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   "All structures have been damaged.  Time lapse from monitor F9-a shows the Celder went to a tunnel entrance two miles up the trial we are parked on," OM stated.
   A minute later Ship was sterilizing the perimeter and Trent had entered the tunnel.  The Celder were still in the process of wiring their poisoners when Trent raced through the tunnel complex downing the Celder as he went.   Five minutes later the prisoners were leaving the tunnel.  By the end of the day Trent had twelve recruits and the Hoyla had begun rebuilding their village.
   "A good day compared to what it could have been," said Trent. 
   "Good day indeed," OM replied.   
   The next day Trent decided there were enough trained Hoyla to attack the mining complex, and they did.  Thirty Hoyla were stationed around a two-mile perimeter, and Ship sterilized there in to the mine entrances.   Trent carried an explosive device attained form Nollous as deep into the mine as possible.  The rest of the Hoyla took positions at the mine entrances waiting for the Celder.   When the device exploded the ground shook, dust and smoke were expelled from the mine entrances with some urgency followed by many Celder in a stunned state.  Some of the Celder were capable of fighting, but most were not.  The weapons attained from Nollous were devastating to the Celder.
   "How did we do?" Trent thought to OM.
   "Forty-three Celder killed outside of the tunnels, unknown inside," OM stated. 
   "Excellent engagement," Pace thought as she watched the monitor.
   "Glad you were able to watch.  Soon you will in the middle of it," Trent thought back. 
   "Can't wait," returned Pace as she laid back down.   
   Trent gave the Hoyla a great pep talk, then they returned to the island.
   "I removed the feeding tube, but she will not be mobile until the burns on the bottoms of her feet are completely healed," Handy stated.  
   "I don't mind.  I've been catching up on tech manuals and the intel from the Celder ship.  Now the Nee galaxy if something we need to look into immediately," Pace stated.
   "After another trading round with Nollous, and the Hoyla are capable of standing on their own, and you are at one hundred percent," said Trent.
   "That will be very soon.  Watching the Hoyla take down that mining complex today I think they will be capable to handle things on their own after a few more encounters," Pace said.
   "Your wounds will be fully healed in a week or two.  However, restoring full mobility may take a long time," Handy injected.
   "I'll be fine sooner than you might think.  Remember, I'm Ree," Pace stated.
   "If you were not able to block pain, you would not be talking let along sitting up.  The viewer is showing almost all of your nerve centers are firing at maximum levels, even when you are sleeping," said OM.
   Pace puffed out her cheeks and laid back down.
   "In time we will do what needs to be done.  First things first, like you at one hundred percent," Trent said with a smile.
   Over the next two months the Hoyla became quite proficient at eradicating Celder, and Pace could walk around and complete simple exercises.
   "Handy, could Pace handle the trip to Nollous?" asked Trent.
   "Yes.  Provided there is little physical stress," replied OM.
   "The Celder will be adapting to the tunnel attacks, therefore, I think we should take a trip to Nollous.  If they have developed a scanner, it will soon be quite handy," Trent said.
   "You do not trust Pace to stay inactive until you return from the trip?" OM asked.
   "No," Trent replied.
   The next day Pace left the cargo ship to interact with the Hoyla.  There was a tremendous round of applause and cheering.
   "Thank you all.  I feel fine, and read to continue the fight," Pace said with a raised fist to gathered audience.  She then added, "Trent and I are going to Nollous for more supplies.  When we return, and if there are any Celder left, we will finish the job."
   That brought more applause and cheers.
   "Are you ready?" asked Trent.
   "Ready," Pace said as she settled into her seat and flew to open space.
   The jell process was completed, Ship attached to Pace's ship, and they were on their way.
   "Time to Nullous?" asked Trent.
   "Three weeks if there are no complications," OM stated.
   "Wake me then," ordered Trent.
   "Trent we are approaching Nullous," OM stated five weeks later.
   "How is Pace?" asked Pace.
   "Fine.  Should I wake her?" asked OM.
   "Yes, and contact the aid appointed to us last time and asked her to make reservations at a nice restaurant," replied Trent.
   An hour and a half later and Pace had satisfied her craving for culinary delights.
   "I am honored you appreciate our cuisine," said the waitress.
   "Great stuff.  Really great.  Thank you," Pace replied.
   The aid notice something moving under Paces' skin, and put her hand to her mouth.
   "It is her repair system," Trent said.
   "Oh," the aid replied.
   They went to the company supplying the scanners first.
   "Well, they work on the head," the technician said, showing Trent and Pace how they worked.
   "Good enough.  How many do we have?" asked Pace.
   "Four hundred," the technician replied.
   "Great," Pace answered.
   "What else is ready?" asked Trent.
   "Ten thousand particle beam rifles, one hundred particle beam cannons, one hundred thousand thermal explosive devices in four sizes, one thousand hover craft, ten interplanetary capable space craft, ten thousand nuclear powered generators, ten thousand-million-watt lamps, two million hand held lamps, ten million personal communication devices with satellites, and around five thousand
storage containers with medicines, computers, machining equipment, and technical manuals on how build most anything.   All packed in the containers you requested," said the Nollian assigned to assist Trent.
   While Trent and Pace were giving the Council and update on the Celder, Ship and OM were transporting the containers into free space forming a train many miles long.  They bade their good byes, and headed back to Hoyla.