With the morning sun, came another dazzling performance.  Glistening, sparkling, and with the wind picking up, the musical sounds were stronger than the night before.
    "Do you realize that everything we have experienced on this planet in the last few days is within just a few miles.  What a place.  Is the whole planet like this?" Asked Hiret.
    "No.  Here is many things to see close.  Out there more things, far apart." The guide said.
    "You lucky.  Storm come.  Watch lights." Said the guide.
    There was thunder and lightning on the horizon.  The metallic portions of the ribbons conducted the electricity of the lightning, and caused many of the gem like forms to light up, as did some of the layers in the ribbons themselves.
    "Cree!  You are recording all this aren't you?" MB asked.
    "Oh ya.  Otherwise, nobody, but nobody would believe it," Cree replied.
    "Spectacular yet again," Semma added.
    "We should be on our way to the dinosaur planet.  If there really are dinosaurs there, I'll be able to die satisfied having seen all this and them," stated MB.
    "Good idea.  What's the quickest way back to our transport?" Cree asked the guide.
    "Call for pickup," He replied.
    Within a few minutes, a shuttle showed up.  They looked at their Corkas, and shook their heads.  The guide removed the riding gear, and set them free.
    "Quite the experience.  By the way, what is your name?" Hiret asked the guide.
    "Billy.  Billy Yullna," The guide held out his hand.
    They looked at him with surprise.
    "It's a tourist thing," Said Billy Yullna.
    More chuckles from the crew.
    "Anyone care to try for a lucky streak?" asked Emmer.
    "No.  Nobody cares to donate to the gamblers," Semma quipped.
    As the crew rose, they could see the lights from the resort.
    "Look at that," MB said with some surprise.
    "Where did all those beings come from, and why were we the only ones wondering in the woods?" asked Cree.
    "I'd say we got the best end of that deal.  I would not exchange gambling for what we experienced." Hiret stated.
    "The problem with experiencing what we just did, is that everything else is just plain dull," said Cree.
    "Dinosaurs should top the list of sights, sounds, and adventures," said Emmerr.
    "Unless you get eat," Semma sneered.
    "Once a Dino realizes I married you, it will leave me alone figuring I've suffered enough," said Emmer.
    It took two weeks of non stop travel to get to Sairree, the dinosaur planet.  Once they arrived, they were provided an escort, private Otstull.  They also had to go through four days of indoctrination, and inoculations.
    "OK folks, you know what to expect.  However, you've never actually been up close and personal with one of these big guys.  It's not even close to what you might be thinking.  You will feel their hearts beat.  Their breathing will make your hair wave like on a windy day.  Their vocals will vibrate your bones.  Some won't care if you're under food.  Some are gentile and will go out of their way to avoid you.  The others will act like they don't notice you until they get close enough to take a bite.  Bottom line, stay alert, stay together, and stay alive.  Plus, those tags will vibrate when a virus is detected, but do not, and I repeat do not, beat your life on them.  Do not go anywhere near the red zones, or the blue zones.  They are not just full of unknown diseases, but the means of infections are also unknown.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, it might save your life," said private Otstull.
    "Private Ostull, has anyone ever been hurt visiting here?" asked Emmer.
    "Please call me Ott, and there has been a few casualties," he answered.
    "How many casualties?" pressed Hiret.
    "Well.  Actually, 601 fatalities," said private Ott shifting from foot to foot.
    "What!  How many injuries?" asked Cree.
    "Three." replied private Ott.
    It was obvious that being careful was going to be the order of the day.  Every day.  All day.
    "If this place is so dangerous, why do you let beings down here?" asked Cree
    "Beings come here no matter what.  Some to study, some to pillage.  With controls, everybody can experience this dream." the private said.
    "So where do we stay?" asked MB.
    "Your camp site is number three.  That's the blue one," private Ott pointed to it.
    The campsites were fenced in behind a series of posts standing about fifteen feet high, and in two rows.  The crew hand been told that the posts emitted an electricity when anything approached.  That included tourists.
    "Comfy.  Not high class, but comfy," said Emmer.
    "More than I anticipated.  Much more.  I was certain we would be staying in a cave," Semma stated.
    They all kept looking around for a glimpse of a dinosaur.  In the air flying, or hopefully fighting each other to the death.
    "There is still good light left, so we can take a short excursion if you would like," said private Ott.
    This had the crew lined up in seconds.
    "We will take the roller.  That's the green one with the big wheals.  It's about the right size for a part your size." Stated the private.
    They climbed aboard the roller, and headed through the gate along the beach.
    "If you look up a head, you'll see cachous being scavenged by dozens of small critters.  Their the clean-up crew," private Ott said.
    As they pulled up alongside the remains, the scavengers flew, crawled, and ran in all directions.