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    "The Ulavet became dependent on the Celder for nearly everything.  Then one day the Celder took over, and used them for food.  Now the Celder use us all for food," the Laba said.
    "The number on your neck?" asked Trent.
    "We all have one," the Laba answered.
    "What would happen if the Celder were to die?" asked Trent.
    "What do you mean?" asked the Laba.
    "What would happen to all of the beings on this planet if the Celder were to all of a sudden die.  Would all of you die?" Trent asked.
    "I have no idea of what would happen.  We can't go against the Celder.  We do not have the weapons, or the tech.  You will be eaten, as will we," the Laba replied.
    "My name is Trent, and I am here to eliminate the Celder.  Will you help, or hinder?" asked Trent.
    "How can you fight the Celder?  Your not thinking good," said the Laba.
    Trent pushed his fist into the sidewalk up to his elbow.
    "I am going to kill the Celder, and I do not want to cause the demise of any other beings.  So, the question is, what would happen if the Celder suddenly died.  Could the other beings on this planet survive?" Trent asked.
    "I don't know.  Food for us is grown here, but fighting, and abuse between all of the beings would be a problem," the Laba said.
    "How many Celder are there?" asked Trent.
    "There are perhaps two maybe three million.  You will need more than the ability to push your fist into the ground," the Laba stated.
    "You need not worry about my ability to kill Celder.  I just do not want others hurt in the process.  Can you get me a map showing the locations of the Celder?" Trent Asked.
    "I don't know of any such map.  The Celder stay behind the walls.  We are only allowed as far as the main entrance and the service tunnels," the Laba replied.
    "There are seven thousand three hundred and nineteen individual power supplies for their shielding.  If we could take down the power units all at once Ship could sterilize that area in thirty to forty seconds," OM stated.
    "What can you tell me about their power supply units?" asked Trent.
    "Nothing.  They are serviced by those from the space platforms," stated the Laba.
    "Beings like you, only with a different number," said Trent.
    "Yes, like me.  Different number," the Laba answered.
    "Is there a way I could get on to the space station?" asked Trent.
    "I know one who works on one.  Perhaps you could convince him to help," suggested the Laba staring at the hole in the ground. "
    "Perhaps.  First you must understand that this is your chance to be free.  This is a chance for every being on this planet, and others, to be free of the Celder.  So, will you help?" asked Trent.
    "Yes.  Yes, I will help.  I will be eaten by the Celder anyway," said the Laba.
    Trent gave the Laba an update on his experience with the Celder on their way to meet with his friend from the space station.
    "Depet, I want you to talk to Trent," the Laba shouted to another Laba sitting on a large rock overlooking an ocean.
    The Laba named Depet jumped to his feet.
    "Why you bring a Commons around me?" Depet asked.
    "He is not a Commons, and he is not Celder.  He is here to kill the Celder," the Laba stated.
    "Are you insane?  This is going to get us eaten for sure," Depet said as he started to walk away.
    Trent stopped him.
    "Please listen to what I have to say.  If you do not want to participate, it is okay with me," said Trent.
    Trent gave Depet a brief background on his participation with the Celder.
    "Words mean nothin.  You need an army," said Depet.
    "I have more than enough weaponry to eliminate the Celder.  If I can turn off their shielding, I can do it without hurting any other being," said Trent.
    "Prove yourself, and I help.  No, and I give you to Celder," said Depet.
    "Is your family at the same place as, buy the way what is your name?" Trent asked the first Laba.
    "Essanit," Essanit answered.
    "Is your family at the same place as Essan?" asked Trent.
    "Yes, and I know we will never meet again," Depet replied with a sigh.
    "Then what do you have to lose by working with us?" Essanit asked.
    Depet fidgeted around for a bit than said he would do what he could.
    "How can we shut down the shielding?" asked Essanit.
    "They are well guarded.  They have backup power supplies.  They are independent of each other," Depet stated.
    "Do they receive scheduled maintenance?" asked Trent.
    "Every thirty days," replied Depet.
    "On the next round, we replace good parts with parts that will malfunction all at the same time.  Then I can sterilize the area in thirty seconds or so," Trent stated.
    "The scheduled maintenance is in four days," said Depet.
    "What part would be the easiest to alter?" asked Essanit.
    "I don't know.  The transfer line fuses I guess, but I don't know how to alter them," said Depet.
"Show me one, and I will make the necessary deprovements," said Trent.
    "Deprovements?  I like your new word," thought Pace.
    The next day Depet met Essanit and Trent with one of the fuses.  Trent raised it over his head so the probe could analyze it.
    "The probes analysis indicates it would be plausible to weaken one end without showing deprovements," thought OM.
    "What is the process?" asked Trent.
    "Heat the copper cap to sixteen hundred degrees for five
seconds.  Then dip the copper cap in cold water.  If the power specs are correct, the fuses would fail if we hit the area with a neutron wave which would cause a dramatic increase in the shielding requirements," thought Trent.
    Trent relayed the plan to Depet and Essanit.
    "How do we provide deprovements to seven thousand three hundred and nineteen fuses in a few days?" asked Essanit.