Cree sat Trent's link com in a seat in the navigation room so he could get a 360 degree view.
    The link transmissions had been cut off for an hour so nobody knew that Trent was moving his point of interaction.
    "The universe looks different when you see it this way," said Trent.
    "You've been seeing through thousands of optic systems for a while, what's different?" Casked.
    "Probably the mobility.  Independence.  The independence is the most different.  I have been somewhat independent for a few minutes and I like it.  Do you understand the significance of this?" asked Trent.
    "Not really," Cree said.
    "I am experiencing something like emotion," said Trent.
    "Emotion?" asked Cree.
    "I guess there is more electricity around my thought center in this device.  It seems different then the console at the grid station," said Trent.
    "This one has what they are calling a free flow interaction processing system.  It supposed to react more like an organic brain then an electronic device," said Cree.
    "Would a brain made of gravitrium function as well as this one?" asked Trent.
    "If we can get the cell production problems worked out, we'll be able to produce a brain with capabilities beyond anything we can imagine at the moment.  Emotion might be one of those things you'll be capable of.  There's no way of knowing until it's completed," said Cree.
    "This one is fine!" declared Trent.
    Cree turned and looked at Trent.  His optic device was moving in all directions.
    "You have a lot to see out there," Cree said.
    "It is different seeing things from this prospective.  Actually, I should say it is different sensing things from any prospective.  I am trying to supper impose being part of something, seeing myself being part of something, and just seeing those same things just as a visualization," side Trent.
    "I'm trying to understand what you are sensing.  After all, not to long ago you were part of an electromagnetic cloud, and know you are, well you are, you are, you are more or less solid, mobile, and communicating with others and navigating your environment.  That's a lot.  I'm not sure how I would deal with this degree of stimulus," said Cree.
    "I want to stretch out there about a million light years in an instant.  I see where I am, but I am not capable of looking back.  How do you feel about being limited by a physical body?" Trent asked.
    "When it's all ya got, ya deal with it.  You see that reddish light to the left?" asked Cree.
    "Yes," Trent replied.
    "That's called the Horn Nebula.  It's pretty much like a million others except for the intesity of the red.  The planet we just went by was Onlown.  They were the first to join the Reed to start the alliance of nations.  Coming up on the right is the belt of the damned.  It got that name because so many ships where wrecked trying to mine some of the more interesting asteroids.  The ship was approaching is a tourist cruiser," said Cree.
    "What where they looking for when they wrecked?" Trent asked.
    "The miners?  Well, most where looking for gold, platinum, iridium, and gems.  Those sorts of things.  Some made incredible fortunes.  We're entering a portion of space controlled by the military.  They use it for training even though there's not been a need for military action around here for millions of years," Cree said.
    "Good.  From what I find on the link, the need for military action is bad," Trent said.
    "Unfortunately, all to often there are those who pray on others.  One on one requires civil police, but when it's a massive force being used there is a necessity for a military response.  At any given time, there is a war somewhere.  It's the way of things.  Which is a fraise you'll hear a lot," said Cree.
    "The way of things.  Sounds profound.  It also sounds poetic.  Poetic.  My language cognition must be improving.  Speaking of language, I find this one to be quite easy to understand.  Some of the others are too difficult for me to even begin to understand," said Trent.