"Most everywhere you go there are beings going from one place to another.  Some are going to work, going home after work, and some are on their way to party," Cree said.
    "Things look larger from down here," Trent said.
    "Your closer," Cree replied.
    A few hours later and few transit transfers later they arrived at the geysers.
    "They are most impressive," Trent said.
    "787 feet high on the one in the center of that green pool.  550 feet for the one in front of us   whenever it comes up," Cree said.
    "Every 23 minutes.  Could we watch from the blue building?" asked Trent.
    "Why?" Cree asked.
    "The optics of this device are not capable of seeing the entire geyser from this vantage point," Trent said.
    "How's this?" Cree asked.
    "Great!  Why are such different species tied each other?" asked Trent.
    Cree looked around.
    "Oh, the small ones are pets.  Beings like to have pets.  Pets are confidants that tolerate the owner's faults," Cree said.
    "Seeing these beings with their pets seems much different than viewing them on the link.  In fact, this experience is a profound moment.  This interspecies activity adds greater dimension to existence.  Do you have a pet?" asked Trent.
    "No.  I can't have a rock without injuring it," Cree replied.
    "That makes me a little nervous," Trent said.
    "Look, there it goes," Cree shouted with unexpected glee.
     The geyser sputtered a bit then went full throttle.  The beings crowded around it clapped and squealed with delight.  Some had containers they used to collect samples.  Apparently, they all enjoyed getting drenched.  The pets where excited as well, but probably not in the same way or for the same reason.
    "The yellow pet in the front row next to the being in red clothing seems to be more interested than the other pets," stated Trent.
    "The interest could be part of the fight or flight aspect of the pets base instinct.  Then again, maybe it's just interested in such a magnificent phenomenon," Cree replied.
    They watched the geyser for a few minutes then continued on their way to meet Semma and Emmer Fote on Rinthia.
    "Are there pets who have beings?" Trent asked.
    "Kinda.  Most pets get the beings who own them to do anything and everything for them.  Beings look at pets as soul mates." Cree said, with a comical expression.
    "Soul mates, but not mates as in beings of the same species?" said Trent.
    "A, yea.  Someday we'll have a long talk about that sorta stuff," said Cree.       
    "There is a lot to see in the universe.  Beings will need to develop a much longer life span in they intend to see it all," Trent said.
    "We know that we will never see it all.  We just take in what we can," Cree replied.
    "The Fotes look like pets.  Is there a method for distinguishing the difference," Trent asked.
    "I suppose you can tell by the way they act.  Pets usually do not act as if they had some specific act in mind like walking to a specific destination, washing windows, or operating a transport," said Cree.
    "Does this link come in a more intelligent color?" Trent asked.
    "I'm not sure.  I was thinking of gluing ears on it and attaching wheels so I could pull you around and call you Fluffy," Cree replied with a snicker.
    "I will say detonating in 30 seconds at a most inappropriate time," Trent quipped.
    "Ok, I'm in the hole," Cree replied with a louder snicker.