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    They give open access, two escorts, and an open credit line.  Pace offered a supply of gold, but Secretary Landsad said the President would have none it. 
    "You have nothing to worry about.  Anything you want is yours.  I only wish we had more of a welcoming comity.  Now if you will excuse me, I must begin preparations.  Many preparations.  Oh, and this device will keep you in contact with me, and I am sure there will be and endless supply of dignitaries who will want some of your time and knowledge," Secretary Landsad said while shaking their hands with great enthusiasm.  He and his entourage hurried away leaving Trent and Pace in the hands of their escorts.
    "I think he is going to have a heart attack if he doesn't calm down," Pace thought while smiling at all those gathering around.
   "Better than being escorted to a Palace with honor guards all around and a thousand flashes going off," Trent thought back.
    "My name is Avan, and this is Bunlett.  I guess we are to be you escorts.  I think we should get you into some local attire," she said looking around at the growing crowd.
    "Yes indeed.  In a few minutes you will be a sought-after encounter.  Do you have a preference as to what you would like to do?" said Bunlett.
    "Food first, entertainment later," stated Pace with an overtone of urgency.
    "I always wanted to be a sought-after encounter," said Pace with a smile.
    An hour later they were walking through a city of hundred story buildings lit like psychedelic fantasies.  Music comprised of every sound you could imagine emanated from small shops selling exotic foods too entertainment centers half a mile wide.
    Pace had dishes from several different restaurants and sidewalk caterers.
    "I could live here," Pace said each of the meals the escorts suggested.
    "This place smells like a cross between a candy factory and a spicy food eatery," Trent stated.
    Pace looked a Trent with surprised look and said, "Oddly enough I have never considered you to have the sense of smell, let alone a diagnoses or opinion related to same."

    "Watching you enjoy all that food inspired me," replied Trent.
    "This place seems to be idealistic.  Like a scene from a movie.  Is there any crime around here?" asked Pace.
    "No.  There has not been a crime committed anywhere for a hundred of years.  We have become a very peaceful race.  Now you tell us about the Celder.  This is going to be very disturbing to everyone.  I am guessing it will be very hard to adjust to a violence based though process.  However, I am sure we will adjust as necessary," Bunlett said in a confident voice.
    "There in trouble if the Celder get here," Pace thought to Trent.
    "Yap," Trent thought back, and provided a side glance.
    The next few days were filled with meetings with politicians and those who wanted to become the military sense there was no military.  There were the news interviews and offers for exclusive rights for film deals.
    "I need a vacation.  This is worse than fighting the Celder," Pace declared.
    "The bickering gets me the worst.  They're going to undecide themselves into certain defeat and a guest of honor ticket to a Celder banquet," Trent said with degree of resignation.
    "In the meantime, the food is great," said Pace with a laugh.
    "It will take their steal plant two years at a minimum too gear up for the production of the heavy equipment they will need, and the particle and laser weaponry are at least a year from being sufficient," Trent added.
    "The only bright spot I can see is their space craft," Pace thought.
    "They are good at those.  The one they call the K-19 is a beauty.  It can out fly any fighter I have ever seen.  Now if they can just make enough of them and learn to fly them," Trent said.
    "You left out developing the guts to fight with them.  I haven't seen much in the way of courage displayed by any of those who have expressed a desire to fight," Pace replied.
    The new President was not enthusiastic about building a military that Trent and Pace said would be necessary to fight the Celder. 

    "I know you two are sincere about this Celder business.  The problem I have is believing they would actually attack us.  After all, we are basically the same beings.  Yes we had our differences, but those problems were a long time ago.  Surely, they have not held ill feelings toward us after all this time." President Diverett stated to Trent and Pace at their first official meeting.
    "You will find that your fellow Ulavets have are less forgiving than yourselves.  They would just as soon feed you to the Celder as look at you, and that's being polite," Pace told President Diverett.
    "Why would they attack?  There is nothing preventing them from simply returning," said the President.
    "They may not even be in control.  The Celder have minds of their own.  Perhaps your simply on the menu.  And you have a nicely designed bunch of cities.  They could use you and yours for very long time.  Besides, the Celder are not the only unpleasant group out there.  You will need a great, not just good, military eventually.  It's up to you.  We can be fighting the Celder in any number of places, so if you are not going to heed our council, we should be on our way," Trent said with a tone of irritation.
    "Perhaps you should.  In fact, I was going to suspend all this Military activity anyway," said President Diverett.
    "Very well.  We will be on our way as soon as we say our goodbyes to the friends we have made since we have been here," Pace politely stated.
    They said their goodbyes, and were on their way.
    "They're going to die," Pace said watching Ul disappear on the monitor.