"Well, I would like panoramic vision.  I am trying to sense what Semma and Emmer are feeling.  If I could do that then I would know what the wet sand and splashing waves felt like.  You have also referred to sets of aromas drifting by.  It would be nice to be able to experience them to.
    "Being part of all those things is not the same as actually feeling them interacting with each
other." Trent answered.
    Just then, Semma and Emmer began screaming loudly and franticly while stomping their large feet at the end of very short, yet shout, legs.  They were so frightened it was all they could do.
    Cree began running in their direction, as did the attendants and security team.
    After a few moments of frantic conversation, the cause of the alarming jesters from Semma and Emarr was determined to be a large marine mammal surfacing with an apparent heading in the direction of the beach.  Semma and Emmer had never physically been in the presents of a large wild animal, and they assumed they would be its dinner.  This episode would be the topic of conversation many times.
    It was several minutes of gut grabbing laughter before intelligible conversation could be produced.
    "That was the funniest thing I have ever seen." said Cree who was still grinning, but only because Semma and Emmer had also begun to laugh.
    "Panic is another common trait among life forms.  It goes back to the fight or flight response." Cree said to Trent.
    "What was that thing." Emmer asked an attendant.
    "They are called Lumbaleens.  They are mammals and eat mostly fish.  They have never eaten a being.  That I know of anyway." said the attendant.
    "That's assuring." Emmer replied.
    "My!  This is interesting.  The scent of those trees seems much stronger.  In fact, everything seems a little more intense.  A good laugh seems to have an influence on the senses I have never noticed before." Semma said between the deep breaths she still taking.
    "Trees and breeze moving here and there.  Trees and breeze standing there.  Trees and breeze are never still, they never stay, they never prefer, they never care." Cree said in rhythmic tone.
    "Who said that?" asked Emme
    "I just made it up.  I always admired beings who could write poetry, rhymes, songs, and those sorts of things." Cree replied.
    "As you are aware, Rinthian poetry is so long and complicated that even we hate it." said Emmer.
    "Speak for yourself.  There are many great Rinthian poets." said Semma.
    "There are several million poems in the link from Rinthia.  Would you like to hear them?" Trent asked.
    There was resounding NO from everyone.