"He's a goner," said Cree.
    "Don't look good," said Hiret, expressing with grimmes.
    Ott sped up. 
    "Why are you going so fast?" asked Hiret.
    "We need to move away.  Far away.  The only critters coming to that dinner, are larger carnivores, and they're not going to be nice about taking out the competition.  They can get worked into a real frenzy," said Ott.
    They stopped a hundred meters or so from the injured Dino.  Sure enough, cautious and nervous larger carnivores slowly emerged from the jungle.  They stood at a distance while sizing up the other new arrivals. 
    Suddenly, without warning, they attacked each other, and the injured one.  The noise was incredible. 
    "Hard to believe anything could be so vicious," said Semma.
    "I have an entirely new impression of Dino's," Hiret said.
    They were all fixated on the unfolding events, with eyes and mouths opened as wide as possible.
    "They can move a lot faster than I thought possible," said MB.
    "You can't outrun'em, and like the brochures say; if your caught outside a safety zone, you're a goner," said Ott.
    The carnivores fought until only the two largest stood with foaming mouths, deep heavy breathing, and wounds of their own.  The original unfortunate wounded one was lying on its side, with one arm raised in a waving motion.  Then the two victors, who were clearly of different species, slowly lowered their heads, sniffed at their next meal, licked it here and there, then bit into the creature, who then began to wiggle and scream.  The screaming eventually stopped.
    "Well, I'm ready for a snack," joked Emmerr.
    "Remember the safety zone thing?" Semma asked.   
    "I think they should stop the pain somehow." Trent added.
    "I've already calculated, and imprinted the requirements for a safety zone around you my dear," responded Emmerr.
    Keeping a respectably safe distance, the scavengers surrounded the remains.
    "Their coming from everywhere," Semma said looking out the window at the scavengers heading for the remains.
    "They all like a nice hot meal," Ott said with big smile.
    When they arrived back at the compound, a dozen or so of the other tourists and guardians were partying around the campfire.
    "Looks festive," said Cree referring to the commotion.
    The tourists were obviously from many different planets.  They were all trying to convey the day's spectacles.  Some waved their arms wildly, others made poor impressions of the Dinos they had seem, but got their points a crossed anyway.
    The crew and Ott walked over to the festivities.
    "New arrivals!" shouted one of the other tourists. 
    They made introductions all around, and the crew found themselves waving their arms, and making poor Dino impressions.
    The guardians were hauling crustaceans from the seashore to the party.  The others seemed to think the scary looking things were tasty morsels, so out of hunger; the crew tried them for themselves.
    "This is almost a good as those things we had on Minn beach," said Emmerr.
    "Almost," said Hiret.
    "I think this place is just like Minn.  Except for the blood thirsty dinosaurs surrounding us," laughed Cree.
    "Speaking of Dinos," said MB, looking over her shoulder at edge of the jungle.
    There, standing motionless, was Old Bett.  She stood twenty-five to thirty feet high.  The sun was almost gone, so she was hard to see.
    "I think she likes you," said Semma to Emmerr.
    "Um.  I was just thinking the same thing.  Well almost the same thing," said Emmerr.
    Slowly, Old Bett pulled back into the foliage.
    "Amazing," said Cree watching dozens of one to three foot high Dinos of varying colors running into and out of the jungle, and along the shore.
    Now and again, one of them would be attacked, and carried into the jungle.
    "They don't seem to mind us being here," stated Emmerr.
    "They have become accustom to us.  Besides, they are always looking for a way in," said one of the guardians.
    A tall being, with eyes that were mostly light blue with black oval pupils, walked over to the crew.
    "Greetings.  I am Ventan Siel.  I do not believe I have seen your species before.  May I ask from where you come?" asked Ventan.
    Hiret raised his hand, "A planet called Loma Dena."
    "We are also from Lome Dena." said Cree who was sitting next to MB.
    "Rinthia," said Emmerr, then asked, "And you?"
    "I am a Laberen.  We inhabit for systems.  I would beg of you to tell me how it is that you can live as you obviously do.  I ask Because my sensors indicate the you are comprised of mechanical and organic parts," Ventan said.
    "Our society has employed great efforts to solve the problem of failing organs.  Here, you can contact us through this address on the link," said Hiret handing Ventan a card.
    "Thank you.  I will.  And may I invite you to my planet?" asked Ventan adding, " I will provide you with my contact information a little later.  I will have to find something to write on," Ventan waved as he returned to his group.
    "Seems nice enough," said Semma.
    "Cannibal.  I'll bet he's a cannibal," said Emmerr.
    "The group he's with seems rather tuff looking," said Cree.
    "What kind of beings go running through the woods looking for dinosaurs?  Probably a lot of really tuff guys," said Hiret.
    "Probably," said Cree starring at Ventan and his entourage.
    "Oh, look at that," MB said pointing to a ten-foot-tall carnivore with part of its dinner hanging from its mouth. 
    There was a bunch of smaller meat eaters running in front, on the side, and to the rear of the beast.  The smaller ones were biting the larger one, and its catch.  Finally, the larger let go of its lunch.  The smaller ones, divided into two groups.  One group stayed on the dropped prize, and the other went after the one who dropped it.  They disappeared into the jungle.  There was a terrible roaring, and thrashing.  Then silence.  Some of the smaller ones ran out of the jungle, and stood peering in the foliage.  Nothing was following them, so they joined the other group for dinner.