Two days later Mr. Hiret Tee arrived at the grid.  He immediately went to the control room.
    "Well, it's still there.  We can't find anything similar in the records.  Let's see if we can find something it will respond to.  How about a signal transmission using the entire grid?  After that we'll try one end of the grid then the other, and finally the center." stated Hiret.
    The mental essence moved to where the transmission originated on the grid each time.
    "Now that's interesting.  It is acting as if it is conscious of the transmission.  Hmm - let's transmit some music.  Maybe it likes music," Hiret said.
    After several days of transmitting a verity of music, Hiret found a jazz like sound got the most response.
    "Let see if we can get it to speak to us.  There must be a commonality," said Hiret.
    Hiret stopped transmitting while thinking of a new approach.
    "Mr. Tee.  The energy is becoming very active," the probe said.
    The mental essence was searching the grid for the music transmissions.  Although the mental essence could only sense the rhythmic vibrations, it was something new and stimulating.  It wanted more.  Where did it go? 
    Hiret returned to the instrument panel.
    "This is interesting.  The energy forming around the grid has increased considerably," said Hiret.
    He then began transmitting more music.  The mental essence immediately calmed down.
    "Very interesting.  It must be conscious of the music to react that way.  Yes indeed, this is very probably a new life form," stated Hiret.
    Hiret became quite animated. 
    "This is Hiret Tee, please rout this transmission to the office of languages.  I would like to speak to Mrs. Dennen, ending Hiret Tee."
    "Linking you to that location now, ending Base 1 LD."
    Hiret was connected to Mrs. Dennen. 
    "This is Mrs. Dennen," announced Mrs. Dennen.
    "Hello Lall, this is Hiret.  I have something you'll be interested in," Hiret brought Mrs. Dennen up to date.
    "I will go to the communications array right now.  I'll be there in 20 minutes," said Mrs Dennen.
    "Good.  I'll send a total update.  It will be waiting for you, ending Hiret Tee."