" There was no way to know who the Barkasians would be interested in, so we followed 63 transports.  For now this is about all I can do.  If you have more trouble just use the distress call.  "  Replied Lt. DeLono as his ship departed.

" Ok.  Back to the original plan.  Dinosaurs here we come. "  Said Emmer.

"  There is a resort about two hours from here in the Nell system.  The planet is called Cittma.  The resort is called Greenview. "  Said Hiret.

The crew barely moved until they arrived at the resort.

" I wonder what they are doing on Minn. "  Said Cree.

The crew was still not real frisky, but they had gained an apatite.

" It looks like this place is either very good, or it's a long way to the next inn with a dinner. "  Semma stated with a note of skepticism.

" We will take a vote after dinner. "  Said MB.

Walking through the lobby Semma and Emmer got many funny looks.

" Some how I feel rather self-conscious. "  Said Semma.

" Anthropologically speaking, you are quite different from any of the races I can see. "  Said MB.

" Non of these beings look as though they are genetically compatible with those in out solar system. "  Hiret said.

" As long as the food is palatable. "  Said Emmer.

A tall very slender being of no obvious gender asked the crew where they would like to sit.

" As close to the food as possible. "  Said Emmer.

The crew passed a self-serve table on the way to their table.

" Some of those things looked similar to some of our food stuffs.  Hope they are not poisonous to our species. "  MB said.

" Smells eatable. "  Cree said.

" My wife's cooking can smell eatable.  Butů "  Emmer received a whack on the head from Semma.

The being who escorted the crew to their table pointed out the section of neutral foods and the section for those whose needs are more exclusive.

" That explains the more exotic looking individuals headed in that direction.  We should probably pay attention to the generalistics of those species.  It might come in handy some day. "  MB said.

The crew had longer then usual sleep periods, and then met for another meal before doing quick tour of the planet.

" Well, which way looks the most interesting? "  Asked Hiret.

" The one that hurts the least. "  Replied Emmer.

" The background info on the link says the indigenes beings have a life style similar to insect behavior.  They work together without the usual emotional societal attachments. "  MB said.

" The ones that look to be Cittmarian seem to dress alike. "  Noticed Semma.

" Speaking of clothing, I'd like to get some new pants. "  Said Cree.

" I could do with something fresh myself. "  Hiret added.

An hour later, they where in the city searching for a clothing store.

" Is it me, or do all these buildings look alike. "  Emmer muttered.

" Not just you, they look identical to me. "  Replied Semma.

" Are you up and running Trent? "  Asked Cree.

" Yes. "  Trent said.

" Well your talkative today. "  Cree replied.

" Not much to talk about.  Most everything is the same around here. "  Trent said.

They found a clothing store and managed to get a few garments that would fit.

" I'm starting to feel like part of a colony. "  Said Emmer.

" Oddly enough, so do I.  It's like slipping into a cult or something. "  MB said.

" Military like.  Orderly.  Insect like robotic beings transfitized threw genetics. " MB stated.

" Seen enough for me. "  Said Hiret.

" Learn anything Trent? "  Cree asked.

" Social structures vary. "  Replied Trent.

The crew yawned their way back to the transport.

" Laytae.  This says they have no technology preferring to live off the land.  The other option is a planet called Hindle.  Says Hindle is a planet that has been used as a dumping ground, and is quarantined. "  Hiret read from the link.

" Tough choice, but I vote for Laytae. "  Hiret declared.

With that, they were on their way.

Cree gave a deep stair at Semma, and asked, " You have more gravity sickness symptoms? "

" No.  I ate a orange colored berry from the wrong table.  I just had to see what was so different.  Wont do that again. "  Semma said with a whisper.

For two days, they made their way to Laytae stopping briefly here and there to exchange information with the locals.

" That guy was probably lying about that station.  I'll bet its another cannibal story. "  Emerr said with a skeptical over tone.

" Could be, but it's on the way more or less. "  Hiret replied.

The next day they arrived the station in question.

" I'll have to say its impressive enough.  I wonder how stable it is? "  Said Cree.

Before the crew, a jagged, quarter sphere leftover portion of an ill-fated planetoid hung in space like a realm fantasized in a science fiction novel inhabited by evil creatures of questionable lineage.

" Wow.  That's worth the trip here all by its self.  Trent, can you detect any thing that might be a threat? "  Asked Cree.

" No.  There are many transmissions.  Most refer to personal verbiage, and the rest are administrative in nature.  I can single out 104 languages.  All but 32 are universal in structure. "  Trent replied.

" Here comes an escort vehicle. "  Said Hiret.

" Escort? "  MB asked.

" They announced their intention.  They said its part of the traffic management protocol. "  Said Hiret.

" Does look a bit busy over  there.  In fact, it looks like about a million accidents waiting to happen. "  Said Semma.