Cree held Trent's link out in front of her and "  Trent, this is Semma and Emmer Fote.  Semma and Emmer Fote this is Trent. "  Cree announced.

" How do you do. "  Trent said.

" We consider it a privilege to meet you.  We have studied everything Cree sent us, plus a lot of the worthless gossip from all over the place.  You are quite the topic of conversation. "  Semma said.

" We would like to show you some of our civilizations finer points, and introduce you to some of our more interesting fellow Rinthians if there is time in your schedule. "  Said Emmer.

" For me this is a learning session.  I have no actual experience with beings other than the time I have spent with the Ree.  I want to understand everything. "  Trent said.

" Let's start with dinner at the Terrace on Mount Olma. "  Suggested Cree.

The foursome had a meal at the famed restaurant with Trent sitting on the table.  After, they went to the garden on the property where flowering plants of every size and color imaginable sat in stone vessels, hung from trees, and floated on ponds of colored waters.

" I would like a place like this on my property, but it's only big enough for one pot as long as it doesn't have anything in it. "  Cree said.

" It is beautiful here.  I can think clearer here than anywhere else on Rinthia. "  Said Emmer.

" Trent, are you effected by places like this? "  Asked Semma.

" I have no emotion sensory abilities, but being here surrounded by all of these flowers, my thought processes seem to be influenced.  Much like when observing the geysers. "  Trent replied.

" Is your retention and recall as fast as computers? "  Asked Semma.

" It takes a long time for knowledge to get from one place to another even at the speed of light if the distance is great enough.  As an example, maybe I am having this same conversation with others at this very moment, but I will not know about it until that impute - traveling at the speed of light - gets to me at this location.  I might have several focus points like this one, or maybe this is the only one.  I am however only aware of this one. "  Trent said.

" You are receiving data from all directions at the speed of light.  That is an immense body of knowledge.  How do you make sense of it"  Asked Semma.

" I am able to sort of guide that which I want to keep to a central location which is like a long cloud like shape.  There is such a quantity of input that I will never get to most of it.  Most of it is not useful anyway, like sales receipts, gages on machinery, and stuff like communication between individuals all jumbled together. "  Said Trent.

" I suggest a quick run around Rinthia, and if you would let us, we would like to accompany you to Minn beach. "  Said Emmer.