"Languages can be difficult.  In fact, some can be impossible to learn unless you're of the species that developed it.  When you are young your brain develops in stages.  The speech centers vary from species to species, but in general most brains and their development are the same.  Most of the life forms that develop a written language eventually develop the same language.  It's called the universal language.  It has to do with the way life forms evolve.  If the species survives long enough, has a good environment, and the natural resources, it will develop more and more complicated devices that require more words in more complicated structures.  Couple that with the physical and mental capabilities necessary like dexterity of fingers, vision, strength, longevity, memory, imagination, and size to do the work required you wind up with almost identical words.  Some have an accent that make it hard to understand at times, but usually it works out.  Personally, I find it amazing that it works that way from one galaxy to another.  Some of the exceptions can be really interesting.  Now you take the Rinthians.  They genetically altered themselves so they could speak universal. Most of the exceptions use translating devices well enough to get by," said Cree.
    "Genetic alterations.  From what I can gather from the link, there are few beings happy with their bodies, minds, property, and / or personal relationships.  It gives me the indication that there is a lot of unhappy in the universe," Trent said.
    "It's all part of that stress thing I mentioned.  Beings are always looking for improvement to every facet of their existence.  It all goes back to how and why evolution takes place," said Cree.
    "So, when beings become satisfied with themselves, they die out?" asked Trent.
    "It could happen that way.  Their surroundings would keep evolving and they would lose their ability to compete," Cree replied.
    "Competition, greed, vanity, hunger, and environmental irregularities inspire evolutional activity," Trent said.
    "You're getting the hang of it.  If you look to your right, you'll see the fire belt of Oleg." said Cree.
    "Oleg?" asked Trent.
    "I don't know who named it.  It's probably the name of some god or the other like most of those things.  What it is however, is        Trent interrupted.  " It is an electromagnetic cloud reacting with the charged particles spewing from those two stars.  I can sense the energy. "
    "How small of a source can you sense.  Like can you sense the electrochemical reactions in a being?" asked Cree.

    "No.  That energy is much too weak.  A large electrical generation system is about the smallest.  Maybe if and when I can be concentrated into a smaller area, I will be able sense small energy emissions," said Trent.
    "I wonder what it would be like to bond with a million beings at the same time?  It would make me crazy in no time," said Cree.
    "Bonding with a being may not mean there is a blending of minds," said Trent.
    "Still, I'm not sure I'd like feeling a bunch of other beings around me.  More importantly, I'm sure I'd hate knowing everyone or even one being could sense my presents.  It would be like always being under surveillance.  No privacy," Cree said.
    "Is there significance to that ship to our right?" Trent said.
    "That's an emergency vehicle.  Could be responding to most anything," said Cree.
    "According to information on the link, the alliance of nations is a small percentage of the nations listed as presently viable.  Why are so many excluded?" Trent asked.
    "Either they simply prefer to not join, or they don't qualify due to their form of government, or evolutionary standing," Cree said.
    "Evolutionary standing?" asked Trent.
    "If a race of beings can't understand what a nation is, they lack the interest in forming one, or their natural resources won't provide sufficient means to develop a nation, then they are not courted to participate.  They are however protected by the alliance without them knowing it until they can protect themselves," Cree said.