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    "Pace, jell up.  OM wake us when we get there.  Handy, do a complete autopsy on those two specimens, and see if you can find a way to create some kind of DNA trauma.  There must be a way to alter them on a planetary scale," Trent ordered.
    "See you in the morning," said Pace.
    "I should point out that there have been no transmissions received from the direction of where Ul is supposed to be," OM stated.
    "One problem at a time," said Trent.
    "ETA at Ul is two months and two days," OM said.
    Trent smiled at Pace as he settled into his chair.
    Handy worked diligently on the two specimens collected on Freema.  Both were differently Celder, they just had completely different outward appearance from each other and the other Celder.  Now the question is where were they supposed to end up, and were there others like them already distributed?   Where there yet other types of Celder out there?
    "Trent.  Coming up on Ul," thought OM.
    "That was quick.  What is the overall," Trent asked looking from side to side.
    "We passed through four radiation clouds which had been blocking transmissions from Ul.  They call themselves Bens.  They have not progressed much in the production of gravitirium.  The population is nine billion seven hundred and forty-two thousand.  They are a unified democracy with no wars or conflicts.  I cannot find the use of the word Celder in their archives going back.  We are one light year out, there is not a monitoring system to speak of, but if we get closer, they will detect our presence." OM reported.
    "Wake Pace.  Handy, what have you learned about our two friends?" asked Trent.
    "They have the same basic DNA as the other Celder.  The parts that give them that different look have been charted," stated Handy
    "Knowing the location of the DNA needed to produce their structural differences does little to provide a mechanism to kill them.  However, it does suggest the method used to produce them," OM stated.

    "Vaporize the corpses.  So, there are no discernible hostilities on Ul?" Trent asked.
    "None that are not personality conflicts between individuals.   Bar fights," OM stated.
    "Suggestions on how to make first contact," thought Trent.
    "Land on their heads.  Food.  Out of the way shorty," Pace said to Handy.
    "And a good morning to you," Trent said with a suppressed coughing type laugh.
    Pace through a bemused look.
    "They are used to alien encounters," OM said.
    "Well then.  Punch up the Presidents communicator," Trent ordered.
    "Searching.  Ready," said OM.
    "We're out of sugar.  How do we run out of sugar?" asked Pace.
    "Office of the President," a voice stated.
    "Hello.  My name is Trent.  I have just arrived from a planet controlled by the Ulavet.  I need to speak to someone in a decision-making position," Trent said.
   There was silence.  Then, "Wait," the voice said.
   "This is secretary Desmond.  Who am I speaking to?" asked the Secretary.
   Trent explained the situation to him.  He told Trent they could meet at the Presidential terminal.
   "Greetings!" Trent said as he climbed out of Ship.
   As expected, dozens of armed beings surrounded Ship.
    "Until we can verify who you are and if you are telling the truth, we need to take precautions," a military looking being stated.
    "I understand," Trent said raising his hands over his head.
    Several of the solders tried to enter Ship, but could not penetrate Ships shielding.
" You have some kind of force shield preventing us from entering your vessel.  Please remove it," the solder demanded.

    "You may look inside, but do not touch anything, please," Trent said.
    The solder timidly had his look.
    "How do you generate such a shield?" he asked.
    Trent gave him the simple version.
    " Come with me," the solder ordered.
    They walked to a wheeled transport and went to a rather drab looking building where Trent was told he would meet with the Secretary of Defense.
    "Hello.  My name is Donnt Landsad," the Secretary of Defense stated as he approached Trent with his hand out as to shake hands.
    They shook hands and the Secretary ordered the military personal to leave the room.
    Trent gave him a more detailed explanation of event to date.
    "This is indeed troubling.  Troubling indeed," the Secretary sighed.
    "Yes, it is," Trent agreed.
    "What do you suggest we do now?" asked the Secretary.
    "Well, we could start by making more scanners.  I can provide you with the process, and I would like to upgrade my partners shielding if it is possible.  We have mapped out the pathways to the planets we know the Celder have infected, and we should pay them a personal visit.  How did the Ulavet and you come to be?" asked Trent.
    "We were always in conflict with the Ulavet.  The family of Joana held over two billion beings in abject slavery.  They were constantly trying to conquer us for our land, technology, and food production.  Then when they began having genetically altered beings made to be used as solders, we decided to eradicate the entire family of Joana and their supported.  However, shortly before we could launch, they began their exodus of the planet.  Six of sever thousand years later we began to get reports of these Celder beings.  They had infiltrated hundreds of them into our society and then had them attack with sabotage type tactics as a prelude to an invasion.  The fighting lasted for eighty years.  The death toll and destruction was enormous.  Finally, we won, obviously.  We thought we had heard the last of the Ulavet and the Celder.  Now you present us with news that the Ulavet are flourishing and spreading Celder though out the universe.  Which means they could come back in greater numbers," said Secretary Landsad.

    "That sums it up.  I see no bright side.  Could my partner and I have tour of city?  It has been a long-time sense we were not fighting.  A little restful diversion would be gratefully accepted," asked Trent.