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    "This passage is just like the other one.  I suppose the dynamics are the same.  Watch for a breakout, I am going to the front of the line," Trent thought.
    A few seconds later Trent was in another large dispatching center.  There were Celder forcing Comons and Lapa to clear rubble from the exit ports.
    "None of these beings look healthy.  I believe the radiation levels have taken a toll.  In fact, I am sure they will never clear the rubble.  All together there are around a hundred Celder, fifty Comons, and a dozen or so Laba.  I cannot let the Comons and Laba suffer," thought Trent as he grabbed a laser pistol from a Celder and detonated and liquid fuel tank.  The temperature in the cavernous chamber was raised to fifteen hundred degrees in a few seconds.  Trent made his way through the connecting corridors destroying the transports as he went.
    "Any problems?" asked Pace.
    "Not for me," Trent thought while standing in thick, heavy, and acidic smoke.
    "The first of the Ulavet are showing signs of viability," Handy transmitted. 
    "On my way.  What are the radiation levels?" asked Trent.
    "At tolerable and stable levels," replied Handy.
    Trent entered as quickly as he could to reduce the radiation risk.  As he entered the chamber holding the stasis modules, one began to open.
    "This is the first," said Handy.
    Handy and Trent stood in front of the door.  The being inside was taking slow shallow breaths and twitching.
    "He looks okay.  Considering," said Trent.
    "How many are viable?" asked Pace.
    "I will not know for at least an hour.  However, most seem functional," said Handy.
    The Ulavet was trying to focus and speak.

    "Take your time.  You are safe," Trent stated.
    "His vital signs are stabilizing, and I am guessing he is supposed to be slightly orangish and greenish," Handy announced.
    "There are several Celder emerging from the rubble of a small structure on the south side.  They are wearing some type of body suit, probably to protect them from the radiation," Pace reported.
    "What are the monitors doing?" asked Trent.
    "Nothing.  They don't seem to recognize them as a target," replied OM.
    "OM.  Order them to takeout the suits in question," ordered Trent.
    "I did.  For some reason they cannot seance the targets.  The suits must have some type of dampening field capability.  It will take a few minutes to add the additional enhancements," OM thought.
    "In the meantime," Trent said as he left the stasis chamber.
    A few moments later Trent was standing in front of eight Celder stumbling over the debris.  They stopped and stood still to stare at Trent.
    "If you were looking for a way out of those suits, fear not," said Trent raising one eyebrow, and leaving the Celder in tatters.
    "Have I missed anything?" asked Trent upon his return to the stasis room
    "No.  There are no further instructions.  I guess we just wait for them to come around," replied Handy.
   "Let me help you," Trent said to the Ulavet as he held out his arm.
   The Ulavet looked frightened and apprehensive, but he placed a shaky hand on Trent's wrist.
    "I am not Celder.  We have killed most of the Celder.  You really do not have to worry," said Trent realizing the Ulavet probably could not understand what he was saying.
    Trent helped the Ulavet to a chair in the adjoining room.  The Ulavet made a hand motion indicating he was thirsty.
    "Can you tell me were food and water might be stored," Trent asked the Ulavet.
     The Ulavet pointed to the room with the stasis pods.  Trent found storage cabinets at the far end of the room, but the food and water was not fit for consumption.
    "Pace, we need food and water down here.  Have the Laba and Comons bring some to us.  Enough for a thousand or so," Trent ordered.
    Paced relayed the request to her companions on the station.
    "They said it will take a few hours," Pace replied.
    "Tell them not to wait until they have it all in one batch.  Bring it in small quantities as fast as possible.  Some of the Ulavet may not survive for hours after coming out of stasis without immediately receiving water," replied Trent as he watched the Ulavet sink to the floor.
    Trent rushed outside the radiation zone and found some bottled beverages.
    "Try this," Trent said to the Ulavet while propping up his head.
    At first the Ulavet slowly sipped the beverage, then gulped it down.
    "Another is trying to stand," said Handy.
    "She looks to be in better shape." Trent said.
    The female Ulavet was bent over and staggering.  Trent took her by the hands and led her to a chair.
    "Who you are?" the Ulavet asked in a weak voice.
    "My name is Trent.  We are here to eliminate the Celder," answered Trent.
    "Water.  I could drink water," she stated.
    Trent gave her a can of the liquid.
    "I am Dornray Heath," She announced.
    "Glad to meet you," Trent replied.
    "Please update me," Dornray asked.
    Trent gave her a brief chronology.
    "Thank you.  Thank you," said Dornray as she slowly turned toward the stasis chambers.  She than asked Trent to help the others.
     "She will be fine," Handy stated scanning her as he approached.
    Trent looked into the room with the stasis modules and could see many more Ulavet emerging.
    "Pace, l will need help with all of these Ulavets coming out of stasis.  I will meet you outside of this structure so I can use my shielding to protect from the radiation," thought Trent.
    As Trent stated toward the stasis chambers when two transports bearing water and food arrived at the complex.
    "Pace, tell whoever is piloting those transports to stay in them until I get there," Trent thought.
    "To late for one of them.  He just asked me how to open the door." Pace replied.
    Trent slowly opened the door, the Laba was back in the transport.
    "Go back to the station.  Pace will give you medicine," Trent said.
    "Pace, he is on his way back.  Do what you can.  OM, meet Pace at the station," Ordered Trent.