The morning sun was about to appear over the horizon when Cree woke Semma and Emmerr.
    "Wake up!  Come on, wake up.  The sun's about to rise.  Ya don't want to miss your first sunrise on Minn," Cree shouted.
    Semma and Emmerr began to stir, the attendants were already working on breakfast, and the birds were starting their break of day calls and whistles.
    As the sun crept closer to the horizon line, the blackness gave way to dark blue, the dark blue slowly worked into bright greens, then came the reds and oranges swirling with pinks. Finally, the brilliant yellows took command.  Yet within a few minutes, the thick blues of the daytime sky claimed their prize.
    "This place is like a dream.  Everything seems to be an extreme representation.  Rinthia is never going to be the same," Emmerr sighed.
    "How do we beat yesterday?" Semma asked.
    "We don't.  Each day here is special unto itself.  All though there are some that are better then others.  Like when the Tavlots are in season, which is in two weeks," an attendant said when Cree looked at him, "Two weeks.  Tavolts must be the most delicious and nutritious delight in the universe."
    "Is Hiret going to be able to spend some time here before we goa dinosaur hunted?" asked Emerr.
    "He's tasted Tavlots before, he will be here if he has to walk," said Cree.
    The days past with senses throbbing. 
    "We have received a message from Hiret Tee," directed to Dira Cree. 
    Cree opened the message and read it aloud, "Cree I have brought MB with me.  We will arrive in about an hour.  There is a planet about to collide with a star." 
    "I do not believe an event like that has ever been witnessed," Emerr said.
    "I don't recall ever hearing of one," said Semma.
    "A planet of dinosaurs and a planet star collision.  What other opportunities are going to come our way," Cree said.
    "Oh. Oh. Oh, there it is again," said Semma with her voice rising with each oh.
    "On days like this, the Ipossetas bloom in profusion," an attendant said.
    "I gota sit." said Emmerr as he fell backwards and lay with arms out stretched.
    Cree twirled on one foot and began laughing.  Before long, the attendants and security personal were laughing. 
    "Put this stuff in a bottle.  In fact, put this whole planet in a bottle," said Emmerr.
    "In the all the time you lived here did you ever get used to it?" Semma asked Cree.
    "Nope.  Every day was just like this," Cree replied.
    Emmerr worked his way to his feet and waddled to the shore and into the sea. 
    Semmma soon followed saying, "I'm so near sighted I'll have to get really close to watch him drown."
    "Shall we serve first meal?" asked an attendant.
    "Wait till Hiret and MB arrive.  They should be here shortly," Cree answered.
    Cree then sashayed to the shore and swam effortlessly toward the horizon ruffling the glass like surface, slowly reversed, and weaved her way back.
    "She makes it look easy," Semma said as she and Emerr stood nee deep in the surf.
    The sun made Cree look like a glistening statue of living gold as she emerged from the water.
As Cree crossed the beach, Hiret and MB emerged from the jungle.
    "You're going to give every male on this planet a heart attack," Hiret said with both hands clamped to his chest.
    "So, tell me about this collision," Cree said as she embraced a large towel.
    "If we leave now, we could just about make it," MB replied.
    "Leave this?  After the fight." Emmerr said as he and Semma approached the new arrivals.
    After introductions, the five some dove into a breakfast that made leaving Minn one very hard choice.  In the interest of science and for Trent's betterment, they regretfully boarded the transport and were on their way.
    "Not even out of sight and I'm having Minn withdrawals.  Life's not fair," Emmerr said.
"We will return my dear Minn.  We will," Semma pledged.
    "We will make a fuel stop on Omosi.  That's about 109 light years from here," Hiret said.
    "Why Omosi?" asled Emerr.
    "We need the fuel.  Plus, I don't know were there is another fuel restock." said MB.
    "It will only take about thirty minutes to get that far, but after that there is a lot of debris that will slow us down considerably," said Hiret.
    Emerr and Semma were looking over the navigational charts.
    "Are there other charts?  These are very basic.  Not one detail," asked Emerr.
    "Those are the best we got," said Hiret.
    "So, Trent.  How did you like Minn?" asked MB.
    "Not as much as Cree and the Fotes," Trent said.
    "Great place.  Top of the line," said Hiret.
    "There's a wave of idol speculations about Trent.  Most amusing.  The more of the truth you release, the more farfetched the rumors," MB said.
    "What is expected to happen with this collision?" asked Trent.
    "No one knows," replied MB.
    The Alert beeper sounded.
    "What is it?" MB asked.
    Hiret turned to volume up.
    "This is the Quilum fueling port!  We have been attacked by the Barkazians!  We need medical assistance.  Dozens are dead, and no idea on how many are injured.  Is anyone monitoring this transmission?" the voice asked.
    The message repeated in variations several times.
    "The Barkazians?  Who are the Barkazians?" asked Semma.
    "Apparently bad beings," Hiret said.
     MB lifted the mike to reply, but Hiret stopped her.
    "We don't want these Barkazians to know we are out here.  Who knows what they would do.  If this attack on a fueling port is real, a best they are killers.  Any way, in a few minutes we'll have a firsthand look," Hiret said.