your families?" asked Trent.
   "Thirty or so miles up the creek." answered one.
   "You continue to the island, I will do what is possible to save your families," said Trent, and he was on his way.
   Trent found the village a minute later.  The activity seemed as though there was nothing wrong.
   "Ship land in the center of the court yard by the well," ordered Trent.
   Trent stood in front of Ship and called on everyone to come forward to hear a message from the others.