"Protect it?" asked Trent.
    "A long time ago it was determined that if we could, it was our obligation to protect those who could not protect themselves.  There are just too many predatory beings out there looking for opportunities." Cree said.
    "What happens if they evolve into a race that hates you?" asked Trent.
    "It has happened.  Remember that we want everyone to exist with a free will.  We do not manipulate anyone.  For starts, it's how we want to be treated, and if you don't let beings exist and evolve as they see fit they always wind up resenting you.  There is the delicate balance of offering suggestions and some technical guidance and letting a race exterminate itself through war, over population, or unsafe nuclear energy generation for example," Cree said.
    "The link has a great deal of information on Minn Beach.  Seems to be a very pleasant place," Trent said.
    "Nothing comes close to actually being there.  They have reservations for the next 50 years," Cree said.
    "How did you get us time there?" asked Trent
    "I did a lot of research there, so all I had to do was look up a few old friends and talk them into letting us use Minn for 30 days in exchange for 10 times the usual rate.  They were happy to accept, and the Ree where happy to pay," said Cree." 10 times the going rate?  Why would the Ree pay so much just for me?" asked Trent.
    "The Ree have extraordinary wealth.  Remember that they have been around for a long time.  Besides, even if things where different they would still do everything they could," Cree said.
    "I don't feel as though so much effort should be applied to me.  I do not provide compensation to any one for their efforts," Trent said.
    "Someday you'll be able to do something for someone.  No way of knowing how much good you can do.  Maybe you will never be able to help anyone.  Maybe you'll solve every problem in the universe.  None of that matters.  We just like doing things for others, and if anyone ever needed help, your it.  Look at what you've done so far.  The Ree have something new to do for the first time in a million years, and beings that have ever talked to each other are now in constant communications on every topic there is.   Over all, I'd say you've already done a lot, and you're just getting started," said Cree.
    "When you explain it that way my presents seems amicable.  I will aspire to attain my full potential whatever it is," Trent said.
    "You'll find your way," said Cree.
    "I'll probably wind up as a door stop," said Trent
    "Why Trent, I do believe you're developing a sense of humor.  Not a real good one, but one never the less.  More on the less end," laughed Cree.
    "Are you the easy crowd or the tuff one?" replied Trent.
    "The easy one.  On another note, we are coming up on Fon.  We'll make a quick stop so you can see the geysers of Ibonaba," Cree said.
    "The link says they are the largest known on a habitable planet," Trent said.
    "Yap.  The Fon are close to our present flight path, and they are a good place to start when it comes to meeting beings.  They are average in all respects.  They look almost identical to the Ree, and even sound similar.  Being in a crowd for the first time will be easier to deal with if you can understand what they are doing and saying.  These guys are polite, easy going, and are up to date with technology so they won't even notice the link monitor.  I'll pretend to be talking on a communicator so you can ask questions," said Cree.
    They landed and made their way to a transit center.
    "This is a lot of beings.  They seem to be going in all directions.  Logic tells me they know where they are going," Trent said.